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 rest in permaded
 I thought you were banned, my friend. Your custom rank confuses us. xD
 how do you get in raffles? and by the way you are genourous
 Your name is confusing to my brains.
 Y U bannu and not bannu at the same time? I'm confus :C
 awesome thing man
 Bet you dint know Alucard is Dracula backwards, I just blew your mind didn't I?
 thanks for being an awesome person to this community
 How red can you go without getting banned.
 give me this items ! pls
 vat in of purple steeeeewww
 >2nd >2nd best russkie( cuz im first one ,nigga)
 2nd best ruskie
 Bannu, no wait.. not bannued, wots going on. 2red4me
 Bloody hell.....
 I like your bloodiness.
 fucku Im getting back mah face
 Your red text made me think you got banned..
 2russian4u aaaaaaaa
 Ur nlt allowed to have my face
 omg bannu zombie
 rip always scored ;-;
 rip was one of the best russians :(((((((
 tfw I thought you were actually banned
 I already said that it looks like those 'banned' colour.
 wait, this is not a ban. IT WORKS, I DID IT! i saved your faking life and your economy dude~
 shittt!!! i was supposed to come 1 month ago before this ban! that fucking machine doesn't work well... sorry sephirot, i ruined it all. you gonna understand this message in some years :(
 see ya around, tovaritch
 he can talk while baned repot por hacs
 emjoy ur b& 8)))))
 you can talk while banned?? wow reported for hacking!!?!!!1
 pls ban ­ ­ ­
 Another legend of this place. Thanks for your great raffles.
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