To avoid spamming announcements in the steam group Reagy has gone and made a group for their streaming and giveaways.
Future of TF2R and our rebrand plans...
Also selling unusuals if anyone intrested.

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 nice pic u got there m8 ;)
 Btw on this guy his profile it says it has been 3 days since his last vac ban , so does that mean he can't trade for a while?
 This guy won my raffle but for some reason i can't invite him to trade or send him a trade offer
 Well he said something about steam guard but not clear enpugh ( his english not that good ) but i think it has to do with a vac ban on his account
 Blue jay , a person won my raffle but is unavailable to trade.He wants to claim his prize but steam says that he's unavailable to trade.What should i do?
 do eet
 Hi there. I am so sorry for not delivering. Both users wre unable to send trade offers, and i couldnt direct trade. I completely forgot about them. I have contacted the users now (one being offline) and they should recieve their items within 24 houts.
 heh, thanks, that is actually my favorite song of all times, i just love it, great test /mu/tant
 Oh yeah, sorry about that. There ya go.
 Good 'ol double d :D
 Hey, I was wondering if I could get permission to advertise my group in a raffle. It's a non-profit raffle group, don't worry. :P
 I'll hit dat bong and break ya off something soon I got ta get my props cops come and try to snatch my crops these pigs wanna blow my house down and undrground to the next town they get mad when they come to raid my pad and I'm out in the nine-deuce Cad
 There's no stop at lewdness!!! (Oki)
 suck my ass      
 Damn... Just when I wanted to donate...
 Yeah I added Miz to ask but he hasn't accepted. Think you can talk to him? Because it has been offline for about a day now.
 Do you know how to get the item donation bot up? I was going to donate some items but it seems to be offline. If not thanks anyways, if so thanks.
 now i have to eat the jams
 Senior Moderator more like senorita operator
 oh and currently my name/hacker's name is Rezerok Zook. So if i am still named that and tell you something, its not me i still don't have my account back. And please, the worst thing someone could do is ban my steam account, lol. I just am so happy that you are helping me, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
 no thank you. but, if i make any raffles BEFORE changing my profile name back to The Crazed Buttstabber then yes i would like you to ban me for around 2-3 weeks. It would be a great help if you would invite me as a friend around every week or so. When i accept your friend request and if i try and phish you or do anything creepy like that then i still don't have my account back. But if i tell you something like hey, thanks for contacting me, i finally got my account back. hopefully it will be me saying it, lol. Well this has been a lot, thanks for trying to help me. Hopefully I will be able to contact you again one day, until then i will just have to say see ya
 plz, i didn't do anything. my account got hijacked and the hijacker sold all my stranges, hats, taunts, everything, for keys and ref. You may be asking yourself, how is he telling me this if he was hijacked. Well when this all happened, I was still currently logged in as me in this site. So I'm trying to tell you that I CANT GIVE ANYONE THEIR ITEMS!
 Cool thanks now i need to find that actual card
 Is that haunter from a card or is it just some art?
 What do you use for hair products?
 Alright, thanks for getting back with me so quickly too!
 Would it be okay if on my next raffle I mentioned my group, Crimson Anarchs? Its a start-up so it doesn't have a lot of members and no 18+ content.
 okay , i just try to follow the rules ^^
 Can i post on my raffu that if the person who helps me recieves a prize?
 Ok i already contacted him >-> I delivred it :P.
 Hai, I made a raffle yesterday: ( ) And the winner checked the mark "Delivered". So what should i do? Contact him or Reraffle or keep it?
 Here is the link to the actual raffle
 I won a raffle and tried to add the raffler and he ignored me on steam.
 Cheaters never prosper. That's why you lost my unusual raffle. Cheater
 Never forget, pancakes
 Hi I didn't deliver because I say on all my scrap raffles "3 day claim time (add me)." Clyde didn't add me for 3+ days when i was online everyday after that and now he calls me a scammer and such.
 Hey, I'm the guy from this raffle: I got the item and I did not reported hevybullet for non-delivery. It is mistake of somebody.
 It isn't showing pics for some reason... Is there a special browser you need or something? I went on internet explorer and google chrome but pics still aren't showing. It must have been an accident him reporting me, since it hasn't even been 3 days yet... Yeah, I did deliver... I don't know if that is the screenshot you want though?
 I wish you would evolve already dumby toto
 Totodile is the worst starter
 ITs cool bro XD, trust me, when I win a legit raffle or a quick I do claim and appreciate no matter what the item is, I like to see rafflers conacting the winners as soonas possible; but in mistakes, I cant help it but do the right thing XD.
 I agree re-raffle is like a waste of time; but if the raffler did a mistake and the winner realize that; isnt the right thing to let the raffler re-raffle the items so he have "fun" with it?, instead of take the prize adn ran away because you happend to be there when a mistake happend?. Its like you see an old lady drop 100 bucks...would you take them and ran away, or return to the real owner?
 Hello jams    
 to to
 cyndaquil would rek u
 ah nice. id say theyre definitely up there with doomtree and madvillain in terms of the best rap groups
 +rep had good taste
 Puush pls *insert lenny face*
 Alright that'd be great. Thanks
 Yep. Bit disappointed, since it was an unusual :/ maybe you could add him and convince to give the item to me? if not that's fine.
 how was i begging in my raffle? i didnt force anyone to join the group or donate i just said it would be nice
 At that time I was not aware of this
 Long time no see Blue Jay, carry on your Godlike Admin duties <3
 You smell like fail.
 God, I really hope that that is his Nose/Finger!
 This boy needs therapy.
 ilu, no homo
 but it says he is not avaliable to trade either... I'll try to talk to him
 regarding the report, hes on my friends list and isn't really online when I am. I'll send him a trade offer
 Bird-sama ;_;!
 It can be if you try hard enough.
 Happy birthday Mr. Bird!
 happy birthday jay
 I am on the report :) He unfortunately ignores my attempts to contact.
 Thank you :D what about your avatar?
 Thanks man, and I would of mentioned the flaming lips if you didnt, they're amazing.
 If he has enough intelligence to write a complaint, he should have enough intelligence to add me and claim what he wants. If I have to bother with delivering by myself every time, fine by me, won't bother with raffles any further.
 Listened to that band Pretty good for having a totally out of place moose on their album. :P
 As many cocks as I can possibly find.
 more like red cardinal hhhhhhhhhhhhh
 Thanks, but I think I am good. I don't think I could've gathered the ingredients for the chem set anyway.
 I am well aware of that trade offer, the thing is, it kept giving me an error when I tried to accept it, I thought if I would try later, it might work but it didn't work out in the end, thanks for the raffle anyway.
 Your a blue duck.
 You're the bluest jay that I know. B)
 Any time, the only other one for sale right now is pro killstreak, only one on OP, none on market, and mine is off market now Good luck :)
 I found the only one (of 2) that wasn't pro killstreak, gave him my s machina that I got for free (gifted), and my SF Pro FaN which I also got for free (TS Fire Horns) he gave 6 ref back, idc about the pricing though.
 I missed you buddy ;-; im back from da dead
 Of course you can, - I'll be gone the day today, but let's see when it works out, hopefully soon :3
 One can hope your legendary moderator skills would help in the oval office.
 I hope one day to see Blue Jay as President.
 bae pls
 Does that mean you love me
 are you a fan of skulls now
 it's been a while, bob
 Eat it fatty!
 hey when r u gonna be on, still need to trade
 YES. Happy Birdday to you!
 Happy Birthday <3
 Happy Birthday my birthday buddy!
  Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Happy birthday, hope you have a good one! c;
 Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 69/42 make mod or I crie
 Dear God that profile picture.
 oki cool­­­­­­
 when yu mod­­­­­­
 Should be Mod, Ill vote for ya.
 I crafted a tyro and was wondering if you wanted it.
 Thank you so much! :D
 I lub u BlueJayWay
 delivered the item to the guy, ty for not banning me instantly and also my appologies for not understanding the rules correctly, I hope you have a nice day ^_^ (and srry for the spam)
 Though that could quite possibly have been user error, I'd like to see if I could possibly reraffle that scrap.
 Odd thing just happened. This raffle: was set for 12 hours, and it just ended in about 4 minutes
 I'll add him, I give him a day to accept my request, is that ok?
 p.s I still haven't heard from him, but he didn't make an effort to contact me... if I really have to, I can buy him a kit on the market... :c (srry for dah spam though)
 about the non-delivery > I did not get any response from the guy, he did not add me and didn't respond on tf2r/my steam, as you see in the description 3 days claim time and that the winner should add me... so yea... I didn't get any response from the winner at all... that's why I didn't deliver, sorry, I thought that I had followed the rules, please correct me if I made a mistake, ty ;)
 I've never actually seen him add me, tell him to add me again since it appears he blocked me, I'll check his recent chat to see if it would give a hint as to why he thinks that
 I wanted to say thanks for doing this raffu :3
 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious
 Ain't even blue anymore.
 Not as blue as they say. 0/10
 ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ Weed lit, and indie play, with this chant I summon Jay ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
 So would I need permission for that? If so, could you please give me permission for that?
 So yes, I am trying to ask for members.
 It is a currently in-progress team, we have done 1 season in Iron, but we lost a bunch of players and need to recruit again.
 You are awesome Blue Jay :D
 Seeing as you said to contact you if this guy: didn't deliver, here's my message about it. He still seems to have me blocked as well.
 Well, I am a bit afraid it would've been. The last time that a hat got raffled away (And actually raffeld and not given and replaced), the winner crafted it away. It's good to hear that you won't :D
 Please take good care of the Vintage Tyrolean.. I just stumbled across a recent raffle with the exact hat yet it wasn't in his inventory.. gotta love it how this site keeps track of levels.
 +erp, doesnt need rep
 Done my math homework and I gave him a cookie. 10/10 would ask him to do my homeworks again.
 Thanks for the compliment c:
 I'll be more subtle next time.
 Sorry, I'm just frustrated with people constantly breaking the rules. Especially since there's that huge "YOU'RE GOING TO GET BANNED!!!" sign where you make new raffles. It astounds me how many people still break every rule possible.
 I agree, I even find myself playing Mann Up just for the loot (sometimes painfully).
 Hello. Are you able to make it so I can raffle, again? Long story short, F2P's which have used BP expanders can't raffle anymore.
 But if you want to enter UGC you better do so soon because to be eligible for playoffs you need to have played at least 6 season games! Also, rosters lock after tomorrow! Make sure you're ready :)
 *HINT* You don't get to choose which league to play in, you get placed ;)
 Thanks for the script man. It's awesome.
 Didn't know you were still alive, still good though haha!
 Thanks for closing my raffle, I forgot to add some zero's
 Aye, I have an awesome-ly cool profile pic and Name to, right? heh
 Ah, Birdy mod senpai finally noticed me (ノ´∀`*)
 Is that a cow in the middle of all that grass?
 I haz found the raffle,
 I have one question, I made a raffle for 20 hours, it has been 2 days, and is gone without saying it ended. plz help
 Oh, thank you sire
 Woah all my comments have gotten deleted.
 Hai there smexy <3
 Sorry. I don't go clicking random internet videos, and the picture was not the nicest. (not the worst either I'm sure)
 burd pls
 I did not get the unusual using the Bills :P
 Thank you very much.
 Wow you joined my raffle I feel so special
 hi just wondering who won the bills hat on your raffle because they have been unclaimed
 Jk love you too best mod!
 im not ghey HUEHUEHUEHUE
 god dammit
 Это Круто
 still best mod 2kever
 I like old moviesss
 Hey blue jay. :) so is the one guy u banned like an hour ago notngoing to deliver? The IHEARTNataly guy.
 Can you teach me the ways of the spider?
 I went ahead and just gave another ref.
 Happy 2 Year Anniversary for your Raffles
 Burd mod how much do I need to donate to get my name to orange? I donated a Ref.
 how do i enter rafles???????
 what a gay
 6 months without TF2r and finding great music on Youtube still reminds me of your raffles...
 ar you my momy haha
 suck my dick  
  I think you are not that bad
 You're unbanned? What a shame
 I was going to give you a tyro but since youre banned <3
 No never its just the world we live in
 Will you stop changing your name and picture please
 Ur the best :D i'm doing great on tf2r and ty very much :D
 How did you get out of the trash? :o
 More like 'belongs in the trash.' BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
 But Blue Jay was such a cool guy :p
 What the fuck is that?The fuck are you?
 That picture should be in the trash, were it belongs.
 I don't know if any admin actually checks here, but alcohol. So drunk me (still drunk actually) made a raffle for 2 items which I already owe to someone (middleman). So now, what do I do? I was told to contact the admins but am waiting for a friend request. I know I really have no right to have an admin delete the post but really can't afford it or a steamrep report. I can give some kind of compensation to the winner (all I really have is a painted craft hat) but really nothing near in value to the raffle. Please consider my pre-ban appeal, and sorry for all the groveling (or is that appropriate in this situation?). Sincerely, Kurt
 at least it was polite
 >a scarecrow >named blue jay >not spooky4me
 Ok, I'll try to make my thanks more unique when doing it. Thanks for letting me know.
 Nearly forgot that rule. Thanks for the reminder.
 Hey, you are awesome.
 Hi. I love you. Ok, bye!
 I'd like to report this guy for impersonation Because reasons.
 Oh great now you are a pumpkin slut thing with a hat aint that shit just spooktaculer
 *waves* hi blue jay :)
 That's a bad comment please try again later~
 I'm assuming that was mean't to be posted on Reag's wall yes? I can understand the mix up, we're both pretty gay.
 SO I re-added the guy and I tried to talk with him and he deleted me again. What should I do?
 I don't remember this raffle but you can ban me if you want.
 The guy added me then de-friended me right after
 nope i added him but steam trade wasn't working that night and he removed me and i tried adding him but he never accepted and i commented on his profile 2 times
 Thanks Jay :D
 The Beatles, you are welcome.
 Not as good as green dinosaur, get out, there can only be one ''saur'' here.
 bad avatars pls go
 Blue Dinosaur when?
 you are ass
 Slay the Jay 2013
 Y U no throw them out? Or disable their pics? :P
 The only thing I really like about this cat raper is that he's a friggin moderator who's just as annoyed by all dem MLP shit as me. Good job, 9/10. Hope to see more people like that.
 10/69 No tits on cat 5eva true
 Bass! How low can you go? Death row. What a brother knows. Once again, back is the incredible The rhyme animal The incredible D, Public Enemy Number One "Five-O" said, "Freeze!" and I got numb Can I tell 'em that I really never had a gun?
 Please ban yourself you shitty badmin. :demoticon:
 I thank you for banning one of the many persistent attention whores. Good work you do.
 Thank you friend!
 I would like the green name now if not too much trouble
 In response to your post on my profile, would I be able to get that rank with the green name when I hit 2500?
 Dem green notifications from a randomer!
 Thats freaky man
 What products do you use on your hair?
 this nerd wants my dick
 Thanks heaps for banning that turd that was giving me crap! <3
 Hey there, I was not sure if I need to add you or not, there aren't any specific instructions in the rules about it. Anyway, I would like to request a permanent ban from this site. Sorry if this is not the way to request it, as I said there are no specific instructions. Have a nice day :)
 Doesn't enjoy fun.
 Thank you Blue Jay :)
 Sarcastic? I don't know dude, i was drunk
 Why appreciate when you can hate? o3o
 Not so blue anymore huehueuhehuehuehuehuehu.
 Where did you get that pic?It looks...funny.
 синий джэй
  "You have nice hair"
 Heh I thought you were a pig
 What kind of picture is that?
 Have you heard?
 Understood! I was off for a LOOONG time and didn't re the updated rules when I got back.! Sorry!
 jesus jamie    
 Thank you for your good work! :-)
 Makes sense.
 Why did some avatars turn into question marks?
 Jay, your avatar. I can't even begin to process it.
 Dial-Up Internet
 alright. will do :) thanks a lot for the help!
 get baked
 Running out of songs to listen to. Halp...Any bands?
 Thank you. Apologies.
 sounds good but could I have color #F13E5C so it'll fit my avatar :) should I post this on the rank request thread?
 I think I'm good. I wouldn't know what to request anyway ^^
 Awesome, thanks. That's another song in my iPod. Keep up the good stuff!
 Cool raffles. I like the song in this one of yours but the question mark that says the name isn't specific enough. Can you tell me where to find it, please?
 Birdy..... make one of this for yourself.
 Happy birthday! Celebrate by relogging plz
 stop getting b& fgt
 mad skillz
 jay can i have some help? I am trig to mke a new raffle and it says i cant. how can i fix this?
 Hi James.
 Hi Blue Jay.
 Crap, Reag, that's too many names for me, snaaap, I don't know people around here :-( I just raffle from time to time. Dis iz too demanding xD
 I miss it as much as I miss salty sticks covered in chocolate. Maybe it's just me being nostalgic, but I think it's one freaking yummiest foods ever crafted by a human being, yet it's no longer available for some unknown reasons. Such is also the story of my previous avatar. Despite me missing it, it's not coming back :-(
 Needs more vintage kritzkrieg
 aah ok, thx for replying :)
 Why did the comments get removed from some profiles?
 God damn pervert.
 Oh sorry. I haven't been in the site for some months. :3 Now tell me how you really feel. XD
 Dis man ruienid mah existence! Banu Banu! -rep x 1000
 Blue jay was better when he was blue jay
 Did you... Erase my profile comments...? :(
 How many times have you died? I actually think im getting worse.
 welcome back
 They young bird returns from the horizon.
 You're back, and prettier than before.
 Oh look you are not red anymore,what a celebration yay I guess.
 noob down
 You will be missed.
 Ban king of penis
 I'm not going to miss you you flying rodent shi-BAAWWAAAA! *Runs away crying* WHHHHHHHHYYYYY
 Jay, don't die on me. You have the best taste in Medic hats. ;v;
 He was the best bird ;~; rip
 he was the greats bird he was the best ;-; rip
 rip Fufufufu, what a birdbrain~
 I ask this because you probably think i'm just making up bullcrap..Plus getting banned will probably help my backpack T_T
 Actaully, could you just ban me for non delivery? Its a lot easier..
 I was really busy during that week :/ I guess I just forgot that he won that after finally coming back and I didn't know why I had it so I raffled it..Now that you tell me all this, I tried re adding him but he denied it :/ I will send him another and if he declines this one, I really don't know what to do..
 I most certainly did not re raffle it, and I sent him a friend request but he denied :/
 We need to have a zatoichi fight.
 Thanks for the info, A-bro-ham Lincoln :>
 idk what to type.
 hi burdmen.
 I ruined this guy's life +rep.
 Blue Jay is a lie.
 Masturbate more.
 blaze it
 enjoying the group? 8)
 why won't you lick my butthole like the rim of a salty margarita glass? ;A;
 ur gettin b& u ddnt delivr 2 autoow u scammr
 'sc00s me, w0t u sed bout me
 Just wanted to say thanks c:
 Thanks for not getting me banned!
 Eat it, fatty!
 i wish jay would go on skype
 Whoa, hello somebody, that's not safe for TF2r. There we go, that's better~
 Jay is blue 23 bird good mod /10
 is good mod, (best actually)
 Stop masturbating.
 Old profile pictures were better,3\10.
 That's a lot of scrolling
 why am i hereeee
 Dont delete these comments
 is actually more like a blue hummingbird 8)
 ''Made blue hair man that's 23 years old''
 Purple is better than blue
 y are u so made ?
 Best stickyjumper helmet hat crafter 2013
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