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 Alright I'll wait.
 you are the best in the game should draw a tf2
 дай мне pleace
 Thanks for your set-raffles c:
 Thanks for being an awesome and generous person :) Hope you have a wonderful day!
 Omg your backround pic is so Kawaiiiiii *o*
 can I get a baby maker
 that grenade launcher in your inventory with 0 Kills :<...
 That's more of your colour. Yes indeed.
 yeh privelaged bastard, get yeh green offa my lawn.
 I very want this scrap metal
 +1 for awesomeness!
 +1 would definitely have sexual relations with.
 Genius man, pure genius.
 + rep for the awesome raffle and likeness for rust! :D
 i have always wanted the strangifier and from the look you look positive... :)
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