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 Jesus Christ that was golden
 Hey, that's okay, I can wait.
 You have to play a Zelda gave they are Ebic
 godlike musical taste
 Gizmo, you have fantastic taste in horrible music.
 Wanna know what your name reminds me of ?
 I have gotten rid of your negative rep. i must find the people who gave you the -rep and destroy them
 What is ?
 r.i.p Gizmo's old pfp
 More like kveah5-4-u amirite? ;D
 Congratulations, you memed yourself
 I would love to see a showdown between you and More.
 you want to have a fight, do you?
 15 rep? already got 26 rep kiddo. git gud.
 That weren't a good war. Me and kveah5u are the only ones from my battalion that ever lived to see it end. There were over a thousand soldiers in that battalion before we started, y'know....
 Thanks for the tip! I just reuploaded the raffle and it is now visible.
 Ay, thanks for the pic of 4444 rep! also, howd you get all that bonus information about my profile?
 You wanna know about kveah5u? He's the scent in the air after it rains, the warm glow on your skin on a bright sunny day, the cool breeze when you open a door on a hot summer day, the cool sensation of water quenching your thirst... all that and so much more!
 Like your memes btw, keep'em rolling!
 Many thanks ! I'll raffle it again to keep the spirit alive !
 you are ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  Taste/swallow cum
  Thank you very much
 Welcome and thank you!
 Give me frends pls - He actually unfriended me right after confessing his love for me. I blocked him after that. Don't need that kind of love in my life :)
 Kaaboooooooooooooooooooooooooooom !!!
 Ye thanks <3
 how does this work
 Привет Гизмо дай пожалуста по братский?
 гнепеара 7-7
 Yes and no :^)
 It's just something I copy pasted from one of your post in a random raffe.
 Also careful begging for positive ratings; it's against the rules.
 heh, thats Capt. K'nuckles isnt it. on your profile picture
 I want this so much.
 Bullshit, it's King of the Hill (I knew about the meme but I always heard it the "best anime" way, not the "waifu")
 give me this bow!!!
 Night owl eh? :D I'm honestly not quite sure what happened to the sammy collection, might have sold some for another collection I believe (nanobalaclava), some for pure, might have even spycrabbed a few. Anyways, hope morning doesn't get here too soon, have a good one man.
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