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 listen man...I don't know if you check this site often but please friend me I want my refined metal :(
 damnit man something messed up carrot cake could you PLEASE friend me I won one of your raffles and I want you to friend me so I can get the refined metal
 hey yo man I won the raffle with the refined metal I friended you when you gonne get back?
 Mariohedgehog101: why beg? All that does is alienate everyone.
 Dude, I NEED this key, may I have it please?
 I'm waiting.
 i dude, i won you raffle
 tnx for the raffle pls give me i need ;D
 sazanovich helloe
 add me carrot cake!
 trade with me,pls
 tnx for the raffle pls give me i need it :)
 please give me you ar god
 please give me predmeti be a good
 I don't know who you are, but I just wanna say I love you for that profile picture.
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