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The site is very rarely used now and its time to lay it to rest.
Rest in piss house of raffle.

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Kenzie 4 Jun 2014 at 22:55 (UTC)
The Killjoy | 25 Dec 2013 at 20:39 (UTC)
kicky 9 Sep 2013 at 4:26 (UTC)
nananyan can i have cuddlings please
Gucci Guwop 27 Aug 2013 at 19:23 (UTC)
I mean rayray0613 sorry
Gucci Guwop 27 Aug 2013 at 18:50 (UTC)
Thanks for the raffle I won the dethcap and I cant add you si plz add mebat raytay00613
yarrawr 25 Aug 2013 at 20:18 (UTC)
I imagine listening to your music while you're giving me a massage.