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 really good person
 Lol love your ""What Happens When You Get Banned On TF2R
 thank you very much for the game, yub yub, cheers!!
 Nice items Partner
 я русский
 Dat "you are banned" video :D
 You got good ryhmes homie
 gg man ty and gl
 nice nice nice)))
 nice you post old shit
 Oohhh!!! Is that what it's called?? I just called it the Smoke Monster. I see what you did there though! Nice!!!
 Heyyy! I got bored and looked in your bp. And I just wanted to say you're awesome for that LOST reference on your unusual hotties hoodie. Although I don't get the name. Hahaha.
 я русский
 Do you want me to rerafle the crate?You marked as delivered even though you didnt add me to claim
 Thanks for step by step solution. I report him on his own profile, cause steamrep mark my last "phisher" thread as invalid cause of Violation report method on profile's
 Я русский
 Cool tnx for this weapons
  No it is not okay.
 i eat a lot of carrots so, naturally talent is blessed upon me
 I miss you,and your pig.
 Is pyro your favourite? Mine too :-)
 you win my nice raffle,add me maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!
 Its probably the same old trade errors that happends sometimes, just restart steam, because i never got any errors and it works fine.
 You go to someone`s inventory, click make offer, thats it.
 Can i trade you the flying guillotine for the crit-a-coke?
 ben istiyorum bunu
 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
 Because you mentioned them, the craft #3 gabe glasses have a c/o of 3.1 buds heh
 ? is better than *ubered RED pyro* or *ubered BLU scout screaming*
 You need some green here. Theere we go :]
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