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Fiddy Tyson 12 Aug 2014 at 22:09 (UTC)
Congrats on winning the Max Head. You deserve it.
Gizmo 21 Jun 2014 at 17:28 (UTC)
+rep. Nice raffler and a good guy!
Imperador Lagoense 3 May 2014 at 17:48 (UTC)
can you positive feedback on my profile? Thanks
Trualala 2 May 2014 at 22:35 (UTC)
26dollar (R.I.P. RICK MAY) 16 Mar 2014 at 10:35 (UTC) What song is this mayte? It's too good. Is it pubstep?
Grim Matchstick 11 Mar 2014 at 22:30 (UTC)
Thanks. I will spare you.
SoftDisk|♕≪Orange Co.≫ 20 Jan 2014 at 19:40 (UTC)
Amazing! The Best Person/Nice Person who gets to do this!
fawksea 24 Dec 2013 at 14:06 (UTC)
Merry christmas!
Stason 9 Dec 2013 at 13:05 (UTC)
Mylo Scrap2Unusual 19 Nov 2013 at 13:48 (UTC)
Your fine on my raffle, you can claim whenever, I'm actually having to wait a week for someone to be able to trade...
fr03ty 9 Nov 2013 at 15:22 (UTC)
Я из россии
andy 9 Nov 2013 at 7:22 (UTC)
Won a raffle from you. You weren't online, so I sent you a friend request :) Thanks :D
Nitr000 8 Nov 2013 at 16:52 (UTC)
посоны я тут новенький де написано процент выигрыша и время?
KaSToLiK 8 Nov 2013 at 15:06 (UTC)
Америка лалки Россия рулит :D
CřٱΜΣ@ 5 Nov 2013 at 11:36 (UTC)
Congratulations - you won. Accept my FR.
DogMan_Face.JPG 27 Sep 2013 at 15:19 (UTC)
okay m8 take the b8, this must be 16 chars long.
SoulSpoon 22 Sep 2013 at 23:08 (UTC)
egorogor 22 Sep 2013 at 18:45 (UTC)
эй Американцы я Россия я крутой
GringoLingo 6 Sep 2013 at 10:02 (UTC)
Happy birthday to you and thanks for being so generous to the community ;D