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✪ Toastcat 15 Mar 2014 at 21:03 (UTC)
hey man i apparently can't add you on steam D:
pgproadman (used to be wertical) 3 Dec 2013 at 21:12 (UTC)
I'll make it a chocolate next time, don't worry.
Dramagizio 28 Oct 2013 at 23:14 (UTC)
thanks, mate. :3
Y.W.E. | »Fl3x.™ 27 Oct 2013 at 7:04 (UTC)
1 day ago and you didn't accept my friend invitation, I want my price award!
PearlSweatSkirt♐ 7 Oct 2013 at 23:02 (UTC)
Congrats, heres your cookie
Dedic545 5 Oct 2013 at 0:28 (UTC)
cant claim sandman raffu because cant add, you need to add me
ΣΙΝΚΟ 6 Sep 2013 at 0:29 (UTC)
Potato Head Jr.?
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