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 Never forget, always remember! I forgot.. -Love some guy who really still likes mustaches.
 qt confirmed! wub <3
 You're always the Laf of the party
 My hero in shiny armor
 Mawiles are my fav! You are now my fav!
 Accept my friend request :)
 stole all my hugs! I now have non left and have to live on the streets...
 You will always have my hugs
 Unmemorable cute.
 I get goosebumps every time.
 Happy Birthday!! <3
 Happiest day of my life when you said hi to me.
 You can be a floating head and spook people then.
 ˙pɐq ǝq plnoʍ ʇɐɥʇ ˙ʞɔǝu ɹnoʎ ʞɐǝɹq ʇ,uop
 you seem cool, i guess
 I cant seem to add you. Add me, I won your raffle :D
 Congrats on 11k rep!
 lovely lovely lovely lewd
 Buff Laffu 'w '
 Nah, I don't deserve cookies. You do~
 Eat it before it becomes bad ;-:
 I found a Lafka. Yay~
 Add me pls
 I know you must be busy but can u please accept my friend request for your raffle
 Who's the char on your side pic!?!?
 kawayy *-*       
 Heh, you'll come back to TF2 eventually my friend! :). You cannot give it up :D.
 Por que no puedo participar DDDDDDDDD:
 Qt Jibril~
 Do you know what's happening on July 15 with MsD? He won't tell me :c
 My pocket Loli :3
 обожаю ключи
 If I had to explain what this person was in a couple of words; I'd say "My cute, amazing wife" <3
 плиз дай шапку мне я бомжик (((
 you has reviveded me. woop~ -hugs- C:
 Whats the side pic from?
 Calls me silly but has rank Sillyhead.
 Tfw no hugs from Lafka on my profile. RIP me ;~;
 *drive-in-cuddle* I guess I can stay for a whileee~
 ~ ♥
 Flaafka c:
 Hope you get better from being sick! c;
 is sickness
 Too generous for a little renegades, but here, I can spare a comment
 gasp, you've found me! so then you /are/ laffy
 way too many crits for a pan..!
 no Sweeps, only Mops
 Go to sleep sillyhead.
 how the hell you love someone over the internet?
 Yeah, i was a jackass.
 Kiss mi x10 :---------D Laffa is now a hellspawn creature
 i a sorry for that
 I won this a little while ago, I received a trade offer but I never could accept it because the items were not available. Please trade me again as soon as possible.
 ❤ Lot of Hugs ❤
 :D nice though nvm
 Hug then atleast? :c
 kiss me.
 I haven't yet recieved my item,i've tried adding you. I won the heavy paper bag...
 i guess the name wallnuts was taken?
 you are truly a Sillyhead
 dunno, I doubt it :v I think her name is Kyouko or something. Here, full thing. nsfw-ish. maybe it'll help aaaaaaaaaaa
 qt :3
 well, I uh.. um. yes. please do more of that.
 Butt indeed. I'm gonna touch yours~
 shhhh, don't tell anyone :>
 Hey I won your raffle. Added you like a day or two ago. You are not responding.
 Nop, baka
 pink sillyhead
 qt laffy
 Not lewd enough/10. Can't even watch Kissxsis. stillgivesgreathugsandisqtestthough. :o
 Give me loadsehugs naow~
 Wow stahp bein such an imposhtur
 Lafka, more like surefinecomeandhugmeidontmind :>
 are you still a sillyhead this year? :>
 RIP Lafka, 2013-2014. ;n;
 2cool4me ♥
 hi, id just like to know what show those anime characters are from
 Nice avatar.
 whats the anime your page pic is from? (the one left of your name)
 I waaaaant it please please
 much coitus, very sexs, such pentratioin
 silliest of them all
 lafka more like silly
 Lafkaaa? Where did you get this side picture? It's so CUUTE!!!
 ur hat is silly
 i see a rather lack of waifu in your comments
 Never forget, always remember.
 Please don't call me a bully. I didn't mean it.
 I-I'm sorry. Please don't hate me ;n; lewdkaa
 Wrong. Kinkel is just Frontier Psychiatrist. I can never be qtest, silly.
 Yes Lafka, you are qt. Am I qt?
 oh, is it almost this time of the year again?
 Basics please Lafka-sama :^)
 Ha ha i like you ur cool
 Lafka im traying to add you. If you add me gonna be helpfull too :)
 Thanks for your clemency! :-D
 what you on about silly
 That is too damn cute. Keep it up.
 I herd a lot aboot joo :3
 laf pls y u do this
 Highly respected
 saber alter a great
 Hi! Thanks for the raffle!
 Oh waow! A reindeer!
 rip sillyhead
 Lafka-sama you change your profile picture too much :3
 Дай мне эту вещь)))
 Hey! I'm the only one that's allowed to do that! ;w;
 Oh hey look you're a dog girl again
 Don't be silly. You get it for free. c:
 lol Sillyhead :3
 Nice glasses
 It was an accident, I didn't mean to ;;
 Since... a long time ago. I'm sorry I never told you. :c
 b-b-but w-why lewd
 дай плиз ангелятор
 дай ка мне вещички
 Fine, I'll stay still. Why won't you let me run away?
 l-lewdka, silly name :p
 Psst... h-hey... Lafka. *licks* *runs away*
 is lafka
 D-Don't let people know! That's private! why
 Gimme my hat back skrub
 Nesting do not disturb
 grats on 5000+ rep :3
 Plot Twist: You for work the CIA as a covert ops buttblaster
 hey, no
 Thanks a lot for your raffles! :D
 plot twist-- I'm secretly an octopus
 c..can I touch your butt..?
 Lafka smells so fine.
 pfg cvbnvchgfhfdhydfhytrfhgf
 no foxes are qt
 Hey, thank you for your raffle. Could you please add me whenever you can, I just don't know why I can't add anyone.
 more like AKFAL, you See What I did there Other Way Around.... Yea I know not Funny! xD
 lafka add me u win my raffle and i want to delivery to you..if not i reraffle.
 *Strangles Lafka*
 more like, DAFTKA
 I need help bayd
 *snuggles Lafka*
 okaythen (filler)
 i challenge you to a milk battle
 wot teh fok is dis.
 Add me to get your scrap
 How is jelly babby formed. error.
 Yo! Man, i can't add you. Maybe you add me?
 happy birthday
 Happy Birthday! C:
 Apparently it's your birthday. Happy Birthday!
 happy birthday, person who has same (or day after) my birthday, you should know that your day is a good one!
 Happy Birthday!
 Happy birthday!!
 have a happy day of birth Wafka~
 why u selling these keys, you could've traded them for good awesome stuff, but anyways you are nice for giving them away
 plz key !!!!!!!!!! с днюхой плз дай ключ
 Cyberiad congratulates you for upgrading yourself to version 0.18!
 с днём рождение
 Happy Birfday cutie :3. I hear that you are legal now ;)
 *touches the legal Wafka~*
 happy birth day :D
 Happy Birthday :)
 Happy Birthday and best wishes :)
 Happy 18th Birthday. I hope you feel like the special person you are today! :)
 lol that profile pic with party hat. Happy birthday :) .. (3rd wishes)
 Happy Birthday! ♥
 Happy Birthday :)
 Happy Birthday <3
 Oh, happy bday lafka ♥
 Happy Login anniversary!
 Happy bday man! <3
 Happy birthday. Also always wear party hat, it makes you look like poni.
 Happy Birthday Lafkaaa! Stay qtest, always~
 Happy Birthday Lafka <3
 Happy birthday!
 Elfen Lied FTW, and happy birthday ^.^
 Happy Birthday~
 Happy birthday Lafka
 Happy birthday schlime gurl.
 lafka birthday :3
 Happy birthday!!
 I seriously hope you're getting a hetzer
 #platoon #tankbuddies #gettotier5quickbecausei'mnotsellingmytankstobuyafuckingtier2
 slime girls are really cute
 I think you're pretty dumb. Dumb.
 Yo! I won your raffle for the heavy hat ^^ I was just wondering if I could pick it up soon Lafka is actually business slime.
 My mustache was grown with only the finest of goods! Maybe your schlime worked as a natural growth booster for mustaches? It magically grew 2 times bigger over night and is all big and fluffy, gib me moar schlime, meby i will have bigger mustache, or i could become rich and sell your slime as a mustache growth cream! RICH RICH RICH #sweg
 Now im jelly for your jellow ;u~u;
 The finest purple around town O U O
 tanks when
 I won your raffle for the scrap
 Assuming Dojo hasn't done it for you already, I did the recolor for you. - My first time really recoloring anything, but yeah, ill also upload the recolor here ( cheers
 blue hats rule im joining your army
 Wafie Wafkers~
 Ha bet you are Jealous of mine Green hat
 I promised you this so here you go
 Did i say i like purple? Because i really do, especially your purple ;^)
 Bad avatar, bad attitude!
 Shit man I dont know how to recolor my TC.
 i like your avatars because you are cool
 i leik ur colr bcuz purpls gud, but dont tell mr flashcat pls, yur purple iz better,
 I am one of you now and forever.
 Hello friend, you are really no-lifer (1300 hours playing tf2).
 lafka dabees
 more like Commander Baka amirite pls dont hurt me ;w;
 man or wo man?
 I miss your old self
 Hi Reagy
 nuuuuuuuu y u no lafka no mo
 Commander! Sir! Have I been issued any field orders thus far?
 Nice avatar.
 wan wan wan wan~
 That's not true!!
 I-I was here first!
 kiss meh yuno !
 you silly
 Lafka you siwwy
 you never join the cuddle orgy~ You sure are a sillyhead!
 I like your silliness :)
  You silly~ :3
 welp, another custom rank, atleast this one makes you look creepy :C..
 Lafka qtest. *huge glomp*
 May i join the Battle of a scrap
 Happy early birthday
 I should return to the chat soon...
 I'm not a bully.
 Well you own only my butt, not the whole package
 Quite a nice person you are.
 Don't worry I'm here.
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