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 No problem. I understand how important it is to vent; it helps knowing that someone is listening, rather than letting things fester inside. I hope things turn out better for you. Anxiety and depression are always shitty.
 great hopefully some one is lucky good luck
 oltg uhigbu uylg;vhlchbldfhk
 Hello Gizmo Guo Be friends! (I'm here looking for friends)
 Thanks) You Russian?
 мне плиз прошу
 Шансы почти 0 ну я попробую
 hi need help i am new in tf2 need items :(
 V: fucking awsome
 great wepeons XD'
 Надеюсь повезёт первый раз тут
 надеюсь мне повезет
 thanks :)
 he's a very good person
 pls give me items :3
 I knew the walk cycle I made at the start reminded me of something, lol. Thanks for advice, even if minimal.
 Please give my item
 PLIS drop me a gizmo is pro :)
 Wow nice thing that is btw i am new on site
 thank u bro... first time on this website
 Thank you very much Gizmo. :)
 plis give my my inventor XDDD
 this is a great thing to do... i respect u
 I have been gone for a while, what was that comment based on ? Sorry, I had issues logging in and didn't bother fixing it
 He-he,nice one. I'd suggest buying new PC as a next step.
 I need this to craft a hat
 yeah hopefully.
 goos gjuggjh87967
 I prefer imgur over pastebin though. It's sick to use for long messages, but unlike pastebin, i at least actually use it myself. Also, i forgot to mention, but my 'advice' kinda requires you to become more egocentric, which may badly affect your communication with others.
 you good man/gyrl
 I need this but i main spy XD
 please i must have this weapon
 I blame my own busyness with university for not understanding. It'll be over soon, i hope.
 Yeah, that exactly.
 Still.. didnt even know TF2R supported it, so thanks for the info!
 A thumbs up? What sorcery is this!
 Thats a shame, maybe either of these work: Otherwise, look up "Bang Bang" by Nancy Sinatra. first thing I thought when I saw that title
 Comment limit ?
 Holy shit never thought i’d see my favorite hat in a raffle
 Jestem w podobnej sytuacji jak twoja i cieszę się, że pogodziłem się z faktem, że przez kilka miesięcy muszę się skoncentrować na studiowaniu i samodzielnym studiu. Wiem, to to ból w dupie, ale jestem już do tego przyzwyczajony i mam jeszcze 6 miesięcy. Przyjaciele i gry będą zawsze tam, kiedy masz na to czas, studia są najważniejsze w tym momencie. Nie ma znaczenia, czy odniesiesz sukces lub nie zdasz egzaminu. Ważne jest to, że po wszystkim, możesz powiedzieć "zrobiłem co w mojej mocy i nie czuję winy". Ponadto, nie czuj się zobowiązany do spełniania oczekiwań innych, Zrób to dla nich, zrób to sam. Myślisz, że poradzisz sobie z trudniejszymi klasami? Idź po to. Nie jesteś pewien, czy potrafisz sobie z nimi poradzić, ale naprawdę chcesz osiągnąć coś w tym względzie? Idź po to.Z własnego doświadczenia mogę wam powiedzieć, że kiedy zdałem sobie sprawę z tego, co chcę robić w życiu i kim chcę być, kiedy dostaję się do pracy, wszystko idzie gładko.
 I am in a similar position to yours, and all I can say is set your priorities.I was glad I came to terms with the fact that, for a few months, I need to concentrate on studying and studying alone.I know, it is a pain in the ass, but I am now used to it and got 6 more months to go.Friends and games will always be there when you do have time for them, studies are what's most important at this time.Does not matter if you will succeed or fail in your studies.What matters is that, after it is all done, you can say "I did my best and I feel no guilt".Also, don't feel obliged to always meet other people's expectations, don't do it for them, do it for yourself.You think you can handle the harder classes?Go for it.Not sure if you can handle them but really want to achieve something in that regard?Go for it.From personal experience I can tell you, that once I realised what I want to do in life and who I want to be when I get into the working society, it all goes way smoother.
 I love the young people.
 are you thinking the dragon fury is OP
 im a loser plz give it to me
 Memes ofc, lots of them.No but seriously any kind of raffle is welcome, whatever it is about.I just enjoy the fact that this site is still alive with all of us here.
 hmmm this is nice, how to I enter?
 Don't tell yourself that you don't deserve help. Everyone deserves it as long as he/she understands the need for it, accepts it from others and tries to do something as well. I'm not sure if what i say next will help you with depression and stuff, but once in a while it's helpful to empty your mind. Not going to offer you some sorts of meditation. Instead you can achieve the same condition with physical exercises (nothing excessive though: 1-1.5 hours between work and university per day, 3-4 times per week is enough for me, for example). This way you'll also improve your health. I know it may be problematic to schedule at first, but just wanted to put my 2 cents. Also, thanks for "alleviating". It's nice to be a part of your meme machine.
 Stay safe Gizmo.
 You there bud?
 I guess i'm getting paranoid after seeking for all that raffle links.
 Yeah, i mean, the game got delayed so many times, i understand why, and i'm glad we got even got the game. that's all we needed right? haha XD
 oh, I see. Thanks for clarifying that
 Thanks Gizmo! I'll be sure to ask you anymore questions if I have any.
 Hey Gizmo I just wanted to ask you a question about the Donator rank. I just donated 5 dollars to the site through pay pal and I wanted to know, how long does it take before they give you the donator rank?
 gizmo is making very expensive raffles this is why I like him :D
 that was nice man coll:DDDDDDDDD
 Not spam if it's something meaningful or useful :P
 Yeah, finding new friends is going to be tough, and I'm worried that relationships will die as quickly as they come. It doesn't help that I'm inconsistent with college and don't really leave the house. After posting my comment yesterday, I actually decided to look up on Meetup for some groups nearby I might be interested in. I don't know if I'll actually push myself to go to any events, but I did force myself to join some groups so I know when they're hosting events. I will be attending college again next week as well, hopefully I can hold back my anxiety in classes lol. Best of luck to you.
 Actually, the problem with my group of friends seems to be that we have been too close to each other, we held on too tightly I suppose. The group of close friends I had in High School over 2 years ago all stuck around in the same area, and since we didn't really have many other friends or acquaintances, we stuck together, perhaps too close. Mine is a long story too, but it's been pretty upsetting to see how our tight-knit group deteriorated by being too close and we now just deal with each other.
 I've been fine thanks. How about you?
 Oh hey! Yes it has been!
 Ey,thanks for heals,i actually feel much better now. Also thanks for metal.
 Stay epic Gizmo!
 Thanks you my dude!
 Hey, thanks for your raffle and happy birthday! I don't need the weapon that I've won, so you can keep it (which is why I had already marked it as received).
 Happy new year.
 Better. I'm doing better.
 I appreciate the thought
 Eyepatch and shrapnel are a refrence to Metal Gear Solid V, and the clothes + hat is a refrence to GRAND DAD 7
 Finnaly someone got my avatar's refrence. That was grand great. What else have you spot, Giz? ;)
 One Last Comment
 Glad to hear you're doing well. Hope the new school year goes well too. c:
 I've been up and down haha. Life is pretty crazy sometimes. Thanks for asking haha. How've you been?
 I'm glad to hear it.
 i won your raffle 13 aug.
 good luck guys. yaaay
 Let's just say I wanted to say thank you. Thank you.
 hi! i won a raffle by you but the items are now unavailable for trade... oh well, i can wait, but it'd be nice to have an explanation. :3 <3
 Nice dude, I bet groceries will be cheaper. Just the situation for me basically dictates that school will be cheaper for me if I live on campus (in which case I must have a meal plan) than live off campus. As long as you play your cards right, no doubt groceries will be cheaper for ya I think!
 Just got my ban appealed so I'm ready whenever your ready
 Hey, I don't wanna send a trade offer when everyone else is, so ima wait a day, hope you don't mind
 Yes I enter to your raffle~ Thanks again
 Well, when I came in to see how things are going here today, I saw that there are like 3 times more raffles than usual, cool stuff. I've made my own... and then I saw your raffle, and thought that it miiiiiight be a reason why people are more eager to make one. Again, thank you. ;)
 Great! Have been busy and rarely play TF2 anymore so no big interest in winning raffles so guess that's why I have been so much away. (mostly cause im busy) But its not winning raffles that is important, I'm back cause I kinda missed you all here and wanted to know how stuff is going on. How is it going with you btw? (so close to that 5K rep. grats)
 I wasnt quite sure which one I wanted to use, so changed it back while I slept on it for a bit :P This one is made by an acquaintance of mine
 sadly the real answer is no, but those are pretty tasty
 Thanks. How weird would it be if I did know that off the top of my head haha
 👌 good meme brother 👌
 Ah that is so nice of you :).I feel proud of you boy-o
 how this work?????
 To elaborate a bit on my statement, non-furred "furries" occasionally use scalies or something similar, but usually to outside sources the catch-all term furries is used, to try and make it less complicated than it actually is. (honestly, there's no consensus on what even fully constitutes a furry, even in the fandom)
 Free to use 3D printer? Dang, our teacher was stingy then. we had to pay 5 bucks a pop for something small. 5 bucks isn't a lot, but in terms of printing things, that teacher was making bank. Well, have fun with that and if you need help with anything, feel free to ask!
 Nah, no stupid questions here, the picture was a 3d render, or drawing, but I will be getting to 3d printing the hotdog dude in a day or two.
 thanks for the well-wishing, and thanks for hooking me up with apng. good luck to you as well, dude.
 i didn't really make friends in iceland - just some contacts for work-related stuff. what really happened is i got super-close with some euro friends on a discord server, and i'd quite like not to lose them. back here in new york there's nothing for me - super struggle to get a job, get into a school, etc. but if i go to europe i get a shitload of benefits because of the EU. it might not apply so much in the UK - but it's still better (in my eyes) than here in america. i'm hoping to make my next visit permanent or semi-permanent, my UK friend is getting her own place in a few months and hopefully i should be able to move in with her. i don't mind the questions at all btw
 live in new york - went to iceland for 5 months - just moved back. hate it and now want to go back to europe.
 This is sad to hear. I hope everything will be all right.
 God bless you .
 Your comment made me laugh too hard. "this cant be real" Thank you!
 I've been seeing people on Town of Salem calling themselves "gizmo"
 god bless u,gaben
 LOL gaben give me that :3 xd
 I fuckin love your memes fam, never change
 How do I delete it then xD
 And this was next
 Yeah (penis) you're (penis) pretty (penis) much (penis) thrown (penis) directly (penis) into (penis) action.
 Cheers for the 2.5K nod, very gentlemannely of you
 Also, not technically a mathematician, just a math teacher, but have been bombarded with statistics
 Thanks for the appreciation :3 I was mostly just curious about the differences between the two sites, and glad others find it equally interesting
 you really good at TF2 PLZ give me this I almost get a hat I'm have only two hats PLZ PLZ PLZ :(
 Ahhh... Sad... Probably we won't meet on beer :[
 Let me try once again (I'm bit drunk, so...) Do you live in EU?
 I like smart people like you :)
 please, man i nead it
 hey, nice meme!
 siema gizmo
 hey bro give me it,well im f2p and i want some items idk right?
 Well, whatever it is, I didn't go to one of those. High school or college ("lukio" in Finnish) I believe is the place where most go and suffer with all their gruesome tests, finals and/or all that crap. I'm not sure if the place I went to is called business college or vocational school but whatevs.
 I guess we have those in Finland too. Or at least something similar, but I never went to high school or anything. I graduated from business college so I had it easier and never had to do any finals.
 what a man. he's purple now
 gotta donate more for custom colours
 Thanks for the info! It can be annoying when I remember something but not properly! Thanks :)
 Shit fam I don't know, this is what it looks like for me
 My settings my guy
 Thanks for the tip Gismo, but I think I'll pass. Idling to me always seemed like a cheating sort of way to do it, and I have the game up so I might as well actually play.
 No, a terrorism class of all things. I just happened to have a particularly cruel teacher for that class :v
 Holy pants 4K sounds rough. My worst final was a single session three hour test with 161 questions, but I was spared the horrors of any final papers. Good luck with all that again
 ok if no, do you want to help me with some items? :D If yes trade me at
 Hey gizmo do you want to trade with me?i have a strange and some items for tradeing if you want, just add me and trade me :)
 But if i win he trades me no?i give him the url and thats it no?
 I was just referring to the top right of the kym picture in your current raffle
 как играть
 Yup, that's the same game.
 lol yeah it's aim for the ace
 can you tell me why would you use the word "salt" when I'm just stating fact
 Don't worry, who cares about what people say on the internet anyway ^^
 don't worry I got what you said anyway
 but it was objectively savorless. NOt really a question of taste. Also, you said musics on my channel are "borderline" your taste, but it is music of every genre, so... if you have an idea, you can go ahead
 why salt? it is true, his music coices weren't really good
 You can already tell how it lacks dedication anyway, it's missing all the text and it looks way uglier too.
 Yeah but it's not as cool anymore, sorry :D
 That is so awesome, dude ! I see it as my duty to fix and protect the Solaire one. Thank you for the heads up !
 Jesus Christ that was golden
 Hey, that's okay, I can wait.
 You have to play a Zelda gave they are Ebic
 godlike musical taste
 Gizmo, you have fantastic taste in horrible music.
 Wanna know what your name reminds me of ?
 I have gotten rid of your negative rep. i must find the people who gave you the -rep and destroy them
 What is ?
 r.i.p Gizmo's old pfp
 More like kveah5-4-u amirite? ;D
 Congratulations, you memed yourself
 I would love to see a showdown between you and More.
 you want to have a fight, do you?
 15 rep? already got 26 rep kiddo. git gud.
 That weren't a good war. Me and kveah5u are the only ones from my battalion that ever lived to see it end. There were over a thousand soldiers in that battalion before we started, y'know....
 Thanks for the tip! I just reuploaded the raffle and it is now visible.
 Ay, thanks for the pic of 4444 rep! also, howd you get all that bonus information about my profile?
 You wanna know about kveah5u? He's the scent in the air after it rains, the warm glow on your skin on a bright sunny day, the cool breeze when you open a door on a hot summer day, the cool sensation of water quenching your thirst... all that and so much more!
 Like your memes btw, keep'em rolling!
 Many thanks ! I'll raffle it again to keep the spirit alive !
 you are ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Taste/swallow cum
  Thank you very much
 Welcome and thank you!
 Give me frends pls - He actually unfriended me right after confessing his love for me. I blocked him after that. Don't need that kind of love in my life :)
 Kaaboooooooooooooooooooooooooooom !!!
 Ye thanks <3
 how does this work
 Привет Гизмо дай пожалуста по братский?
 гнепеара 7-7
 Yes and no :^)
 It's just something I copy pasted from one of your post in a random raffe.
 Also careful begging for positive ratings; it's against the rules.
 heh, thats Capt. K'nuckles isnt it. on your profile picture
 I want this so much.
 Bullshit, it's King of the Hill (I knew about the meme but I always heard it the "best anime" way, not the "waifu")
 give me this bow!!!
 Night owl eh? :D I'm honestly not quite sure what happened to the sammy collection, might have sold some for another collection I believe (nanobalaclava), some for pure, might have even spycrabbed a few. Anyways, hope morning doesn't get here too soon, have a good one man.
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