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FlyingRabidUnicornPig™ 21 Jul 2016 at 21:49 (UTC)
While your messages aren't as annoying or as much begging as others I've seen, please notice Rule 2.9 "Spamming raffle comments will result in a ban. This includes pointless messages and repeated messages." Just warning to let you know you may be banned for repeatedly posting messages on every raffle you enter. Hope you understand and good luck with future raffles :)
✪♛Patrick Star♛✪™ 21 Jul 2016 at 19:38 (UTC)
Howdy! Gl on winning my raffle! :D
pingware™ 18 Jul 2016 at 19:25 (UTC)
I hope to win :D
JUCHE GANG 18 Jul 2016 at 2:27 (UTC)
hello :D
ℱancy EnderGear 15 Jul 2016 at 17:07 (UTC)
Porfavor procura usar el ingles en esta pagina, las reglas indican ello/ Please use english in this site, the rules say it