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 я тоже желаю предмет токо два аксессуара у меня )
 Hi can i please have these items?
 You got into the secret raffle from If you did, could you pls help me? Don't give me the link of the raffle, just help me xD If you want, answer me on my tf2r profile. Thanks
 Dude look, I'm no suck up k? i just want a key,a friend,and a winning in a raffle,k?i want the key please!
 Im not acting like anything sir I just like to delete high value tf2 items.
 added you thanks
 Wut an green name profile with only 2 guys asking for items, Not anymore ^_^
 Hi can i also get get items
 hi , can i haz dis itemz :3 ? pweeez
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