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 Who doesn't want to make some sweet love to her?She's cute~ <3
 I'm watching the stream of i58 atm, it's great that's true :D
 ay mate
 but r they GOOD cooks?
 yes. 6 times.
  no one can resist *_*
 natural tits uguu
 haha yea :PPP
 best... eh... boobies
 gigiri gigiri goo
 Ummm.... thanks.
 goood its very very good
 you belong in my body.
 get high
 Rock the Dragon~
 fug yourself :^)
 kidney you smell like shet
 Stupid tf2r doesn't update my profile pic.
 epeens are nice :^))
 brubbrubbrub im a train brubbrubbrubbrub
 phucking kidney
 Awwww~ I get even prettier during full moon :3
 ooooooooh myyyyyyyy
 top fucking lel m8
 how the fuck do you make such short comments
 Fast and Furious Brian oConner
 kidney must be shy! leaving blank comments everywhere
 Hii thereee~~
 do it to me >:3
 T-that's not my name! Who are you?
 deal with it :B1:
 E-excuse me, w-what are you saying?
 whoopsthataltcodedidntwork. ; u ;
 And a wonderful to you too.
 Yup, thats me. :]
 cade says hi
 Only for tonight.
 Stop insulting my ability to read!
 im just passing by! hihi! ;3
 Both are tigers, im dying of cuteness
 wow shush you nerd stop talking like that
 wow so rude
 You don't spook me.
 It's not even Halloween yet.
 (・ω・ )
 Come over here, sweatheart...
 how u kno me!?!??!
 Just a random thought entered my mind if you could use comic sans for a name font
 Comic sans pls
 Phil Fish.
 Naming yourself after BT3 tracks. You're doing great kid.
 you know what else stands for vagina
 who du u think u r.
 rpoted enjo ur b&
 k-k-kidney... m-more like.... k-k-kidney f-f-f-failure~!!
 no I'm just communist soldier.
 hey there, you won my mistake raffle - add me for consolation prize
 dotaland B)
 where do i go
 Can't save a person who has already drowned.
 B-B-B-B-B-B--B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B--B-B-B-B--B-BIRD GO.
 Forever ❤~
 Why can't you use normal letters like us cool kids?
 Thank you Kyot :3
 slut­­­    ­  
 Hue hue hue. Broken links ftw.
 Sorry, no anal today. But i can tease you a bit if you want
 I swear your names are so random it's either I get terribly confused or I laugh my arse off :3
 Pantsu are for what? D:
 u fokin wot m8 i cant be bovered wiv dis shit cos I went dere and u wasnt evn dere like u pussy
 This is a neutral comment
 I like your name. F♥CK indeed.
 <3 it's supposed to be from both that song and Queen's song~!
 Thx for the comment i guess... .w.
 Fite me irl k
 Hiyaaa,how are you ^.^
 The key word is "were"
 dam boobs      
 g-good morning..
 kidney-kun ~
 who are you?
 Thank you for explaining capsules to me slut~
 At least you know it's an important date, unlike many people out there! I spend much too much time with useless history trivia anyways. But sometimes it's good to have knowledge that backs up your profile name :P (Also words in last post).
 Really in 1939 neither the Luftwaffe nor the RAF did much. It was really in 1940 when the Battle of Britain started the Spitfire really made a name for itself. It's why I went ahead and got the #36, as that's more a Spitfire specific date, while #39 is the start of WW2 and #40 is the Battle of Britain, in which all the RAF, and Britain, not just the Spitfire (though it was a major part, haha).
 Sekieri was awesome :3
 *coughs flies at Kidneh~*
 Not many people actually know what USA means
 Iunno~ i wonder why too ♥
 sup heart ~
 Oh my /16letters
 You just sit there looking at me and saying nothing?
 hullo kidneys :3
 Orin is cute!
 how dare you post a comment on my wall i take that very personally oh hey a butterfly
 I've heard this person is quite cuddly.
 stop ... please ... YOU MEAN SPARK ONE UP
  おっぱい Yeah, still gonna do this.
 you love dick. Orange forever~ Until Reag deletes all the comments again anyway.
 Of course, don't let anybody tell you otherwise
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