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 R.I.P May dog :(
 hi its my birthday over 7 days and i would like some key to open my crates like they are present
 And it hurts, surely. I have a friend who, seemingly like you, invested so much of his identity into someone that when the relationship ended, his entire sense of self disappeared along with it. Now, many years (and relationships) later, and in spite of his own rational-minded understanding and introspection, I find that he still agonizes over it. I feel this illustrates a danger wherein individuals find a need to "complete" themselves with the presence of others instead of "compliment." It's a subtle distinction, but an important one: You are, yourself, whole as a person. Nothing is missing and nothing is broken. Even so, heartbreak, loss, and sadness are real emotions that take time to abate. Be strong, o stranger on the internet!
 Nice to have some raffles by you :]
 я хочу плиз пожалуйста
 Hiii. ♥ Hey, wait... have we met?
 Keep up the awesome stuff, my good friend! ;)
 rip my decent sidepics
 Yep, thanks man.
 So if I donate $100 I can get a custom color?
 I wish I could do that :'c I'm too greedy D':
 They made a dupe raffle and didn't inform me when I asked for my item.
 sold it for c9 soldier's DEAR GOD bucket :c
 I like eat potatoes ):
 i wont it like it is the greatest thing that ever happend
 The webpage in your secret raffle is suspended, is that supposed to happen?
 i want this please!!
 Ur so kewl on giving away an unusual. I just wish i knew how the hell to solve puzzles :(
 Thank you, but I've done my entering-raffles thing, and I determined awhile ago that I needn't continue entering them. I already own 9 unusuals, don't need more stuff. I'll be glad to see another lucky winner enjoy your outrageous generosity. Thanks for putting it up there. It's truly an exceptional raffle.
 no silly :P the bindings are the same, just the capture area (attempting to capture your profile pic on this page: attempting capture whole screen: actual whole screen: ). im on win8...
 please i want :D
 wow that is sooo cool
 yo bby u sningle?
 Dis guy is beutiful
 hey or hi or something I don't know what I'm doin hmmm
 i want this please :D
 cool rafle, its rare to see someone giving keys for free
 Its probably /u/allthetypos.All of them.
 i want to win this:c
 :3 i wanna win atleast 1 weapon :3 thx im new i dont even know how to win it @@
 i would love to win these 2 stranges and it will help me out alot
 чё у меня не показывается enter
 I'm online daily just not at the same time as you due to different time zones and my classes. I'd greatly appreciate it if you sent a trade offer with the item.
 как начать
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