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 I really cannot tell if you were banned again and are once again unbanned, but happy late holidays brotha
 Nice avatar ! I love star wars too
 Holy crepe you're back
 Welcome back once again
 Welcome back sweetheart. I baked you a cake, come at the castle and get a piece.
 you will be missed
 aw well rip jewjox the oldfag
 u r ded. not big surprise.
 End of a chapter.
 I applaud   ‌‍‍‎‎‎  ‌  ‍‍‎‎‎  ‌‍‍‎‎‎  ‌‍‍‎‎‎  ‌‍‍‎‎‎  ‌‍‍‎‎‎   ‌‍‍‎‎‎  ‌  ‍‍‎‎‎  ‌‍‍‎‎‎  ‌‍‍‎‎‎  ‌‍‍‎‎‎  ‌‍‍‎‎‎ 
 Welp that is that
 No honour, be gone now.
 Oh welcome back here
 Jejox is life...
 Jejox is love...
 Lost but not forgotten.
 RIP green internet points
 Well, being donator sure doesnt make you ban bullet proof (especially if you were a little brat.)
 UHM WHAT.................
 Unban jej0x pls
 do it hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
 I want you
 no worries, i trigger easy XD
 never you nerd
 "drama" lmfao mods should just let people ravage eachother jeez
 Getting tired of this drama. One more commentary or report on you, and you will be banned. Stop with the trolling, I mean it.
 Eh wait since when do you use kid arguments ? Like, crying and stuff ?... Anyways I don't care about you being banned or not I said that already
 #scrapped .
 dude i'm seriously interested in why you dont like anime
 But why? i dont watch anime personally, but i see no difference between anime and normal tv shows
 "Anime is for faggots" No
 Thanks for the raffle!
 Oh, I also love Limp Bizkit and old school Korn ; I also own a shirt with "Fuck the system" written on it. Aaaaaaand I still play Pokémon. Am I enough 15 yo-ish to you ? ~
 I've got a trade link on my profile, if you wish to claim use that.
 You killed me xD
 Which ones did you try ?
 Oh yes ! Don't worry it would have logged me out automatically after a while, it's the same. You are not to blame <3 BTW go read some more H mangas
 You tricked me ? Did you report me ?
 lmao why so sorry ?
 I don't know how to say this, but..
 He destroyed the raydome!
 you're that ninja!
 Where the hell did it go?
 i love long red messages
 I know he's a troll, but if you try to contact him and he ignores please let me know so I can ban him.
 "Stock weapons have the Normal quality, however, customizing a Stock weapon with the Name or Description Tag will create a Unique quality variant." -TF2 Official Wiki
 I think you have a few screws loose my good sir...
 OH CRAB, why would crab me?
 You son of a crab, stop beein crabto people who have a big crab you crab! Such a crabby crabtard.
 You son of a bitch, stop beein rude to people who have a big loss you asshole! Such a dumb shittard.
 bet they gonna use the same sign next game
 reb0rt3d 4 bul-e
 Reported for harassment
 I'm always high and I'll get even higher
 star lord>hitler
 that's offensive
 no waa no :I
 i-i'll prove to you i'm super qt
 get outta my computer creep
 eww who are you.
 Mr crabs in disguise.
 That's obviously photoshopped, you have no crab avatar
 0/10 not a crab
 Whats up Green faggot
 crabs are the only true master race >=( BAD CRAB
 Pancakes are master breakfast item >:C
 Have a positive greenish commentary. You deserve many of these.
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