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Nikitos 25 Sep 2014 at 12:56 (UTC)
hello,give me metal
Kyle The Baby Kicker 25 Sep 2014 at 0:03 (UTC)
Hey you won the trade offer get online steam and add me so i can trade you :D
CTLN 17 Aug 2014 at 17:49 (UTC)
Hey I won your raffle. Send me a trade offer. Thanks.
Xx_FaZe_MLG_RØb1N_xX 2 Aug 2014 at 1:10 (UTC)
That is not my other account actually. My account I was going to use as a trading account is Not Snipin' :D.
Lord Gaben 30 Jul 2014 at 15:37 (UTC)
Fast delivery and a nice guy!
[G.I.Z] ♫Szopuch ##;♫ 28 Jul 2014 at 18:19 (UTC)
Hello guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ERREAPE ✘ 28 Jul 2014 at 4:19 (UTC)
thank you for the game
Peter Griffin 11 Jan 2014 at 0:59 (UTC)
I sent you accept, I won a thing if that!
ilya10909 30 Dec 2013 at 19:12 (UTC)
ky my skype ilya10909