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  Thank you very much
 Welcome and thank you!
 Give me frends pls - He actually unfriended me right after confessing his love for me. I blocked him after that. Don't need that kind of love in my life :)
 Kaaboooooooooooooooooooooooooooom !!!
 Ye thanks <3
 how does this work
 Привет Гизмо дай пожалуста по братский?
 гнепеара 7-7
 Yes and no :^)
 It's just something I copy pasted from one of your post in a random raffe.
 Also careful begging for positive ratings; it's against the rules.
 heh, thats Capt. K'nuckles isnt it. on your profile picture
 I want this so much.
 Bullshit, it's King of the Hill (I knew about the meme but I always heard it the "best anime" way, not the "waifu")
 give me this bow!!!
 Night owl eh? :D I'm honestly not quite sure what happened to the sammy collection, might have sold some for another collection I believe (nanobalaclava), some for pure, might have even spycrabbed a few. Anyways, hope morning doesn't get here too soon, have a good one man.
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