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Rule 5.1: The Big One violation - 「Reagy」ー❤

BloodboundDemon 27 Jan 2014 at 18:58 (UTC)
Speakah dah English.
Deadsky 24 Jan 2014 at 15:58 (UTC)
No,seriously.Start speaking english or at least use google translate,youre breaking the rules.
eva369 17 Jan 2014 at 18:50 (UTC)
Английский Пожалуйста! (Google Translate)
Deadsky 17 Jan 2014 at 15:52 (UTC)
Rules gods sake,can you read them?ENGLISH
Friend 11 Jan 2014 at 13:16 (UTC)
You too дuдe
Eru 11 Jan 2014 at 13:08 (UTC)
"almighty good" Thank God for google translate.
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