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Dj.Neon 28 Nov 2013 at 21:00 (UTC)
Very Nices Raffles
Dj.Neon 25 Nov 2013 at 13:48 (UTC)
When You Accept To Add Me a Friend In Steam ,I Won a Item And I Still Waiting :/
Karpaasi 7 Oct 2013 at 16:56 (UTC)
this might get awkward at some point.
Karpaasi 2 Oct 2013 at 12:57 (UTC)
u wot m8? u WOT M8?
GringoLingo 5 Sep 2013 at 13:05 (UTC)
Hey I won in your raffle ( ) could you add me on steam? My "add friend" button is missing. And thanks for raffling man :P
[GM] nlspeed 24 Aug 2013 at 11:53 (UTC)
Awesome! Congratulations! And good to hear! :) And, mhm, yeah, I was thinking more of a kidney or perhaps a liver - ehm, I mean, Brittney, she uh, makes me shiver? Yeah, like, she makes such awesome food, that makes me shiver. I was thinking, perhaps you have a recipe of her? But, on second thoughts, nevermind. Really, your ideas sound good! Let's make your salad!
[GM] nlspeed 24 Aug 2013 at 8:58 (UTC)
Oh, enjoy your salad then! I, too, will make salad, of your flesh, blood, and bones - Or, ehm, I mean, perhaps you have some ingredients I could use? Anyway, you're a good guy, and life will get better! It always does. Those so-called 'friends', meh, they lost a good person through their own doing. But you'll find new and better ones, and have a happy life. Just believe it; the placebo effect is powerful. :P
[GM] nlspeed 23 Aug 2013 at 23:09 (UTC)
Ha, but I don't hate you! I remember you, and you're a nice guy (gal?)! I mean, it's sad that I have to kill you of cours - Ehm, it's sad that I was almost killed, I mean. But, ignoring that minor thingy, you're cool! :)