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 Удачи вам в победе
 Как присоеденится к раздаче?
 я пришо учавствавать в раздаче
 I have no use ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
 wil i hope that i will win or one of you guys will win
 okay bro xd ffffffffffffffffffffffffffff
 I hope i will get them
 I searched up "thumbs up emoticon" and copy/pasted it here. No sorcery necessary.
 👍 Many thanks!
 "This video contains content from Eagle Rock. It is not available in your country." :<
 no win nothing aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
 coll weapon and you coll man
 можна мне плиз
 Cool but im not get it
 lol awesome, i hope i win!
 i wanna hatsssssssssssssss
 give me pleaze i am lozer
 Thanks a lot for the raffle again, have a nice day and good luck! =D
 i new hi! como cuanto durara esto
 всем удачи!!! и ты крутой чел)))
 bonjour je suis nouveaux et je ne sais pas comment ca marche ! ^^
 I go like a tank i fuck like a tank :)
 Thanks for the info!
 I dont enter yo game
 Крутой лут.Ты наверно мастер
 good 123456789101112131415
 You good men!!! i love you!(no gey)
 А Можно классику?
 thanks for fast delivery and raffle :3 also. gratz for soon 22222 points xD :) have a nice time :3
 я хочу друбовик
 i dont have hats.
  хотелось бы шапочку
 Please can i have these all i jave are uniques and 1 unusual. I barely have any hats and i need something to start out with
 You are awesome you know giving these awesome items!
 Dj xjxjxjhdhxhxjjsjsksksjjxjxokskdmndjdkkr
 That's smart; certainly no one wants to keep track of every single term. Thank you kindly for the clarification!
 Noice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
 I like your sergal profile pic
 wowzer this looks prutty gud
 A M A Z I N G i love you
 If i win i take u tank ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
 plz i try hard to be fast
 Шапочку хочется
 хотелось бы шапочку)
 Да победит сельнейший
 (Not a mathematician but working towards that) in short, it's still more than what the average person might do, so I appreciate that.
 Ummm what's the giveaway I didn't quite see the item
 Is this how i enter?
 thx man :D U ARE COOL MAN KOELKOEK19 :d
 Хочу хочу хочу!
 Well I guess this is how you enter, good luck...I guess
 Hi there, fellow Dutchperson! :D
 как включить
 noice m8 this is great
 Хосю :3 Тавар мой. Ухадите :3
 ora ora ollllllllllll
 lol nais het kool pro Koekoek19
 круто поскорейбы выйграть
 Nice guy =3 +rep +rep +rep
 that is uh. that's some puzzle. never knew about the +3 cryptation, just thought that applied to the P because.. "people who solve puzzles." rip me hopefully i'll get it next time!!
 hi can i win the raffle i really like the fancy stuff i putted up if you would be so kind then i would like the hats :)
 NCNCNCNCNC :) good player <3
 i want des items
 д Давай пожалуйста мне
 Plz Please PlzPlzPlz
 lol nice skin man
 u are amazing lol
 хммм повезет ли мне ?
 Wow your really giving away that!?
 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hi :)
 не пуха не пера парни
 ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh baby it's triple oh yeah
 а когда кончится
 Надеюсь на что-то
 хачу позязя
 Thanks for the awesome items! Your generosity is highly appreciated! Have a nice day :)
 я очень счастлив
 Мне пофиг кому даш но если ты мне даш то спасибо
 you top tfvrft
 Походу чувак плохой спай((
 You are very welcome :)
 Good Luck. (pick meh =з)
 I love your family
 You are very good dude!!
 Wow good avatar and good things I can vouch win
 Give me this items PLEASE <- CHOOSE ME P L E A S E !!! <----
 Высокоуважаемый koekoek19,дайте пожалуйста мне эти священные предметы
 give me this skins
 чувак пж выбери меня мне ничего не давали
 пж дайте вещи мне итак нечего не подарили ну пж хоть 1 подарок
 Hey man! I hope you'd pick me.
 братан ты крут!!!
 gonna gotcha em all
 мне мне мне мне
 Хочу хочу :3
 Great raffle...Also Pick Me!
 Дай мне пж штото я бомж
 Как участвовать?.
 hay men, I really want to get them, and I wish you good luck, I vseravno komuto their oddash but I hope you vybiresh
 plz Let me Thing
 Kaaaboooooooooooooooom !!!
 Ooooh hi guys wassup
 Хех Хеееееееееееееех
 Дай мне пж у брата завтра др я ему подарю пж
 Hi i won a raffle plz send me a trade req or add me tks=)
 hey gimme hambuga b0ss ples xd (please i rly need it :c (xd xd just money xd))
 дайте pls pls
 tnx for provocation and decoration!
 дайте мне пж
 привет \\\
  Привет всем.
 Greetings everyone.
 дашь пж ато у мало аксесуаров
 Noice Strange c:
 wow, a nice strange
 hello freind!!!!
 give items pls
 ну пожалуста
 ш9акпшгщр \ \\
 Hello everyone Hello everyone
 interesting ruffle i think
 Intresting... I wonder who will win
 крутой розыгрыш
 Give it to me pls
 pls give me pls)
 plz im F2p im team pyro
 Yay i hope i'll win
 How do you get into the raffle
 great raffle, hope i get it
 I want dat ( ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿̿̿°̿ ̿̿ ̿ ͜ʖ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿°̿ ̿ ̿ ) i want dat ( ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿̿̿°̿ ̿̿ ̿ ͜ʖ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ ̿°̿ ̿ ̿ )
 Cool!I hope I get it
 Its cool raffle
 elm;l,l; hguygh uihukjl
 cool item hope i get it :)
 wow wow smoke weed ewery day
 só desejo boa sorte a todos aqui que ença o mais sortudo
 can i have some stuff
 thx of telling me how to win :)
 i need this plz give me
 I need it please
 nice i love it it very good nice weapons
 pls give me ;(pls
 Plizz day veshey strannogo tipa
 good luck.. I think :(
 topkek gg ez gh lel
 i dont have many hats i dong have many hats couold you be nice and give me them
 Lol,every guy want this item,but luck are bad,who want more,more for luck
 дай мне я нуб в тф 2
 have your link avatar again ^^ (it's not a request but an ORDER)
 Thanks, I didn't realise that it only reset from the start of 2015. I thought i was on this site before then :3
 You are truly awesome!
 you are in fact quite awesome!
 I was told to tell you you're awesome! ( lol Thanks! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!
 =) that's cool =)
 Do I just post to join raffle
 just like the cold, it always comes back whatever you do. nice to see you back then. keep rafflin
 i thought you left tf2?
 чё тут писать та
 Hey, I made this wallpaper, I thought you might like it. It's 1920x1080.
 A really rad dude.
 Как же хочу выиграть
 good luck every body
 i just have a rocket launcher whit killstreak
 Nice Items i only have a Strange Eviction Notice anyway i dont mind if i lose
 I have to say, you are my favourite person on this website, keep on being awesome!
 give me please man
 good luck to everyone and thanks to the man
 thank a lot for your rafle. wish you the best for futur. :)
 как я хачу выграть=))
 It was an honor, to see you come and go. Good luck foward
 PLZ DON"T LEAVE :( so many good peeps leaving :( will u come back after a while ?
 You will be missed.
 good luck to everyone
 good luck to every1
 Nice and good luck!
 Good Luck guys :D
 how do i join the raffle? :<
 Koekoek19 wait plz.
 Мне Дай вещи
 can u tell me how to join raffles
 I am a complete n00b to this website. I would like to enter the raffle but I don't know how. I'm sorry for being stupid.
 Nurd, Happy B'day.
 how do you enter the raffel
 Вы являетесь удивительными!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 cool pic and pic me couse i am spy crabing stranges :)
 pick me please!!!
 how to entry in this raffle?
  lol link en welkom
 lol link en welkom
 Yay, nog een Toon Link :3
 Ik dacht al, niet echt een naam voor een Amerikaan ofzo. Koekoek
 What a great first raffle! Welcome to the site and thank you for your contribution, Link! ^ ^
 wow nice man! i really hope i win
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