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 Nice raffle man!
 wtf is are freakin lubaly
 Крутой сайт,но мало кто хочет давать
 tu peux me passer un kil streak
 Got your killstreak with the short circuit done yet? Still waiting for proof! :P
 i just didnt add you i didnt block you
 Ur the best nigger here
 you're bad and that's good, you'll never be good and that's not bad.
 Hey it would be easier if you sent me a trade offer from this raffle:, trade offer link is:
 -rep terrible conta strike player
 But, I wanna do the helicopter D:
 6211 positive and 0 neg..........................Gotten For spam///Just goes to show you No one is safe... No one
 RIP Never knew you from chat but great raffler, will be missed.
 Resiscat en pace, you majestic creature. *salute*
 rest in fucking pieces
 Aw, rip you. It was a good run.
 rip #46, i cry efrytim
 hahahahahahaha <3
 2 puush's is spam yes, sorry michael
 "Well, he had a good run."
 You were cool main
 So faking ded :(
 ded forever
 It had to end like this.
 Oh no.                
  You got decc'd
 Ded? :C
 #46,dont like the bob tanks you posted on my profile
 Saw you dying :(
 Gordon C:
 Hi I just won and add please accept add.
 Awesome Raffler! ^^
 хм а можно мне подарок я удивлен 0 негативных отзывов
 Congrats on your new rank!
 it's NOT a scarf!
 Wtf you got banned again.
 rip ;~; married when now?
 rip in piecees
 Yeah, somebody to love, but not YOU! huehueuhehueu.
 Reads rank- Easy come, easay go..... What the f%"%
 You do realize that you are realizing things, right?
 You do realize that you're cool, right?
 You do realize you are right, I actually made all that rep in 3 days with my rep farming skills.
 You do realize it was a joke?
 whenever I see your name, I think of the quote from the Beatles "Gonna get high with a little help of from my friends."
 rip indeed
 Best alt around
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