To avoid spamming announcements in the steam group Reagy has gone and made a group for their streaming and giveaways.
Future of TF2R and our rebrand plans...
Also selling unusuals if anyone intrested.

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 i won the raffle send me ur req.
 you and me you and me
 jur a jes jes ju r
 I won your raffle :3, send you a friend req!
 Still wondering if you like the green notifications...
 When I item trade (not when I'm cashing out on outpost), I go onto servers and advertise that I'm either selling weapons, or if I've built up a large supply of items, the items. Most of the time you find people who go "Ooooh I want strange knife. Gibe." So you suggest they give you 3-4 hats, and then you're golden.
 Much pain Such sad
 Much green Such lose
 Yup feel the pain
 A new green icon too bad you won nothing
 It's a solution to Messerschmitts, not economic disparity...
 B-but if you do 1.11 you will get more sellers then if you did at 1 ref ;~;
 I can not add you, please add me!
 If by fire you mean 8 guns of justice, sure! And I wouldn't call it a problem, it's a solution...
 Are you performing some sort of satanic ritual, or...?
 lol ;o well happy holidays to you too!
 Happy Birthday!! :)
 The nationality of organic popsicle is elcispop cinagro.
 jes jes jes jes jes jes jes jes jes jes
 I'm the danger......?
 awerwrtertgtedg rgf fgh h ht
 I'll give you that right. Only thing is, when the game is free, the amount of kids playing it (cause F2P), will raise exponetioly :<
 My profile pic is I believe a very high goat
 haha too many awards! =3 thank you ^^ here have a hug *hug*
 я вас люблю сеньор
 yarr, much pirate you is
 You will get your posts back... maybe...
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