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zanuda 5 Dec 2014 at 18:45 (UTC)
add me! i won in your raffle
Uhthis 5 Dec 2014 at 6:43 (UTC)
Hey there, just trying to get in touch to receive won items. Haven't received any response from ya!
Sinternet 27 Nov 2014 at 19:07 (UTC)
Fine you were not begging then, but advertising trading is against the site rules - Advertising in any way, shape or form is strictly forbidden. Examples of this: Spamming your trades or videos Referral links or similar link shorteners Group invites via chat or comments (exceptions made to raffle descriptions, get staff approval beforehand)
Sinternet 27 Nov 2014 at 17:48 (UTC)
I have no idea why you put your trade offer url in a random persons raffle, but please don't, advertising trading is banned, and it also looks like you are begging for items.