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 You is congurante
 You are cool Mulan
 Oh sorry ;D The artist ♡:
 Yes why not~
 Hello, I have a question, how do I get the items I won on the tf2r site?
 So you want the ref or not? Accept the friend request or post a trade link m8
 pls me pls pls 7-7
 Thats one spooky rohan
 You are nice.
 gimme your item or else I will eat your cookie!
 best meme
 I know RIGHT amiDIXie
 It was delayed on PC, not PS4, I'm getting it on PS4 ok next time when i forget.thx for tip :-)
 i won your raffle.when have you time send me trade on my profil.thank
 The latest version of the script should now work with the chat width script
 Saw your comment. I'll see what I can do.
 damn, these raffles are good
 ok i forgot thanks for information
 thanks for information if i need help i will ask help and it shows me x mark i did a tick but other guy did x so what does it mean plz
 It was tho. There was plenty of other people doing rec raffles
 Hey!I added you yesterday but you did not accept.Is there something wrong?
 lol i like that. :))))
 I recently won a raffle and have not received my earnings.
 Spy around here <.< >.>
 But what if not rip?
 V What he said
 Kirino is a God Tier Waifu, deal with it
 I have died but I am now a spooky ghost... B00!
 hey you won my raffle. make sure to collect 3 days from the end. happy holidays.
 Hey, merry late Christmas too. Sorry I don't come on TF2R much now. I also didn't really have time around Christmas.
 allahs best friend
 👌💯We fam now💯👌
 Das Mooi spul!!!
 Aww snap! These are some really great items! I mean, Bonk!, Razorback, the Force-of-Nature?!?! That's amazing!!
 Congrats, you won, pls add me on steam
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