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 Hey I Won your raffle of 6 ref.
 hi omg ygggggggggggggggggggg
 Happy birthday ^-^
 I won the skull, can you accept the friend request?
 i won a raffle. how do i get the item?
 hey rey pigman please if jou can aj know jou cant plese give me the item ajm not kiding if u can please my only hat is the gibus aj want some respect on a server please and thats for reading this:)
 FRENd plis!)))))
 Thanks for posting a raffle
 Happy birthday~ c;
 i think i win I prayed to Gabe
 Thanks for the raffle rey
 You could call the local news about the kitten. They might be able to make a call. Im sorry if this comment is out of place. I just really love animals and fear for that kitten.
 i will be so happy if i win this :D
 360 YY NO SCOPE!!!!!! HI :)
 Is this the crappy comment stuff that you were talking about? I can understand. It sucks to have useless comments such as the random letters, the "add me 4 trad" ones and last but not least, this one. Enjoy!
 useless comment :^)
 please accept my request I am a newbie
 Rey get online plz I b number 1 fan
 i cant to shit i cant get in this
 Its my first timei really want the pomson plz thanks you ps: nice profile picture
 oh crap its bonnie!
 I would love to give you you winnings if you would come online.
 man i can realy use that raffle
 Hey, Sorry to hear that I hope you feel better soon (Response to )
 All we have to do is post feedback and we're submitted, right?
 hey... Quebetoque
 Give me please
 Hey man thanks for the raffle, I can be online to collect tonight
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