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Big Evil Hellen 4 Mar 2016 at 18:37 (UTC)
Je t'enpelle avec une cule
3 Mar 2016 at 21:54 (UTC)
Big Evil Hellen 29 Feb 2016 at 0:20 (UTC)
Only if you beat me at 100 oj :^)
tworek tworzy 22 Feb 2016 at 0:19 (UTC)
Wymienione się za wyszczerbiec
Big Evil Hellen 21 Feb 2016 at 18:44 (UTC)
If we were on steam I would have said :vanilla:/ (btw did you see the huge inflation on the Vanilla emoticon ? When I got it it was like 0.21€, now it's near 0.40 ! I got it twice from badge craft :3)
Big Evil Hellen 21 Feb 2016 at 17:25 (UTC)
Vanilla > Chocola
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