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 Can't believe I won. Thanks for an amazing raffle.
 please i win ygysgduggc
 а што вы делаете в моём холодинеке?вы хотите кусац?
 me bloqueou porque?????
 как в ту раздачу попасть
 Thanks for the item :) .
 j'espere gagner :/
 всем удачи!!! и ты крутой чел)))
 Awesome! Thank you so much for your raffles. Hope you're having a great day!
 сайт крутой !!!!!!!ЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫЫ
 Thank you for the raffle, and the item!
 Гавно Ладно сайт крутой рощыгрышь
 how do I get the stuff I won
 всем привет
 А как понять сколько осталась ?
 хочу сильно аааааааааа
  очень хочу выиграть Я новичёк только что узнал что этот сайт существует
 очень хочу выиграть !!! Я новичёк только что узнал что этот сайт существует!!
 pls me new player
 я выйграл у тебя в розыгрыше вот ссылка на обмен
 I love the raffles
 Can you unblock me so I can get my winnings from this: My ban was an error and it's been lifted now.
 u seem like a cool dude we should play sometime :D
 All of this stuff looks MLG.
 you are cool man :);D
 you are nice :))))))))))))))))))))))
 Thank you so much for your raffles! You're awesome. See you around and have a good day my friend :)
 WOW how you get this items.. :3 ?
 I want to win :D, Nice Raffle :D
 nice stuff u got there
 How do i enter in raffles?
 How do I claim my reward I got?
 very very very very very cooool!!!!
 Nice raffles m8 :)
 thank you for the raff
 thank you so much for the raffle!
 I hope to win this raffle D
 i hope win :) :) :)
 Nice!! +reppppppppppppp
 Nice raffle dood
 thanks for the raffle
 yer a cool dude, dool dude.
 i love gmm thanks
 hey I'm new to the game plz may i have it plz
 hi lvl100 nise123121
 Alt key, 255 on the number pad. Ascii code for a blank character. Works for me, at least.
 Nevermind! Blank raffle titles are apparently not allowed. Just found out now :)
 Hey! Typing Alt+0160 might work if you want to have an empty title/text if a simple space doesn't get accepted
 Wowowowowowowowowowooooooo MEGAAAAA!!!!
 V You do realise that he/she'd have to add a 100 different people to each give them their items?
 please next time make make a not A21 refined metal raffle
 You are awesome!
 BLANK You are the coolest in the world
 your stuff is just WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW =) !! ggggggggggg =) and god luck
 how do i join raffle
 +rep +rep +rep! GGG AWESOME GUY!
 hello aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
 меняяяяяяяя ааа
 pls pls pls pls pls pls again me
 pls me i hope to win but i m not very lucky hope someone wins :)
 Thanks for raffle? Sorry for delay, had a problem :(
 Thx a lot! Very appricated! (sorry, i is derp)
 ogogogogoggogogoooo main xoxoxoxoxoxo
 Thank you for the opportunity to get hats in Team Fortress 2
 god plz make me win thx
 Thanks for the amazing raffle mate!
 Probbaly Best Raffle i've ever found in tf2r :3 Thanks bro
 One of the coolest raffle ever !
 thank you very much for the amazing pyro set and a fantastic raffle! c:
 hi geyhgygvjhrteyhgvyteguhgbhybergbyiew tih
 Thank you very much *throw all the rep+ at you* ^^
 Wh... Who are you mate? You seems 2 White 4 Me (No racist) ;-;
 Thanks for the raffle, you sent me a trade offer so i didn't get to say thank you. so thanks, i will enjoy my item :)
 Ty bro i love that i won you raffle
 Good raffle man!
 (∩`-´)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚☆.。.:*・°☆ DESU BLESSING ☆゚.*・。゚☆.。.:*・°☆
 Can i receive my razor cut now please
 Mate, I can receive my items now, please contact me
 nice raffle man!
 how much are u buying them for?
 what u need 150 beggers bazookers for a colleters one? o-o
 why are u even buying begger bazookas
 are u realy buying 119 begge
 Great!!! Thanks
 Cool. :)
 Great friendly guy that is patient and a joy to talk to. Thanks again :)
 It won't let me add you, could you please add me?
 hey i added you :D won point and shoot . icant send a trade offer
 i won a raffle i am pretty sure you will give me it but your not responding
 I've got to say, you deserve a better title because of your generous soul.
 Very generous 10/10 human points
 This raffle seems amazing but how do you join a raffle
 how do u join a raffle..
 Excellent raffler.
 really thaks!!!!this raffle best
 Thanks for the raffle!
 It took me 15 minutes with mah shitty mobile to find out what your picture means... yes, yes it is! D:<
 Look at you being generous
 possibly one of the coolest people I've ever met
 and i have enough room in my bag, give it to me MonteroJD blank, you have not given me my objects, and i have enough room in my bag, give it to me
 Awesome raffle!! Hope i win :)
 +rep x9000
 no enter button to subscribe this, what is wrong
 +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep +rep
 I just melted when i saw this
 I can't even give you a positive rating.
 This guy is awesome. One of the best rafflers.
 If you were milk, I'd drink you.
 I love you.
 omg i love u but let me get some gift wrap bc i have like 0 trading materials <3
 dude im getting that stuff
 Aweshum d00d!!1!11!
 Great server Greatraffle Great guy
 Got to love this guy bestests guy 8)
 hes my friend and best rafflers
 I can't think of anything to say other than your one of those people on this site that have always been pretty damn cool.
 One of the best rafflers around~!
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