To avoid spamming announcements in the steam group Reagy has gone and made a group for their streaming and giveaways.
Future of TF2R and our rebrand plans...
Also selling unusuals if anyone intrested.

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 Your musical compatibility with hashss is SUPER Music you have in common includes Flying Lotus, Grimes, Death Grips, Daft Punk and Boards of Canada.
 I'd also suggest ALL of MF Doom's Special Herbs albums
 Thanks for the huge number of suggestions man, tonight I'm gonna check em all out. Also if I put in Death Metal I would have to throw in also power metal, viking metal, doom/stoner metal, etc etc and it'd be just too many playlists. Right now I'm throwing under "thrash" all of those subgenres which inlude a raw and strong sound, while I'm keeping under "metal" those with a more organized and subtle (well, as subtle as metal can be) sounds. Like I don't know if I'm giving the idea, but I'm throwing in Priest's earlier stuff (Stained Class, Sad Wings of Destiny, etc) Dio/Rainbow's music (Holy Diver, Lock Out The Wolves, Long Live Rock'N Roll and so on)Black Sabbath (Paranoid, Black Sabbath, etc etc) Iron Maiden(Powerslave, Number Of The Beast, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, etc) and others I'm too lazy to list. While in metal there's Slayer (South of Heaven, Diabolus in Musica)Overkill (Horrorscope, Years Of Decay...)Anthrax (Madhouse, Amongst the Living) and...I'm gonna stop there, I could go on all afternoon.
 Thanks for the song name :) bonobo is a good artist, although I have only heard cirrus. thanks for the suggestion aswell :D
 pls accept my friend request ^^ and if you have acceped it , and i am off then send a trade offer ;)
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