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 Well, I'm leaving this place to never come back. You're the one I will most likely miss.
 I have to agree, thanks
 I took your unusual suggestion and got a nuts n' bolts heavy duty rag, so thanks a ton!
 Thanks alot, I haven't gotten any problems with it so far :D
 Alright, this day seems good. Just got 1000 rep + a new phone. Nokia Lumia 1020 :D
 That "OH CAPITANO MIO CAPITANO" sounds like a very nice guy... *Sarcasm*
 I am not blaming but showing my personal experiences and trying my best not to be racist. Asians around Canada, usually teenagers are just, in HORDES all with no clear reason. Not well dressed nor do they have any sort of culture in them.
 omg shut up retarded
 happy to help. :))
 Thank you very much, I got it. Very nice people
 I'm sorry that that just went wrong
 I won, how can I pick up?
 Hey i cant trade for 3 days. I can still get my prize?
 The second incident after the Mizcident happened. But now I'm here. At least for now.
 H-hello there. I-I think I can't add you since you don't like random adds but I've won your raffle :x
 Awesome this raffles awesome dude
 its a shifty looking raffle, isn't it.
 если ты русский то помоги очень сильно хочу поводырь
 anytime mate. I really liked the one with the Sniper story :D
 Yeah, man! I'll be making this people learn to have some respect...ONE FRAG AT A TIME!
 Thanks man! I mean, come on just enjoy the game and be polite to others. It isn't that hard to just be a nice person, after all. :D
 And then you taunt back so you can piss them off :3
 Yea its annoying.But that moment when you get revenge,tho c:
 No worries and thank you :), sorry I didn't thank you personally. Must have been busy on all the contact times so I thought trade offer was a good idea also happy belated birthday for the other day
 happy bithday :)
 Happy B'day. :3
 Happeh birthday.
 hope it all turns out fine soon nonetheless:D
 wkwkwkk banjir bisa sampai mati lampu... gile amat gan.... rumah wa aja sampai tikus berenang2 dulu.... jadi kolam renang da rumah ane dulu
 wa nya sih di kalbar.. PTK, masih enak banjir gk masuk agan T_T.. punya wa kalau hujan pasti tenggelam aaaa
 wkwkwkwk. tau dari jakartanya... emang jakarta banjir lagi gan?
 I always thought you're a guy.. *shocked* .-.
 ada lagi, gedebuq juga orang indo.... dari namanya juga udh keliatan hahaha
 wah, ketemu orang indo satu lagi disini... hahaha
 Thank you for being so nice. Happy holidays! <3
 you are awesome man and merry christmas :D
 Thank you for the profile pic you made me! I tried to apply a santa hat to a full-body picture of the wall-nut but he just looked like a nut with a santa hat. So instead I put a santa hat on his eye because why the hell not?
 dude! ty so much, i love the pic, you're a nice man, have a lovely christmas :)
 thanks for profile pic :)
 hello to you too fellow indonesian :3
 Happy birth day for yo mama :P
 I have no single idea what you mean :P
 Thanks for all of the great raffles DJ! You'll get that golden weapon!
 who won the cap
 дай мне плиз)
 хочу выиграть
 Too bad, cuz your Engy is now even more sexier since I found out how to take away the blur:
 Here's your Engy screenshot, Dee_Jay! I hope it's not too sexy! :P
 Watch those raffles. You can get a friend,like Aiden. ^^
 What do you think,will be an other part of Beyond? :3
 I'll do it a long raffle.( Just for you. ^^)
 Not now... About 1 or 2h later. :DD
 I hate them... (Watch the raffles I'll raffle something important (for me) in the future ;3)
 Watches my back.Always. :3
 Is awesome raffler :D
 Green name? :3 ♥
 Sorry about the late deliver. Tomorrow I'll be online :)
 You have 10 minutes to fight me <_<
 This is the internet, nobody gives a shit. Please don't be a white knight.
 Hey you - You're awesome.
 hello! i won your raffle, how can i claim my prize?
 On second look, it seems it was another person with a very similar name. sorry about that.
 What gets me is that it directly violates what it says on the Donations page. "All donations go directly into the site and will not be used for personal use by either developer." I'm pretty sure that's full-on fraud!
 Every little thing.. Gonna be alright..
 First of all, this has nothing to do with you, so don't butt in other people's conversations. Secondly, did i say anything wrong? Am I lying? What is this, a pink world? People deserve to hear the truth. Besides, he's an attention whore. Prove me wrong.
 Thanks for the wonderful raffles. Hope you get lucky.
 Green dabes
 I saw a Strange unusual bonk boy once, couldn't find a picture though.
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