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 how do i raffel im a n00b just joined PLS TELL ME!!!!!!
 hi kink kink are you doctor kinkolkinky??????????
 Hey! I got the trade offer you sent. Hope you had a nice day yesterday :>
 nice name bro lololol
 Ze red is becoming redder closing in on a bannu like red.
 ur dum jklovu
 Let me say this. The soup/noodles that you created look very tasty. (Teach me your ways, Master <3) Anyway, It looks delicious! Hopefully in the future, You will share your creative cooking mind with us. Perhaps I shall take the responsibility to create one that looks just like the food you created? I'd be more than happy to show you if that happened. ^_^
 I'm so jelly.
 klon donk klink klank :333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333xxxxxxxxxxx
 Are you the real Kinkel?
 Best Raffler ( That I can think of ). In this community. Keep up the great work :D
 Added you for the raffle, just a heads up.
 The best person on this site by far, maybe even steam.
 Absolutely. Why wouldn't you be anymore?
 l-ladies f-f-first...~
 kinky dinky winky tally up times swimmy killed u
 Not enough kinkel and marxman 1/10
 kink why kant u stop BULLYINKG me kink stap it
 give me your babies.
 kink a dink dink donkaroo
 *gulp* hai. :3
 i thought u B&, but i trickd mi.
 whats dis.
 Can i eat your sweater please?
 where are the babies? <3333
 The music video is awesome aswell! :)
 That's my Kinkel Binkel~
 The Avalanches reference?
 I'l kik yo ass up one way and down te other
 teach me your ways of bannu
 Is ok, I can make babies with my beloved.. If I had one now ;w;
 Kinkel is meanie
 Once you get banned no one will notice
 Oh don't worry, i will hug you so hard you will beg for more~
 In certain ways, yes. Well, kinda. Ish.
 Don't be fukin rood.
 Why are you the worst Yuru Yuri character? :v
 More rep than u lol goml #360'durmum
 Hi can I be mean to you >:3
 no fulu getla fo ita comila
 Kinkelstan stronk, would explode again.
 Kinkel, more like, iwannahugyousobadly >w<
 I want all hats please.
 n-noo ;w; dont leave me, take me with you..
 there is a place called the Kinkel Castle, is you gonna live there? :>
 God, your yt vids. You killed my sides.
 Well what does that mean
 Well what does that mean
 That boy needs therapy
 As long as you let me touch yours. ;>
 O-oh, okay Kinku-chan!
 I'll lick your face, Kinks~
 why is kinkel banne- oh
 kronk is kill
 Ahyes. What was a long time ago. Nice to see your sweet self again. I hope you have been doing great lately and I hope it stays great. I wish you a lot of good luck and a very special Christmas
 Ma-May I kiss you then?
 But that was magical, maybe I'm talking to the wrong person or you're just drunk now
 I d- I did in your sleep, last ni-last night
 illuminati/104thisisntanumber531531 Would Kiss again
 Kinky! >w<
 I like Hugger. *hugs you*
 Kinkel binkel Winkel Tinkel Pinkel Rinkel Stinkel Linkoln Minkle Ninkel Zinkel Vinkel
 There's my Kinkel Binkel~
 stop being banned
 shtap removing me you sillybutt, y you mean
 What the heck?
 Awws, chu too kind :'>
 kinkel likes to do the alphabet with me
 Oh boy, hyam!
 best custom rank name!
 wonderfuluser/10. also qt
 kinkel is oki
 Kinkel/10, would Kinkel.
 kuntkel. the king of cabbage
 Fruit/10, would eat.
 dammit you are still alive after couple of months....
 hai kinkel da qt *hugs (っ♥‿♥)っ*
 Red text? I thought u were banned :(
 Remove yourself, you're too kebab now for glorious raffleland
 You are forever kebab now
 Kinkel qt, but still a meanie.
 alahu akchbar ~ ~ ~ ~
 Kinkel krinkle pringle tinkel. Btw ur cool
 Kinkel is the qtest. Always.
 kinkel, a-am i qt?
 Hi Kinky~
 lies. And way to make me feel bad
 I am the real mean.
 maybe just the fact your comment section is huge?
 What is the nationality of an organic popscicle? 'Hint, its earthian'
 because I love you even if you dont love me, I will always love you
 r u b&?
 OGm ur BannED????2?"?'
 Are you banned?
 Your name is red with the blood of Bosnians.
 ketchup - also, cool song
 this coulour represents your rank. P.S: Stop being so fucking popular
 such color, nice!
 Nice new color Kinkel. You've done us all proud.
 QTQTQT GOT A NEW RANK. *hugs*~ :>
 and don't you forget it
 that means i'm the best
 hello i am magic who is me
 i don't know who you are
 bai parlple.
 Pinkel best~ ❤
 your a sillyhead and you deserve the rank you got V: :3
 Wow okay I see how it is
 much appreciated :3
 Never say never? You'll never be forgetting.
 and lemme give you a music lesson
 wank in the stank
 I will hit your ass if you know what I mean
 U wot m8
 Kinkel? More like Stinkel heue8eueueueueueeuueueeueueu
 I like to think I'm mildly intelligent, yeah
 kinkel is sillyhead, thats a compliment, now stap kinkel plz if you missed
 Eye patch must also be purple :3
 no your dumb
 bright purple D:
 You're in a comfy bed while I'm about to attend class I hate you :p
 You know I was talking about pubic hair right?
 I don't like pink hair. Too distracting.
 FUCK, you are pink
 whoa u r pink
 *slaps left hand* ;D so Silly~
 eye patches are pretty damn cute
 pssssst hey.....*poke* hehe c: *runs off*
 hmpf, then you should at least give me discount ; w;
 So i can eat you
 Yes you are~
 You'll do it senpai?! since when do you have a store?
 h-hold on! you c-can't poke me there :x
 H-hey! you can't just lick me and run off without me! *runs after kinkel*
 *pokes back*
 Kinkel has been spotted with Lafka holding hands in public, how Lewd.
 I-i'm fine with it
 Sure senpai you can lick me or something~ you have some weird interests :3
 This profile page is officially kebab-free, continue scrolling down without worrying <3
 No, you
 Why!? I even found diamonds!
 Caducas Exanimas Vita Ethos Anima
 Wear your marxman again
 I BOG JE SRBIN, I ON ĆE NAS ČUVATI! Stay strong comrade)
 *slaps senpai* what else would it be
 I address people who are older and greater than me with respectful titles, Kinkel-sama.
 I-i'm sorry again Kinkel-senpai *looks down*
 I'm sorry senpai, I haven't finished that story yet
 o-okay... *touches the butt* D:
 *gropey grope* 0w0
 i need the hat and smoke how much is cost to raffel
 Reggie Watts. Yes.
 Your Already Cool, no Worry! ;3
 Congrats, just saw you got yourself 2000 +rep! ^^
 haha toy story #only90skidswillgetthis
 Aww yiss.
 ~lick~ :>
 Big Black Spook
 -huggu- thanks!
 can I.. hug you '~'?
 as long as kinkel wants to blaze with me :3
 Nice nickname bro!
 F-Fine, be like that. ;w;
 W-Wow okay. After all of that time we spent together, you still think that I don't love you? No matter how many times I say it, my opinion won't ever change, k? You're dabes.~ ♥
 I never said that. Meanie.
 whats it like being fake? must be a unique experience.
 G-G-Go away? Y-You don't want me anymore... ;w;
 hello how are you today
 Youre totally not fat :3 I guarantee that.
 You're the best.~ ♥
 M-me? *runs away from Kinkel*
 Y-you're not going to take my soul...right?
 That's the face of you sucking out my very soul.
 You fug reaper behind my back don't you? You slut.
 I-I'm orange now, to make my r-rank the same as yours b-because your qt orange.
 why? accept my friend request i want to know oyou better
 Am I-I kawaii enought for yooou..? eeek..
 I like suprises, and I like youuuu~ :3
 I miss you,can I have some of your orangeness?
 you are an thing because I said so
 Rip leet, i'll miss it
 poke poke you're cute
 You can have my butt~
 if i play it will you love me? ;~;
 Give me five, if you do, then you will get a green marxman.
 Oh, man. Top-love plays by kinkel ;)
 And what if SWORD is made of STEEL?
 Just embracing the moment when the qt overlord has the same rep as me again. ♥
 -5/10 new avatar and new color.
 -9/10 avatar and namecolour
 y-your avatar is so k-k-k-kawaii!!~
 no u
 no more cyan Dx
 get sidepic plz
 n-no..... y-y-you a-are!!
 i dont have photoshop... i had it before on my old cumputer but it wouldnt crossover...
 kinkel me...plz.. i must have more kinkel!
 *licks Kinkel* I don't have any second intention, don't mind me.
 Yes. Just yes. Marxman is in our bodies, in our hearts, in our brain, and in our genitals.
 I got so used to seeing her with the marxman >.<
 -10/10 would not marxman again. wait i dont know halp.
 Obvous skam, not using marxman. 0.1/10. r3p0rt3d.
 It will never be forgotten.
 no you're not,I think.
 best kinkel ever
 Rip marxman, never forget, now your just troll face.
 "Image must be a .JPG or .PNG" Goddammit steam
 Make my avatar a Kinkel
 who r u an y r u face
 rude ;_____;
  Pls no dedŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠŠ‡†…†‡†…†‚‚ƒ„ƒ„ƒ„ƒ„œœœœœœœœ                              
 >implying i didn't invite you to blaze with me
 kinkel dabes 4 days
 Really nice guy! really nice guy!!
 never4get marxmen green yolo 1337 swog
 Horrible corpse -1/10
 Yep, all for you~ <3
 +erp, gives good massages~
 *cuddles* ♥♥ I DID IT! LOVE ME NOW PLSSS ;___ ;
 You make me hard like a brick. just for you
 le gib marxman on le het creft i dont know what im tryping pls help, gib unusuals & begingngng ty, bai. sweg animu gurl kawai swag
 kinkel is my best friend, r-right?
 Kinkel dabes. besfriends 98415ever.~
 I am mildly intrigued.
 >put pink marxman on something #Swag
 your like a virus!! stop making these before it spreads outside of tf2r!!
 Some sexy person made it.
 Get gud ecks dee so funny. :-DDDD
 Kinkel a dumbest with his sexy pink disguises. :>
 My name is nobody, and now i comment.
 You're not silly, you're cool.
 I'd rather smoke weed.
 11/10 worst boardgame player
 Appreciate that. But seriously, your current avatar might get you in trouble nowadays.
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