To avoid spamming announcements in the steam group Reagy has gone and made a group for their streaming and giveaways.
Future of TF2R and our rebrand plans...
Also selling unusuals if anyone intrested.

Current rank: Easy come, easy go~
Next rank:
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 Got your killstreak with the short circuit done yet? Still waiting for proof! :P
 i just didnt add you i didnt block you
 Ur the best nigger here
 you're bad and that's good, you'll never be good and that's not bad.
 Hey it would be easier if you sent me a trade offer from this raffle:, trade offer link is:
 -rep terrible conta strike player
 But, I wanna do the helicopter D:
 6211 positive and 0 neg..........................Gotten For spam///Just goes to show you No one is safe... No one
 RIP Never knew you from chat but great raffler, will be missed.
 Resiscat en pace, you majestic creature. *salute*
 rest in fucking pieces
 Aw, rip you. It was a good run.
 rip #46, i cry efrytim
 hahahahahahaha <3
 2 puush's is spam yes, sorry michael
 "Well, he had a good run."
 You were cool main
 So faking ded :(
 ded forever
 It had to end like this.
 Oh no.                
  You got decc'd
 Ded? :C
 #46,dont like the bob tanks you posted on my profile
 Saw you dying :(
 Gordon C:
 Hi I just won and add please accept add.
 Awesome Raffler! ^^
 хм а можно мне подарок я удивлен 0 негативных отзывов
 Congrats on your new rank!
 it's NOT a scarf!
 Wtf you got banned again.
 rip ;~; married when now?
 rip in piecees
 Yeah, somebody to love, but not YOU! huehueuhehueu.
 Reads rank- Easy come, easay go..... What the f%"%
 You do realize that you are realizing things, right?
 You do realize that you're cool, right?
 You do realize you are right, I actually made all that rep in 3 days with my rep farming skills.
 You do realize it was a joke?
 whenever I see your name, I think of the quote from the Beatles "Gonna get high with a little help of from my friends."
 rip indeed
 Best alt around
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