Title: Day3: McConnell's Boxing Academy

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Message: pffffffft, this one was, wow ok.
it was good, very good, i just, i'm still exhausted and I slept a full 7 hours for once. wow.

Molly McConnell is a two time world boxing champion who started running her own gym in Downtown Portland. The building is hard to find, you have to open a relatively hidden red door, walk up stairs into what looks like an incomplete building and look for the gym. You can't miss it tho, there's posters and photos of boxing, molly, her cats, all over the walls, inside and outside.

This club is a lot more popular than West Portland; there was about 20 other people packed in the place with me, and it's smaller than WP too! Because of the number of people, things are a little less personal, maybe one of the assistant coaches will help you out (like me, being new) but for the most part you're on your own and/or with the partner you were assigned to.

Just cause it was less personal doesn't mean there isn't good social situations to be had. I walked in with someone else new to the gym (but obviously experienced, his footwork and movement was cool and he can hit a bag pretty hard). And there was a highschooler who was all power and no grace. This pint sized kid was trying to send the bag to the moon, and I think he's pretty damn close to doing so. We threw a couple quips at each other as we punched.

But yeah, it was pretty much that, the whole hour. Punching. Punching and even more punching. The last ten minutes were abs: pushups and other exercises I feel we shoulda had at the start of the session, but whatever, not my rules haha. I sat out for that part, drinking a lot of water, catching up with parents and trolling political campaign text messages. They're still understanding, I'm a big gal who just started working out for the first time in years, they knew I needed breaks. But the environment of the gym encouraged me to push pretty hard, and it was surprising to see how hard I could push myself, even if it was a little too much! haha.

And man that post-workout high was fucking awesome.
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Dust 28 May at 16:13 (UTC)
Would prefer winner sends trade offer. I will send a Friend Request if no response in 2 or 3 days. Offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=84953181&token=qBk-PsEr
Sad Alcoholic 28 May at 15:11 (UTC)
Wasn't able to respond last time but I'm glad you've found a good gym! Tbh I need to start exercising again lol :D