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 Mad a e s t h e t i c s you got there m8
 Manila PogChamp
 So colorful~
 here's your GREEN message
 Nice to know there are generous people out there making people happy. :)
 Happy BirthDay Xyra
 Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
 Happy Birthday ;3
 Nice name colour :D
 Wow!!! coll items!
 love the colour of your name, it's fantastic! :)
 Pleasese ??????????????????
 My eyessssssssssssssss
 I see what you did with your name.
 TBH this is not as bad as some colors we have around.
 I fell pain in my eyes right now ;-;
 nuuu, staph eye-rapin me :c
 dat msd :3
 Such rank color. Very eyesore. Wow.
 T-That rank colour is beautiful. ;w;
 A big sister has been detected
 Vroom vroom pow pow
 I'm a dumb shit, I actually used to click the name of the player instead of the trade. Thank you anyway for helping me ♥ Here's a +1 for you :>
 I didn't leave the raffle, I just don't find how I can get in. :( I just arrived on this community, maybe it's because I'm new ? Do I need to wait ? Maybe I need to raffle more before I can enter raffles ?
 Why can't I participate ? D: help !
 Hi sameface.png :V
 синий само приятно
 Seriously. What's happening on July 15?
 Arigator Suzaimasu Desu~
 woah blue, nice :)
 Green notification, haha and you thought you win something, haha REKD, dem pranks. My sides.
 "massive faggot" sounds more like projecting your own problems onto others
 One of the only weeaboos on this site who isn't a massive faggot.
 how to be pro like you
 *BOOM* Goes the M.O.A.B. :(
 I cannot help it you entered moi server!!! :> hehehe
 stalked in tf2 and here <3
 Teached me how to use Internet. Best Sensei ever :3
 surprise hai! C:
 Hihi hello hello bonjour good day c:
 My avatar Pic Got it from my friend.
 Can't handle the cuteness >.<
 Hihi cutie c: *insert 16 characters*
 star freakin star freakin star freakin star freakin staaaaar
 youre not a fag :c
 *hugs and kisses*
 yey gold club
 xairu~ i love youuu~
 In that case, 5K reputation is even more impressive. I only did 2 raffles so bad (wich I think were bad but at least wasnt crates); and.. I have like 1 month or 2 on the site and sightly before join I started playing TF2; right now I cant raffle much but I will do whenever I can, this community help me a lot (along with some luck).
 Should I show them that Valentine thing we had to do in school?
 ily too xairu~ <3
 yomomma yomomma yomomma
 Pancakes. is my thing!
 Qt MsD is Qt
 Hello Laura.
 Please notice me, Senpai
 send me the flair! I has won!
 a virtual hug for you
 I don't even know you but good luck on your work and get some more sleep dude~
 Why won't you play Poratl 2 with me?
 cuz i'm ur asian buddy :c
 y u no wuv me
 hi babe i wuv you
 hi babe i wuv you
 Is that a bad thing?
 You're a good person, and you have friends and family who care about you a lot. They may not understand what you're going through but they will gladly help as best they can if you let them. Take care.
 and you better cheer up C: otherwise i'll shoot you with the happy gun! pewpewpew xD
 oh noes D: tf2r chat thing cut my message short! D:: but but but >.< cheer up!
 hey there future good friend c: Don't be sad :) i know it isn't easy, but i've been through pretty bad moments like you have! although it may not have been as long as yours, i understand it really feels horrible. Like there's no point to living anymore. That's probably what you're thinking now right? But actually, there is. You might think that nobody really cares for you, that you're not loved by anyone, that you don't belong here anymore. but thats not true. You're cared by a lot of people that you probably don't even expect it from. you may argue with your family a lot, but deep inside, they really love you, care for you and happy that you're there. No matter what, this stranger (me!) will always be here for ya! trust me :) add me if you wanna talk about your problems! (i'll probably be trying to get your mind off sad things and bombard them with things i love in an attempt to make you interested too C: ) Anyways, it's nearly the end of 2013, the end of a poopy year yea? But 2014 will start soon C: a nice
 Man, as I was said. leave those depressing and sadness on 2013, get better better man in 2014. well I used to be on lowest point, but yeah I just going do something like playing tf2 and others things that made me forgot about those thing. God bless you man. :) also I just hope 2014 is even and even your better year. Good Luck and Don't give up.. its alway get better!
 No matter how dark it gets, there is always light somewhere to be found. You might feel alone, but you aren't. Hang in there, stay strong, never give up... things will improve someday.
 I will keep you in my prayers :)
 shtap being sad, you have good friends here, elmo just raffled hats to say you're feeling bad, dunno whats going on but cheer up mate. *hugs* noooow shtap! >:c
 Just thought I'd leave this on here. Hope you feel better soon. I don't even know you personally, but I know that you're a pretty great person and I honestly hope you get over this low point in your life. Things always get better, life never throws you anything you can't handle. Elmo's a great friend. I'm sure he'll help you out of the slump sooner than hoped for.
 105 games 2rich4me
 he never left
 das no. u no kil tank k?
 :celestia: :B1:
 you're just saying that because you have THIN PRIVILEGE
 cis ter
 woop woop, there's Sleeps X Bed action goin' down, and you're invited, cowboy.
 Mine. Rowr. ;>
 merry christmas to you too
 You scrubbing me m8? Better watch ur arse or you might get aids m8 m8 m8
 hihi :3
 please don't eat me ;_;
 also- i have a fancy original with my name on it, if you want it o:
 damn right, purple is best colour
 Hi :3
 M~ best husbando ever
 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah how are you blue but im not blue
 best northern euro country
 I like aircraft ._.
 Missle/10 , would launch asap
 need more ":^)"
 aaaaa you change your name too much I keep forgeting who you really are :3
 I agree.. Time to change!
 why thank you :)
 Thanks, you are pretty swell too!
 its a potato
 Took my crates like a man.
 This comment is definitely not negative
 come here ill save you
 w-whats wrong
  you earnt a hug *hugs congrats on green
 daaw its ok hun
 *hugs back* :3 [random characters]
 Green notification 4 u
 hi qt~~~!so cool much swag
 thats a good one
 Thank you man, yeah I was so scared :/
 Hello hi I like your name and pic *blushes and runs away*
 mfw chatters toolkit doesn't show if it's positive or negative and iwasawafag is 2 lazy to fix et, but yes thanks 4 pos coment helps me out a lot c:
 IV DSM VI [ignore this]
 Purple/pink is nice, oki! :c
 O-oh! Well, uh, I'm sorry. But... there is quite a lot of room in this bed, so when you finish classes you can have a loooooong snooze~
 *slaps right hand* c:
 <3 ! How ish chu? c:
 Haio~ *pokes* :3 
 Ha, I see that our Steam names are similar. Well played indeed.
 i am so very ded, surprise big not.
  Chicken master race
  I drew jamal's avatar =3
 Hye thanks for the support, yeah i believe that the community can redo this and help again people in need. I will wait til Valve Team answer me, i may ask some modelers if they are interested in doing models i have an idea of hat but i need more ideas
 You and many others have been reading it wrong. :V
 Happy Birthdayyy MsD!! Have a great day, stay freshhh. c;
 Happy Burfdaaaaaaaay!
 Happy Birthday bby <3
 Happy Birthday MSD
 happy birthday to you!
 Happy Birthday! :)
 Deploying German Tank Technology. *Tank starts flying* *shoots lazers at c4 while being unnaffected*
 He's where he belongs, the trash.
 Yes, I will. O-only because you asked for it to happen, no other reason!
 Hi there MSD~ I wuv you my idol
 B-because i have always been l-lewd
 I-it's not silly, i-it's l-lewd >///<
 *poke poke~*
 h e l o
 o l l ǝ ɥ
 I'll only do it if you're completely fine with it.
 The sky. the room, my hair c: how bout a you?
 i actually think so too
 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~ ❤
 ahhh hope you enjoy it ^^
 Happy crinkle cut fries!
 Ah that's good XP. Lucky you, you're on break already? :O
 That's a weird fetish.
 H-hey! Don't slap me! ;w;
 Greater...? You think I'm greater than you?
 Wait, Kinkel... senpai? Is there something you're not telling me?
 You are a pretty neat person.
 spooky and qt
 Zeus the Doter, I dunno :v
 YOU r COOL..............................................
 Just passing by to hand you a note of encouragement. Don't give up!
 taxes will be high
 Spooky yes
 no sadly
 Yep no problem.   
 wat? =w=   
 My PC crashed and now I cannot connect to Steam... Sorry. :(
 Noooooooo! Come back!! DD:
 No, come back! I need your soul for... reasons.
 Who's to say that I haven't already taken your soul, eh?
 Very cool.
 I've come to collect everyone's souls. And then I will transmute them into gold. And then I will transmute that gold into bubblewrap.
 Also, nice avatar :3
 I did once. Got nice reaction:
 yes we shud
 B-b-b-but I don't think I'm bisexual or homosexual. :(
 Why do we have a neg? w-we're so cute ; w ;
 lel u fok with mi? fite mi irl ill rek u k
 Maybe I have a bombb shelter for tank or deactivate your nuke
 Thats a weird fetish
 Rocket launcher doesn't have enough penetration to pierce tank armor.
 that's pretty nice
 Just hang on. You can do it. I am here for you.
 *hugs for you <3*
 Don't run,i just wanna hug you until you feel warm <3
 Life IS worth living. Don't let other people tell you other wise - if they do they've given up and giving up means nothing will ever get better. remember the world is an *ultimately* good place... hopefully
 Orange > cyan though.
 neko-channn <3
 Iz gud deel.
 What a pretty person.
 I guess more people are getting money.
 what comic sans?
 My only source is metabooru, no idea on artist or if it's from an anime, there was a few of them in the same style though. :)
 yellow name was good, maybe even the best
 I don't mind. Infact, please continue~
 could u add me please because i cant seem to add you D:
 yay thanks... message too short
 And now you get qt face.
 thanks sempai~
 Look at that slut waifu.
  u2 :)
 n-no ;____;
 *hugs with extra love ♥*
 thanks <3 . Chu want some hugs too? :3
 Another Simplest way: Stop playing Pyro and Highlander. Hue.
 One simplest way to do is: luck. Adfsfxd.
 yeah pretty cute lets get married
 Cards taste like chicken. Maybe you should try them
 when is it gonna start?
 ur butt is a swim
 nah nigga that's china and russia
 Vodka, more alcohol, acid, venom, shit, anything but NO MILK. Milk is for little babies.
 Thanks :3
 Have fun.                                  
 Im a new player trying to get new items i have got some items from my firnd but there not that good
 im gay
 Congrats on getting that unusual also to be honest i like Charlotte better the Laura :>
 well, you have the best luck XD 10/10 you fellow s. Merc's Pride Scarf owner you XD
 been watching it, i marked it as ''watching'' on that site on my profile ~
 Laura is better then all the other girls in the IS
 Mhm, I don't even remember that... But yeah, I read it on your profile! Awesome! I was an avid C&C fan in the past, but... I think C&C has ended for me. It's all becoming too unit-focused, too tactical... No strategy, no huge maps or such. Just micro managing units. Well, that, and I refuse to do anything with an F2P game that grants gameplay enhancing boni to people who pay / have played longer. Ah well. Yay for you! :)
 I'm sorry to say, but... Who are you? I can only think of two people from the Philippines; one is a classmate who isn't you, and the other is a modder who almost definitely doesn't know or remember me, from half a decade or so ago (unless you're the maker of Yuri's Revenge: Zero Hour, in which case you'd be him, but I highly doubt that). :P
 You're the first one that actually got it right ! Have a cookie :
 My avatar doesn't have any donuts, but otherwise, yes indeed. :D
 Hiya Missile :3
 My arrow against your rocket any day.
 Harro missile~ :3
 I have not, is he hot? c:
 it really depends on wich of my tanks you're going to shoot, where, and what launcher and warhead you're carrying... So many variables...
 He got allot of feels
 Negative (I'm sorry, I love you~ ;-;)
 I am neutral and have nothing positive or negative to say about this man.
 Neutral comment
 Also, I just want you to know that basically one of the only missiles that does exist, the V-1, I have a shitload of fun shooting down.
 Your missiles are no match for my time period in which they don't exist!
 You had one job. ONE job and you still blew it.. and you call yourself a missile defender.
 hey its me again sorry to bother you but its has been day after i won and you didnt respond to me pls check this out thank you :3
 Hey :D just won your amazing raffle :D,pls respond to me (just making sure you didnt forgot :P)
 Greeting returned~
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