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 was banned for suspected alt accounts
 Happy Christmas jewboy #jesus
 Happy Christmas jewboy #jesus
 Happy Christmas jewboy #jesus
 Get some sleep mister.
 Awesome, too bad I do not know how to handle this page in 2014. Gdybył knew immediately that I was involved in your draw.
 Hey can i get premium i gonna give you 1strange plss or some1 else.
 Nice! Love your beautiful raffles <3
 Hey you! Yes, you! Add me! I won 1 of your keys!
 I admire you, but I know you are jealous of OUR WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!
 I fixed your stupid ice cream
 Thanks for the unusual raffle! good job on finishing school :D
 awesome this is the best raffle ever
 mfw Tromfer hi
 Jazz king of the raffle house
 Where are you finding all of these snazzy tunes for your raffles? You don't happen to have a list of all the raffle tunes, do ya?
 Gibe moar swag
 Wowolalwpwlwlw A Aalalallalakekemsmaokam
 is this Yukko, she looks like her
 Du är dum och jag hatar dig.
 yus yus veri gud man luv to you
 I know I know this is a random message :P
 I know I know this is a random message :P
 Okay, I remember the name now. I think it is Hong Meiling's theme from Touhou 12.3 right? But where do you get this? It's really important >.<
 Hey, could you tell me the name of the song you used in this raffle? I know it's from Touhou but I can't remember from which character or level. Or even better where you get the music. You're awesome! Thanks^^
 you're posting in your raffle music i listen almost every day :3
 hey you said "just came out" about the albume but it's written 2012. Can you explain me?
 touhou + funk jazz = joy! thanks
 Happy New Year !
 On a scale of dead, how dead am I?
 I have an idea o:
 Hi :3
 Tromfer is really nice also good drawer good music tastes 10/10
 You are da bes
 hi tromfer i win your raffle ^.^
 Revealed myself, better than Google, I approve you
 I'll keep this evidence forever
 thanks for people me
 nicely done man a bud! :O
 Would you mind linking me those albums of your favorite Japanese Jazz band?
 lub u 7ever evn if no lub bak <55
 it won let me enter for the raffle!1
 i hope i win............
 happy late birthday
 Happy Birthday buddy!
 Happy birfday!
 Happy birthday mate!
 Happy birthday Tromf!
 Happy Birthday!!! ♠♀æ
 birthday GIRL*~
 Happy Birthday!!! <3
 Happy birthday.~
 I wish master would stop flirting.
 took my shekels while I slept, qt animu grill otherwise
 Go play smite
 You're nice. Very.
 Fite me irl 1:1 at Svinesundbroa, svenskefaen
 such a bat muslim
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