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 chat said u were rip so I came to save you... do u need saving?
 Hey, do you have that game code yet?
 how do i games
 thanks based kyramur
 Awesome person, made my day. ^_^
 Give him a Nutela
 I have no idea what Ethosaur's saying, but that person here is just awesome.
 You look like a jeefk0 clone.
 hey, i won your raffle but i cant seem to add you. if you could add me that would be great.
 не знаю что делать
 One of the best raffles ever! 100% epic!
 you are an amazing person
 You sexy raffler~~
 I'm very sorry for being a pain but when are you going to deliver,again I'm very sorry its just that I'm happy that I finaly got something after hundreds of raffles.
 Thanks for the raffle!
 oh jesus fuck that came out of nowhere
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