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 thank you) +++++
 We still miss you mum ;_;
 When I give items?
 nice.I like this
 Bym chciał być w losowaniu Bym chciał być w losowaniu
 i must enter this raffle
 A.y.e a.y.e a.y.e
 Thank you for the extra item! Too kind, too kind.
 mom owowowowowowoow
 que hondaaaaaaaaaa
 thank you very much !
 MOTHER GAIA you aareee butifl
 Thank you for the refined.
 Hey I don't know how to enter raffles I wanted to learn I guess you just type in chat
 im fast (not really) and mother please can i get this
 me plz meeeeeee
 just wanted to say hi and thank you for how generous you are
 Hey can you trade some items ?plz? me trade ofter is
 Hi!Do you want to help me with some cosmetics or even better, a taunt, if yes trade me here:D
 Sup ma
 Mother <3    
 lol pase nev fre spadaj plo
 Well then,I hope you'll get applied.
 Happy birthday!☺
 Thnx for tha raffle ...I sent a trade offer ,accept it whenever u can ;)
 (EN)-Please give me an (unusual) I beg you be sweet (RU)- Пожалуйста подари мне (unusual) умоляю будь милой :b
 Pls unusual to my :d
 God of random!!! pls
 С днём рождения! )) Happy birthday! ;)
 Найс , Вот Бы выйграть хоть что то..
 how to join a raffle
 Oh my god! It's THE MOTHER GAIA!
 I nomber one!!!!
 ого крутой шмот
 Hi hope your having a good day Hope you are having a great day!
 Cool Hat and Raffle
 :FD thas beatiful its cool !! <3
 hello give it tu meh ill give u austrailium hat :3 i have one
 у чяствую
 Is vry coel santa beard woew
 amezing this itens
 thx +rep have a wonderful day
 wow amazing !!!!!!
 you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 дайте что нибудь)
 Hi can Plz haz, Luv ya BY
 Can i please have? ^.^
 give me plz i dont have it
 i dont know for what, but i want partecipate too!
 madre gaia io sarei interressato ma non so come iscrivermi, mi puoi aiutare?
 Gib me dat sweet ref (plz)
 Hi gaia would like to know how I can participate, or if I am already participating with just comment.
 Kaboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom !!!
 Дайййййййййййййй чотаааааааааааа !!!!!
 Please doctor please
 write your best meme / Joke - My life... you know, in my profile :D
 Those photos were so beautiful I'm going to use one as a wallpaper, and I can tell you I care a lot about my wallpapers. Amazing job, +3000.
 k looks good, sorry im noob at tf2R
 mother Gaia thank jou for just giving out items for free to some peapol jou are really kind PS.aj hope aj win aj dont hava a single hat.
 good person dunno where they get this stuff
 good person dunno where they get this stuff. ;)
 plz plzplzplzplzplz
 PlZZ you cool guy plzzz
 plz plzzzzzzzzzzz
 + rep thanks for trade
 PLZ ggogogogoggoog me
 lol we can do it
 how do you join raffles? also sick hat
 Люблю кексы и мемы
 plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
 How I made to get back the item which I have to gain(win)
  надеюсь, что так кто-то получает его
 this is amizing !!!
 hope so one gets it
 how do you enter a raffle plz answer
 good luck everyone
 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
 quiero ganar porfa
 oh yeah!i want that
 how do you enter
 hello <3 how to participate at raffle
 i want the poket i love it
 so many people want this hat XD
 i need stuff im really nooby
 :(( give me iam lost today 60ref
 I losed 4 ref in a crafting today, I am realy sad, please chose me ;(
 I love raffles.I would love the items.I always use scout :D
 unusual giveaway! :D
 I feel special for
 Thx for the raffle dude! You're the best
 i am in :D so yeah if i win yey :D
 How do I join ggfgggghhhhhhh
 please please please
 yes I would like this
 Me please Me me memememememememmemememememememme
 Nice gug want Stuff please
 wheres the enter button
 Ok let's go my friend's
 I noooooooooooob I nooooooooooooob
 lfi vyt gj;fkeqcnf
 Pls Give me the hats PLS !
 DANG!! Thats alot of items!
 ooooadsa afaf afarw
 Good luck on getting an unusual and also HOLY SHIT THATS ALOT OF KEYS.
 I rly need that key
 give me please !!
 pls i need the key for my crate
 please give that crate key to me pleasseeeee!!!!
 i i...m sorry about that i just really want that i just a noob pyro
  Hello, I won a lot you add the flogistratorov me as a friend and give it my stuff won
 дай плиз пожалуйста мне нужно кое чё сковать
 ну пож дай
 дай мне плиз мне нужно для кования топора безголового всадника
 i must enter the raffle ._.
 хорошие награды
 that is good rewards
 that is a good reward
 how do i enter raffles just asking
 Хороший пользователь!
 do it do it do it do it
 are we going to start now?
 Hi I won the contest can I see the prize?
 Yummy looking and tasty
 mmmmh that's good
 Good! Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 есть русские?
 Good Goood Good))
 Just wanted to say thanks again! :)
 yo uh can i have this i feel like people neglate me because i have no cosmetic and think im a F2P and im not i played for 2 years now so if i win thx a lot k bye
 hi can I have this if I can I will friend you on steam and give you some items
 I would be hapy whit a hat and ime new at this thing plz help!
 plz i need this pllllllz
 Hi pls give for me this taunt I've never won a sweepstakes
 Thanks for the taunt! Regardless of who gets it
 plz me i beg you plz pppppllllllllzzzzzzzzz give it to me i beg you pplllllllzzzzzzzz give
 come on to me now!!!
 wat wat war wat wat
 I need pls am poor i hv 0 itemz, im f2p pls me pick me... well enough begging for a day
 I need it I am poor
 Oh boy, Daily Dose Of Mämmi actually sounds kewl :3 Do you mind if I choose that as the name for my daily scrap series?
 plz give to me
 мне пожалуста
 that's a raffle I like ;) you know what I mean! :D
 What do i do here?
 прост пришёл
 I desperately wait and I won't be sad if you won't give me.hope you make the good decision
 gostei deste sorteio então gostaria de participar e ganhar este sorteio
 i lobe he tegabt
 плииииииииииз у меня было очень много неудач но хоть раз побидить :)
 Finally got to commenting here. Thank you for your generous raffles! :]
 Happy birthday! It's not good that so many people are looking here for free items...
 hi i first time here
 I really wnat there items!!
 I'M WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
 did u know i will never get good item:(
 How do I join? : |
 how i join? :D
 so cool plecse can you give me it
 I want win!!! pls give me
 give me this looooooooooooooot
 i want to win pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease
 This? seriously... just wow
 Wow! Thanks, dude!
 God Gaben bless you.
 I really need these! I hope I win
 My luck T-T is so bad
 I always like joining people dancing I want my own taunt I ove your photo looks very cool And I am first time here! Plsss
 I love the taunt.
 i want it i want it
 omg!the taunt! i want this!
 nice! nice! nice !
 hahahahahh nice! nice!
 Trapped in the discussion bar send help
 wow i first time here :3
 meee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 Did you know you had fans over here already?
 Thank u so much for the craft hat ^^
 good luck I hope to get this item but u will pick
 lel ok m80 ur nice
 Holy moly you really have a GE TC ! *faints*
 hi i won an item :) how can i claim it? i cant add you.. thank you :)
 Have a positive feedback :)
 Im poor an free to play please
 please gimmie items Novatooo D; <3
 pls pls pls me novato
 give me item pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
 я ето хочуууууу
 Please Me From These items Please
 I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 дайте мне ключ плизз
 Yess okay, okay.
 me da o item por favor
 me pls pls pls pls pls pls
 im kinda new here i entered and it finished how do i khow if i win contacte me if i win and thank you
 how do i join raffles?
 дайте мне шанс
 ну кагда уж
 Можно мне пожалуйста?Спасибо если дашь мне)))
 hwdp jp d ad a d a dada
 You're awesome! I've won you raffle!
 pls :c i want the thing
 Merry Smissmass Everyone!
 Merry Smissmass and have a wonderful day too :)
 Пж дайте мені я нуб в TF2
 господи легче чит скачать как я кому сылку пишите в личку в вконтакте вот сылка
 Nice Raffle, I'm new on TF2 from 2 days, i like so much *-*
 Cool raffle! I do want to join!
 ilgrandemax029 hello
 i like this raffle the only thing is that uhh well im on mac so i can't get it can you plz also add me
 im poor please give me.Im too Poor
 если неннужно мне дай если хочеш недавай
 İ need it pls give me
 hi can you add me i wanna ask you something
 How do I enter raffles
 i need it... please give me well... its luck though
 i really like it and nice name
 İ need it pls give me :(
 blagam o drwine tak o niej marze
 I want the taunt.. but :I .. I need luck for win
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