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Gizmo 29 Apr 2017 at 18:36 (UTC)
I definitely see your point; most of the time I would idle because I didn't have time to play the game but still needed raffling resources (e.g., would work on school stuff while server was in background), but certainly the feeling of collecting them while playing is more special than "checking back every hour" (which can make it seem like work). Either way, I hope you find yourself some neat drops!
Gizmo 27 Apr 2017 at 21:40 (UTC)
You can get around 7-12 weapon drops every one or two weeks I think, from which you can scrap. Optimally just boot up a server and idle continuously, checking back every hour or so. A public server will ban you for being idle but you can boot one up yourself by starting a map in the console. Source: I did this when I started making raffles.