Title: nonperiodic scrap #53

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Message: Leave a comment on this raffle. If you do, and you win, you get an additional refined!
Make a raffle of your own. If you win and your raffle is still up when this one's over, you win like 3 more refs!

Yesterday, having commented on my previous raffle and made a raffle of their own, this mf won my raffle. Mf got a rec, a ref and a goddamn lollichop. Can you believe that? That's, like, 2 refs in total, like half a cent! Be like that mf. Don't forget to comment. And make a raffle if you love peanut spreads and feet.
Time left: 00h 00m 00s Winning chance: 10%
Entries: 54/424
Start date: 18 March at 7:20 (UTC)
End date: 19 March at 7:21 (UTC)
Positive ratings:
- 3479 +
Negative ratings:
0 +
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The Real Jetpack Jackson 19 March at 11:00 (UTC)
Thanks for the raffle!
/)^3^(\ Rarity Belle 19 March at 4:35 (UTC)
I shall cmt
Fives 18 March at 23:15 (UTC)
press b to blow
Adi Dragone 18 March at 23:10 (UTC)
press c to comment
‚̧The Legendary Tsuchinoko‚̧ 18 March at 21:27 (UTC)
Leave a comment on this raffle. If you do, and you win, you get an additional refined!
MrRedCat 18 March at 21:17 (UTC)
dob:cob 18 March at 20:25 (UTC)
Water, put your drip away water. I'm not having sips with you right now, Water.
L4G M4ST3R 18 March at 20:23 (UTC)
nyanezt 18 March at 19:02 (UTC)
i love me my half a cent yes
TheNothing 18 March at 17:51 (UTC)
Lag Incarnate 18 March at 17:01 (UTC)
I do enjoy peanut spreads. Sunflower and hazelnut spreads, not so much.
Caulder 18 March at 14:32 (UTC)
I'll comment, but API won't let me create a raffle.
The Real Jetpack Jackson 18 March at 12:46 (UTC)
sure ill comment
76561198285398721 18 March at 12:42 (UTC)
Agent CH 18 March at 11:42 (UTC)
I'll comment, but that's it
almos 18 March at 9:55 (UTC)
mf is pog
Tykveg [linux gaming] 18 March at 9:43 (UTC)
ok. But I won't create a raffle.
R3G3N3R4T0R 18 March at 9:32 (UTC)
Close but those aren't my fetishes