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 how i can join this raffle ?=)
 If it's /h/ I guess it's safe :^) Good thing I can download the .exe and stuff on .zip format. Thanks a lot ! I'll tell you if it werks <3
 Fam, do you have, like, a link or anything for a safe download of this VN or do I need to torrent and such ? (which I'm not going to do because I'm scared)
 Thanks a lot for your raffles! I hope you have a wonderful day :3
 how to join this raffle?
 Lovin the Uraraka pic! :3
 omg if you would give me this raffle then i am going to fall off my chair. pls give me it pls i am not getting anything and i would be very happy to get them i am not forcing you into giving me items i am just saying that it would be very nice of you to give me those items.
 Happy Birthday! :3
 ciao ragazzi :)
 I added you on steam because you won my raffle :D
 VRISKA!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
 fajnie że jest taka strona
 Your rank color is ugly and looks like the color of piss.
 just waiting now
 Hello Darkjiku! :D
 i needs it im poor
 Gratz on your new U-clanka! Add/trade me asap for it.
 Maka <3 How are you doing?
 I would like this item!
 are you an anime?
 Sweet Vriska here.. :D I'm pretty sure I know who the artist is too.. This style..
 This Jiku is just 2dark4me~
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