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 realy I need that kind of money plz I need some
 what is going on here
 last shitpost comment of 2015
 Januzuzu is my love
 alaaaaaaaaaa akabarrrrrrrrr! bummmmmm
 familiar face 0_0 <3
 гы гы гы как смещно
 Безумие Воу воу
 omg a key i would really want that
 Thanks for the raffle! You made my day!
 Danke Janu, I've missed ya :>
 Well, it was my fault in the first place, so I'm not really surprised.
 Do you still hate me or something :V
 dr.dumkopf vreks. never4get
 You just don't appreciate being FABULOUS.
 Happy Birthday
 Happy birthday and thanks for the most generous raffu i've ever seen.
 one of teh best raffler happy bday
 Happy B'day. :3
 it says im in yr raffle.. but Im not... and I cant leave and re-join.. what should I DO?
 .llarevo nosrep looc A
 A cool person overall.
 хочу хочуууууууууууууууууууууууууууууууууууууууууу
 Why you did that? I will have taught the picture instead
 ?ut ood amik ulaf oojooj babeK
 Kebab joojoo falu kima doo tu?
 how wile win will it be me
 This guy................... Nsfw and here
 that wasn't my link
 merry chirstmas
 I am not kebab Janu what are you talking about
 Wow such green.
 Dis profile pic. Why :C
 I really can't get used to that profile picture ;_; please change back to the old one D:
 And who said i deny it?
 >being mad at blaze. zizi what are you doing.
 y-you went mad at me ;-;
 ばか :,(
 Gomenasai, are you mad at me? ;W;
 stahp it janu, you're scandinavian :V
  you're rude D: shhhhhhhhh bones
 janu iz ghey >.<
 I want you inside me
 You're hurting my sides too much today, Zuzi This spooks me more than those bones.
 #WHoah #wow Such spook #wow
 janu thanks for that songlist.. i've been listening 3 hours now~
 your not mad at me for some reason... are you?
 dance with me Jan! Youre swag will heal my open wounds...
 >Randomly searching tf2 sprays, this happens.
 You are a overlord now
 This orange is good, old orange was bad.
 Welcome to the orange peach club.
 you are my new favorite man alive
 RIP Phone battery.
 I doubt it's Swedish
 öwrassa dsajssd nneeekeriiiii
 theretz davai krahnem srver a to oni zaebali
 U suck Ass?
 people spell Sweden "Swedin"
 Have a comment.
 Oh Fiddlesticks.
 May i join in?
 Best swede out here
 This is pretty nice. And RIP comments.
 RIP comments.
 no you don't, and you know that~
 2 Janu 4 me.
 A bed person overall :^)
 A cool person overall.
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