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 please donate me
 may the force be with me
 thanks for the raffle!
 nice thanks a lot for the raffle
 give me please
 What?! I never got any friend request O. O
 Дай-те пожалуйста
 Yup, I unboxed it, then it found it's way to you, and now eventually I got it back again. It's the hat of tf2r rafflers :3
 Ok never mind haha, thanks a lot for the raffle! i'll give it a good use, thanks again and have a nice week! =D
 Or better yet, i'll leave my trade offer url in my profile so you can send me the items? if that isn't much to ask... in before, thanks
 you gotta help me man, i have no idea of what i won! at least let me know on a comment or something, i really can't see the items
 give me please please
 Stupid scammer, he dosent give a dammit items from raffle
 how do i get the items from your raffles? I won the strange medi-gun ?
 lelele lelelelelelelellelele
 go me hat please
 Hey man, send offer, i win the strange wrench ;-;
 Thanks for replying! I'll have to get back into Pokemon comp, it's a lot of fun.
 Give me plz i want hope in my life and i mean it
 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3
 How do I participate?
 Lol)))))))))))))))) gratz for 27k :3 gave you +1 xD
 Ok, so a couple months ago you made a raffle and I won an eggheads overalls and some other dude won a refined metal, I commented a few times asking and still no answer, please give items from raffles you make.
 Мне Пожалуйста
 дайте мне плиз
 pls :DDD pliz pliz pliz
 Ah. I was mistaken and initially thought that everyone in the guide was a scammer, and that it was a group of people using the same tricks. Thanks!
 Still better story than twilight... Cheers!
 Do I have to trade for this item? If so, I will check back in 6 days because that is when I can trade
 i want medi-mask senpai
 am wanna mask plssssssssssssss
 yes $3484999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
 hey i want that pls
 Send Trade Request Becasue I Can't Trade For 15 Days
 gimme this stuff please
 I Won a Raffle and Still Didn't Get The Item!
 you have nice items
 Sowwy :( okay see you later .
 Hey can you trade me some items plz ? Me trade ofder -
 very nice iteam
 Hey nice items))))
 hey man im new here pls let me win the pyro mask and the engineer cosmetic i hope i win:)
 Hey, that's pretty good.
 how bout u gib me dat items
 pls im pls plsp slapdlapsdlapdlasd
 great! i love this cosmetic
 I Like that items XD
 can i have items plzzz
 i want these item pls becourse they are sooooo cool
 pls give to me items
 Фигушки:D бог со мной
 как вступить пожалуйста скажите
 Wooow hello guys :)
 I never win but it would be the best thing ever :)
 kei pliss oh plis kei
 Please god please
 чел если я победитель то я тебе ламборгини куплю
 i love this items
 ksdklf yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
 плиз дай мне пипец как надо
 класа я хочу выиграть
 :) yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
 нет бог со мной!!)
 Бог со мной!!!
 i won the scrap pack i added u
 Hey bro if won the raffle add me on steam my acc is limited
 с богом штоли
 а почему непоказано время ано скрыто ?
 я конешно хочу вещи и не разу вообще не выигравал пж я хочю выйграть MEN YOU HAVE MI PRIZE?? :C PLSS BE FAIR :c!!
 quiero plis :D
 Dr.Général Darumacho,I recently started to use Steam , and I have a limit on adding friends. may be you will add me as a friend and send thing?
 That is one sneaky hidden raffle
 I won in your contest(Foundling strange)
 Thanks for the raffle and the trade offer
 General Darumacho. You da real mvp!!
 Kaboooooooooooooooooooooooooooom !!!
 Give me my reward!
 Finally, you give me my reward?
 heeeeeeeeeeey :)
 Thanks for doing this!
 I'm potato baby baby ooh yea!
 пж выбири меня прошу габен)0
 ДАй вещь пидр
 Пожалуйста !! Умоляю тебя !! Выбери меня !!!
 Please ! Select me !
 The Hero Miner: всем привет
 ooooohhh yeeessss
 thanks for the raffle
 frutamadre_3 jajajasaludos89
 PLZ plz plz plz plz plz
 ayy lmao ayy lmao ayy lmao
 that key will give me a hat i need the key
 i need a new hat for my pyro
 plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
 plz gimme the hat i like muselk and harambe
 PLZ MA i want dat hat It's quite long. If you're looking only for moment with you,it starts at 19:30 and lasts for about 1.5-2 minutes. I don't remember how i managed to find this video though.
 Pls i want to win
 I would love to have this hat because I have no hats and it would be a pleasure to have one thank you
 Thx for the raffle dude!You're the best
 plz i just want a strange wepon
 Scatter gun pls I like original so pls raffle
 I like stranges :|
 Thanks man!! :D hi
 i want it please
 Просто хочу этот нож и он сне понравился
 I love that knife man, hope i win
 this is cool hope i can be one
 wish me luck !!! #lucky
 Hi there i juz joining event
 I Wanna Win How?
 yay i goig speak inglish to bad
 Hello,good luck all
 its a prety god item
 ayy lmao ma dudes
 i hope i win i got such bad items but if som1 else wins good job and have fun with the weapon
 Nice set, I wish I had good items to donate
 Ah, I see it now. Thanks!
 Hey, man. I won the heavy set and I've been tryin' to add ya as a friend. I keep getting Steam errors, so could you contact me instead? I'll keep trying every other day or so. Thanks!
 420% u haxxor mite
 Um it won't let me enter
 if i win i will crap my self xDD
 wow ... nice gear :P
 So many items good god...
 nice items ..................
 whai i cant enter
 hello cool item please
 hello,i am a person that is new to the site,can i please get a some items to start off with
 Cool Items How Do I Get Them?
 Im not a bot but i must add hello guy nice items hello good items my guy hello
 hello cool item
 hello guy nice items
 You shouldn't share your desktop, now I know too much about you ;)
 Nice set, I wish I had good items to donate
 this could be good
 thanks man for give me this items haahahh i'm joke
 Best raffles dude
 Thanks Dude AWesome stuff
 "I wished Iceland could have won the match, french footballers are little scums who don't deserve to win anything " -well said man, id also rather see the icelanders win than my own country. Those vikings were quite moving
 nice raffles, you yhe best!!!
 What do you think, For steam
 Hello you give me unnecessary items please ;)
 Hi man nice spy set! Good luck to the people who wants this set hope u get it:)
 yyym. yessssssssssssssssssssss
 love to have does love pyro peace <3
 why i cant enter da raffle?
 dude, add me to friends, you forgot to give me my prize D:
 Here to enter the raffle not gonna beg like the other people if I win I win if I lose I lose oh well anyways cheers :)
 Give me please!:)
 Wow it would be nice if i could have this awesome set
 Wow It would be nice if I had this cool set
 hi can i please have it :) and thx anyway
 Hey I want it pls man give it to me im first time here
 Hey pal can I have that it's ok if I cant
 plz give me need items urgently
 hey can I have the item please? I'm poor and in need of assistance.
 Nice raffle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Дайте мне!
 пац класная аватарка
 im positive i will win probably not but still XD
 Дайте мне пожалуйста!!
 com orecojo mi premio
 GIVE ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 ывааы ваваа
 How to pick up my prize?
 v Ah quand même, moi il m'en a fait qu'un
 me mememememmememememememememememememem
 me mememememmememememememememememememem
 me mememememmememememememememememememem
 bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
 yes i love this weapon 0_0
 this is a raffle xD
 pls ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
 me add na steam cara sou seu fá!!!
 Hey I really need this I hope I will win
 Блин надеюсь что выйграю:D
 Elo siema witam siema siema no elo polaczki
 i really hope i win this can help me alot.
 Hope I win :),gl everyone
 Another evan : 18426 rep point / You : 18860 congratulation !
 i won to win it is my first time winning
 Оооо офегенно
 I have like no hats and I like to have more like this thanks for reading
 sent you aa friend invite for the strange shotgun i won
 Hello! I've won your raffle! Added you! Thanks for the raffle! ;)
 i won the riffol how do i get my item now?
 How do you even one shot mega evolutions with a sucker punch? i mean, i know you have 4x attack but it's a 40 base power on a base evolution. is there something i'm missing?
 Hey man can you please trade the item that I won in the raffle to me?
 General can give me hat pleeessseeeeee((???(?(?(?
 how to join for raffle ?
 cool the best like it OMFG
 Hi im a nice guy
 Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 give me pls tthis :Ccccc
 Wow this is very good raffle !!!
 wow it is wery good
 i don't wanna be rudo but c'mon, i'm still waiting
 hey dude, i won the meet the medic taunt from one of your raffles but i cant add people. can you send me a trade offer? my link is in my profile. thanks =)
 как участвовать?
 give me please all,please
 я хочу плиз я днише
 Когда розыгрыш кончится я хачю выиграть x3
 happy birthday mate
 Я хачю это !!!!!
 That very goooooooooooooood
 happy birthday!  
 give me or something
 Please give me. ℱ𝒶𝓃𝒸𝓎
 Thanks a lot for your raffles! You're awesome for sharing with this great community! Have a wonderful day!
 Items please please
  Please give!
 Просто хочу эту мини игру
 дай ме плиз
 oi quero ganhar essa marcara quem sabe hoje e meu dia ne
 I win a raffle ,title: Nice try pal , send me a trade, plz
 Please give me this hat
 ' dfhsrtfghdfsgh
 I am the 16.000th positive rater
 Putain mec tu dois pleurer, cette zone de commentaires est plus poluée que l'anus d'un grotadmorv
 Not sure if this is what you ment by a PM but I'd like a shiny Genesect and a Darkrai.
 I AM NOOB ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
 Salut t'es Français?
 and by the way if you do not believe me I do not care I will continue with my thing You keep your stuff and we do not say such things ok so leave me alone and do not tell me I lie ok
 dude relax i win this items in one trade after to meet this webpage and dont jugde me and just folow making ours raffles and relax
 Thanks for the shout out in your raffle
 "" winner, send me trade:
 как начять?
 бичь не орэн еблокер
 #Phlog is the best weapons. Let papa franku give the answer
 дай ету штучку
 всем привет
 es que tu parle français ? :)
 hi, this is my friend code if u want to play ORAS: 3308 5529 3443
 I do not beg, you are cheating the time I won in Raffle you but you do not give the item
 Plz , plz m8 m8 '8.
 hey general when are u gonna give me the strange atomizer :3
 pls pls give me
 Hey, I win on key, lets be a frend on steam
 where my key? i won
 hey i win the raffles can you gift me the item? i cant invite you to be friend on my steam because you block me please unblock me
 i wanna win these items
 hey m8 i won ur strange atomizer so ... when u gonna give it 2 me :3 no pressure :D
 hey man. don't kill, and don't be killed. alright?
 Bon courage, j’espère que ça ira mieux. Bonne continuation :)
 tu seras pas oublié ! bonne chance pour la suite vraiment :)
 you are an amazing person for doing this :3
 You're a great guy, stay strong bud, and may the baguette be with you :D
 Un ptit message d'amour et de paix: En te souhaitant tout ce qu'il y a de mieux pour ton départ de TF2R. Tu restera a jamais graver dans nos mémoires. Peace~
 Love to have that knife for my spy
 Un grand calin virtuel à toi, j'espère que tout va s'arranger peu importe ce qui se passe. PS : Cette quantité de gens qui te demandent des objets... PPS : Encore un calin !
 привет вам как участвовать
 You Could Me From These items So Novato On TF2
 Happy New Year fellow can i have it?
 i want itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
 plz :( i want it pls :(
 can i get this item?
 hi i would like to have it
 Pleh? Okeh, Okeh!
 Пожауста хочу виграть !
 Hey m8 plz can i hay that bbat m8 then il have the full bonk set i relly need it.
 please pls pls pls
 Hello fellow raffler, you are giving away a nice tf2 atomizer whitch i really need.
 я одекватный
 So my notification on your profile was really a surprise :)
 Anime fags never win any raffles, good luck ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
 Wooooow mec t'as ton propre rang sur TF2R je ne peux qu'applaudire !
 Hello! I've won a key on your raffle! Added You on Steam! :3
 please i always get crates but no keys please
 cool hofuly i can get it ^^
 i nead cosmeticks i only got a hat
 I'm a sheep. And you ?
 wsdfewjonrfgfgjiehbrbgpribipuvbv;jerpiuvbh'opa ppspslpslpslpslpslpslsplsplsmememememe
 i need dem keyz boi
 yo allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllller
 what do u want for ur keys?
 Personnaly, GG, ...
 quiero ganar plz
 me need weapon start raffle plz
 quierrooooo esoooo!
 brother is that you?
 I really need it... :D
 :3 ainda espero ganhar um item :P
 kappa, need it :D!
 как учавствовать?
 and this 7 My Account No I STILL A lot of stuff because I've been hacked more than 20 times q I hope Earn: *
 essa e minha 7 conta ainda n tenho muita coisa pois já fui hackeado mais de 20 vezes espero q eu ganhe :*
 Still haven't received the item..
 I haven't received a single friend request from you. I sent you one the very moment I won. Anyways, you can send me a trade offer if you please.
  I report you ban
 Man, I won last week A Strange Rocket Launcher. I mean, it's time I get it.
 I won an item!!
 Hi,I won a hat (-:
 I'll build a Général Darumacho statue in my town. Thanks a lot, Daru! Remeber that you are the best!
 O mon Dieu, tu es si beau, s'il vous plaît me donner vos articles !!
 OMG, ur so handsome, please give me your items!! :DD
 I'm still waiting for my Strange Rocket Launcher.
 good hat its nice
 It would be nice to win something but you might have someone else in your mind to pick for the raffle but if I win I will give you a hug <3
 yo I won that S. RL. I already sent you a friend request on steam.
 hey nice icon I'm really interested for ur items
 Hey!Watched your recent pokemon battle, and I am just asking, isn't there any report button?This guy should be banned!
 pliz me stp moi!!! je t'es prit
 well dude, im disapointed, i didnt recive my item that i won about 3 days ago..
 ★General Darumacho: Noice ★dred furst: if by "noice" you mean "shit", yep you're right ★General Darumacho: You rage ? c: ★dred furst: raging of what ? xD ★dred furst: raging of a 12yo kid who cant play ? xDDDD ★dred furst: pathetic dred furst left.
 who wants a single Conniver's Kunai by 0.05 refined backpack on this page
 hey thats some cool stuff bro
 im still waiting for prize.. im f2p so i cant add you.
 pleasss i want to win
 let me get that
 The real Pokémon Master.
 Bloody Russian :3
 Nice banned colour.. really got me there.
 soon™ - have this for now
 Don't forget to ask for your rank back! :3
 Bonjour :D,we are all new user :P
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