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skylar21 15 May 2016 at 0:59 (UTC)
Gibus 14 May 2016 at 18:43 (UTC)
goat satan ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 13 May 2016 at 23:40 (UTC)
Misha 37 13 May 2016 at 21:35 (UTC)
Не знаю что сковать )
Disp 11 May 2016 at 20:11 (UTC)
omg took u long to respond
Disp 13 Oct 2015 at 21:21 (UTC)
Ruby Rose 27 Sep 2014 at 14:31 (UTC)
0/10 Doesn't Even Praise The Sun.
MyFrenchToastSpokeSpanish 16 Jul 2014 at 20:19 (UTC)
I won your raffle, the cut throat coat thing. I just wanted to let you know I sent you a friend request so you can trade me it, thanks.
MyFrenchToastSpokeSpanish 16 Jul 2014 at 19:15 (UTC)
Hey accept my friend request
pr0xy 5 Jun 2014 at 15:50 (UTC)
I want to get banned so im trying to piss off some people or something like that
AvroDeadsky 17 May 2014 at 14:37 (UTC)
rip in rip [*]
poodles man 16 May 2014 at 18:39 (UTC)
wow best porson evar i hope i win jolves ( gloves ) hahahahahahsadargjefhjsvjfjsnv ndbfshjvndsfgkdj
SCλNTY 20 Apr 2014 at 17:46 (UTC)
hatters ganna hate
pr1ntscr0ll 5 Apr 2014 at 20:15 (UTC)
Thanks heavy boy! 8)
V for Vendoge 24 Mar 2014 at 19:23 (UTC)
I am will not be at my computer to claim my prize until Tuesday. I still want the prize and am thankful that you held the raffle, but I will not be able to receive until Tuesday.
Breadboi 9 Mar 2014 at 16:39 (UTC)
It told you the train would be devoured.
Breadboi 9 Mar 2014 at 16:15 (UTC)
I will devour your train.
FluffyTurd â„¢ 15 Feb 2014 at 13:14 (UTC)
haha what? are u gay?
xue 23 Jan 2014 at 15:59 (UTC)
watson 13 Jan 2014 at 16:06 (UTC)
over the time, i have developed. It is I, Orgasmatic; 'ratty; MoochUK; Piefaced. I have followed your footsteps and escaped Mario Kart. Now I have my piss name. :3
Keepermaster 11 Jan 2014 at 23:11 (UTC)
I laugh every time I see this picture.
watson 10 Jan 2014 at 19:17 (UTC)
much wow hm, I have haven't i :3
ωσjσmιx™ 10 Jan 2014 at 19:17 (UTC)
YESH I like dish guy!
Disp 1 Jan 2014 at 14:15 (UTC)
I've been here since 2011-2012
Stringy6675-Alone 1 Jan 2014 at 13:00 (UTC)
because its magicallll
FullOfLead 31 Dec 2013 at 14:48 (UTC)
Tnx And happy new year!
Patathatapon 28 Dec 2013 at 17:11 (UTC)
I could put up a giant wall of text summarizing every thoguht I've ever had about everything if you'd prefer.
Hyper 24 Dec 2013 at 23:57 (UTC)
thanks anyway :), better than your last offer XD Have a merry christmas
Hyper 24 Dec 2013 at 22:55 (UTC)
Well I probably won't get it but I might as well try and offer, I got a Blizzard heavy duty rag :3
Jeefk0 24 Dec 2013 at 20:02 (UTC)
You have a jolly one as well
Blue Jay 24 Dec 2013 at 19:15 (UTC)
Wow I join raffles like a lot.
"....and they shall look up and shout 'Meatman!'."
Schaden 19 Dec 2013 at 21:51 (UTC)
That one uncle you only see at family reunions.
watson 19 Dec 2013 at 19:12 (UTC)
yea, pff, the anger ain't rare, what were we thinkin'
neig 5 Dec 2013 at 0:38 (UTC)
Thanks for the awesome raffles!
Ferigeras 29 Nov 2013 at 17:05 (UTC)
Yeah, I know how it feels... I have really rotten days for about 88.9% of my life... yet everyone else seems like the happiest things ever...
fawksea 19 Nov 2013 at 22:48 (UTC)
i'd say good ;v since i'm normally a friendly person :3
Ruby Rose 30 Oct 2013 at 22:22 (UTC)
Pepino Volador 30 Oct 2013 at 22:22 (UTC)
yes you are. also, you have a place in my heart <2
Mr. Truci [CAT] 11 Oct 2013 at 17:42 (UTC)
You scary man :S
Zoombie 20 Sep 2013 at 19:44 (UTC)
accept my inv so you can deliver
Rawrsaur 18 Sep 2013 at 16:20 (UTC)
I am currently attending classes and my university's WiFi blocks some parts of Steam. I will be home in approximately 6 hours from the time I send this message Which is 10:15 MST. I will try to send a friend request then.