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 Thanks, but I somehow used to it :)
 oh, its just something that seems to work out better for some of my friends. its more efficient and more affordable, assuming you're doing any trading.
 nope. That's the only remarkable thing I've won here.
 such sunshine, much warmth.
 such polska much pieseł
 "please dont do 24 hours on 1 item" when it's an unusual it's ok lol :p
 The deadline has been updated to sunday
 Again, me :P I used blender to make that flower. I also have a free 3-year subscription to Autodesk's tools (that includes Maya and 3DSMax), as long as I start it in high school, so if I get better at 3D modeling, I'll use those programs to my advantage. Don't forget to look up tutorials for whatever you're using, they are helpful!
 Hey, forgot to respond to your comment: , anyways, I've been using Adobe Illustrator for the class, I know how to use Photoshop as well. If you don't have the money or don't want to pie-rat them, I've heard Gimp is a pretty good program as well, and it's free.
 bro ur on, lemme finish this protein shake then ima whoop u
 No i cant feel the ban
 I accidentally mark received when u didnt get the item.i sent u friend invitation already,pls accept it and trade with me.
 please don t do 24 hour raffles for 1 item
 Now You know, Mister "please don t do 24 hour raffles for 1 item"
 u r a fgt and i need more stuff to write
 Please don't not report scams.
 "please don t do 24 hour raffles for 1 item" WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!
 24hours for item, never forget!!!!!
 Please don't do 24 hour raffles for one item.
 No, it's just the fact that delivering 40 scraps takes time and doesn't let me abandon that place.
 Because the old comments were deleted, so here it is again. This will always be with you
 Thanks for everything :D ..
 Foxxy will never get bannu, it is a promise ♥
 never forget
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