Notice: Site shutdown come August this year.
The site is very rarely used now and its time to lay it to rest.
Rest in piss house of raffle.
Site rules:
Raffles are giveaways, free of charge. The only thing we require you to do before entering the site, is to carefully read the ruleset we have in place here.
These rules are set in stone and breaking them will NOT be tolerated. Read and be safe, it's better to know and prevent, than to break and be banned.
All bans handed out are permanent but can be appealed unless stated otherwise in your ban reason.


  1. The Doctor lies.


  1. When making a raffle, do not make multiple raffles for multiple items, as doing this will be considered spam. Examples of this:
    1. Creating multiple raffles with the same item over and over or creating multiple raffles for multiple same items over and over.
    2. Creating multiple raffles for single items when they could instead be merged into one raffle.
    1. Humble bundles, invitations, anything that cannot be traded through the Steam system are strictly forbidden.
    2. Placeholder items can be used as substitutes for steam gifts or invites, but the placeholder has to be delivered as well.
  3. Troll raffles are not allowed. You raffle it, you deliver it.
  4. Advertising buy-in raffles via a public raffle is not allowed, find other means to get the word out.
    1. Advertising an upcoming raffle which isn't buy-in is allowed, example of this are:
      1. Donation requests for large mega-raffles (Staff approval needed before creating from 3 members of staff)
  5. Raffle requirements are now not allowed, you raffle it, you deliver it, only exception to this rule are as follows.
    1. The user is unruly and pushing for more items (proof will need to be provided to be considered).
    2. The user is a reported scammer.
    3. Raffles made before this rule update are exempt from this, do not report them.
  6. Do not ask for or imply a request for any ratings in the description or chatbox of your raffle, if found doing so a ban will be given. Users should be able to make the choice for themselves without influence.
  7. When a raffle ends and the owner has to allow a minimal collection time of 72 hours, if the owner does not deliver the goods within that time report as Non-Delivery on the forums, if there are multiple cases against the raffler action will be taken: Click.
  8. When a raffle ends both the owner and winner have to make an effort to contact each other, failing to do so and calling it as Non-Delivery will be punishable (proof will need to be provided to be considered).
  9. When re-raffling an item the reason must be stated within the description with proof.


  1. Scamming in any shape or form will result in a permanent ban.
    1. If you encounter someone attempting to scam, or are the victim of a scammer, report them on our forums: Click.
  2. Begging for items anywhere on the site is prohibited. Examples of this:
    1. Requesting free items in chat, raffles or from rafflers upon winning items.
  3. Any use of autojoin bots/scripts are forbidden, use of page modifications/scripts which interact with entry submission are forbidden, other userscripts are allowed unless stated otherwise.
  4. Alternate accounts are NOT tolerated here. If more than one steam account is found on the same IP, the site will automatically ban each account.
    1. In the case where you have siblings/family members/friends on the same IP, you may post on the forums where we will add you to an exception list: Click.
  5. Advertising in any way, shape or form is strictly forbidden. Examples of this:
    1. Spamming your trades or videos
    2. Referral links
    3. or similar link shorteners
    4. Group invites via chat or comments (exceptions made to raffle descriptions, get staff approval beforehand)
  6. Harassment, Trolling, and other forms of user abuse to you or your friends is not allowed.
    1. Do not put fuel into the fire, report them, ignore them, and staff will take care of it.
  7. Abusing the report system with no logical reason is not acceptable. An example of this is:
    1. Reporting for no logical reason eg. "seling a stok wepon???? obvous scam!!".
  8. Please use English on the public side of this site, we request this to create a standard where there must be a language bridge.
  9. Spamming raffle comments will result in a ban. This includes pointless messages and repeated messages.


  1. Content which is related to:
    1. Gore, nudity or strategically covered nudity (including sheer or see-through clothing).
    2. Lewd, provocative poses or sexual activities.
    3. Crude or indecent language (eg. erotic stories, adult comments, strong language).
    4. Ads or links to external sites containing adult content.
    5. Adult links and "adult keywords".
    Is not allowed and will resolve in action if ignored, these apply to all forms of text and images on the site.
  2. If your avatar is found to be violating the above it will be stripped from public view and refered onto Steam for violation of the Steam Subscriber Agreement.
  3. Any further content is at the discretion of staff, whether they conform to the above or not.


  1. The chatroom is intended for mature users, please keep it clean so everyone may have an easier TF2R experience.
  2. Links to trading sites TF2Bazaar, TF2 Outpost and TF2 Trading Post are allowed however post them in moderation. Excessive posting will be punished.
  3. NSFW content is NOT allowed.
  4. Spamming the chatroom will result in a ban. This includes pointless messages and repeated messages.
    1. Posting links with adverting url shortners like are considered spam.


  1. All bans are at the discretion of staff, whether they conform to the rules or not.
    1. If you feel a particular staff member is being unfair, bring it to our attention on the forums.
    2. Do NOT add staff regarding a ban, post an appeal on the forums: Click.
  2. You may request a ban for yourself once, which have a minimum length of 24 hours until you can be unbanned.
    1. Requesting a second ban will result in a permanent one.


  1. You might be a mod somewhere else, on this site you have no say in moderation.
    1. Stick to moderating your own site and use the sites report function, don't take things into your own hands.
  2. Depending on your trading history/status, you can be removed from the site with no chance of appeal.


  1. Please refer to
Updated: 06/12/2014