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†Felipe† 19 Feb 2017 at 23:27 (UTC)
Your Trade Link coment im my perfil my 3 scraps
Razz0rSharP 27 May 2016 at 10:37 (UTC)
I send you a trade offer to claim my prize yesterday but you didn't accept it and you were online at that time.
mightymarshmallow 26 Mar 2016 at 19:12 (UTC)
hi mom plz notice me
POPANDOPAL 28 Feb 2016 at 11:20 (UTC)
Hi I won item
kosminin03 26 Feb 2016 at 16:45 (UTC)
Shaaden#Pro#Skillz 26 Feb 2016 at 15:29 (UTC)
hi dadawdadwadadawd
niga_2016 26 Feb 2016 at 9:54 (UTC)
drearo 22 Feb 2016 at 11:48 (UTC)
Nice raffle man!
Zoyberg 10 Feb 2016 at 19:03 (UTC)
fagdgrhfjlfh;b j';ln
Lucky Man 8 Feb 2016 at 20:50 (UTC)
all time this SCRAP
captain buuny 8 Feb 2016 at 19:31 (UTC)
so cool bro homie
TTPO_100_XYU_V_JILOPY 2 Feb 2016 at 11:26 (UTC)
привет я хочю забрать
Loona Hellhound 25 Jan 2016 at 0:58 (UTC)
you died w45r0340324rweytoedsgesdfuckt3etdsyouds
Odd 15 Jan 2016 at 16:48 (UTC)
Good day sir, i won a raffle of yours, can you please add me up, cause i don't have any privilege to add you being i'm just a free to play user. Thank you.
Zden 14 Jan 2016 at 21:49 (UTC)
Nice raffle man!
VафNльka 14 Jan 2016 at 9:08 (UTC)
Hi, I seem win Bonk, you could add me as a friend??
Another Evan 11 Jan 2016 at 19:46 (UTC)
The HHHH is untradable, so I literally couldn't. Unless I gift wrapped it. Which costs more than it's crafting materials :v
AttackCommander 9 Jan 2016 at 21:19 (UTC)
Happy birthday~ c;
CrackerChan 9 Jan 2016 at 19:35 (UTC)
Happy Birthday wafflespankz!
Alsari 9 Jan 2016 at 13:27 (UTC)
Be careful with it though. I don't want to see one more person suffering from it when it turns into addiction.
Edd 17 Dec 2015 at 22:43 (UTC)
I said "Then why are you raffling..." in the aspect that if you can't trade then why do you raffle items you won't be able to deliver.
snaz 16 Dec 2015 at 21:01 (UTC) This might help ya!
NonToxic{} 18 Nov 2015 at 21:00 (UTC)
thanks for the tip
Jeefk0 8 Nov 2015 at 17:28 (UTC)
I have no idea what your raffle desc nor your commentary was supposed to mean.
JDeG 4 Nov 2015 at 22:59 (UTC)
Who my best normal mate
Rath 19 Oct 2015 at 9:47 (UTC)
well i'd do the same I am just saying he could trade offer you thats all :P
Clovenmangoo 1 Dec 2014 at 13:00 (UTC)
Clovenmangoo 1 Dec 2014 at 12:34 (UTC)
Ahhh the green in my notifications got me way to excited! THEN A MASSIVE BUZZ KILL D:< Hope this had the same effect :P
Thanos from Fortnite 18 Nov 2014 at 19:11 (UTC)
Nah... And you know why? Becouse I'm gonna do it here and now! *Pulls his deadly chainsaw of death* Nyahhahhahahaa C:<!!!!
Thanos from Fortnite 18 Nov 2014 at 16:42 (UTC)
If so, I am the true one! c:<
ScoutSpySniper 8 Nov 2014 at 12:19 (UTC)
pls i want to win add me if i won pls
TheBlazinFox 25 Oct 2014 at 0:02 (UTC)
i want it so i say yes yes you are kind man wafflespankz PS: friend me if i won :)
KS|OIIIA 24 Oct 2014 at 17:45 (UTC)
Nice raffle man!
Harados 22 Oct 2014 at 16:04 (UTC)
Okay, Will do, thanks.
Chavoso 22 Oct 2014 at 15:56 (UTC)
Nice raffle!!!11!!!!1
Harados 22 Oct 2014 at 0:02 (UTC) great joke. > You make a Raffle first and I will, but since you, are only here for the items, rather not.
Jeefk0 21 Oct 2014 at 20:55 (UTC) great joke