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 Why did you bother sending me the trade offer for me? ;)I was going to ask you it anyways. Still thanks for the metals.
 I really need it give it to me
 Hm i havent ref i gibus)
 Give me this plz <3
 I Don't have any scrap ;(
 give me monay beach
 give my your monay
 Ach, I get that feeling all the time, especially feeling dumb about it. Hopefully, we'll get a better grasp on things as we mature and learn more through experiences and the like.
 Hey dude, could you please unblock me ?
 Por favor Los necesito :c
 give give give please please please
 the end the begining of a new ea sports
 fuq dis mudafuka
 Yeah, I suppose so; I'm probably just worrying too much. Although, if you want to talk more about it, please don't hesitate to do so. I don't mind adds on Steam if you're interested, but hey, you do what you want. Again, I hope the best for you!
 Hey, that's a big step you're taking with using Meetup and joining groups, good for you! Hopefully you do end up going to some of those events; I suppose one never knows the outcome if they never try, and the worst that can happen is that you're back where you are now in terms of relationships. Thank you for the well wishing, it means a lot to me :) I need to think about how I'll reach out to others myself; there's a fair amount of "clubs" but using my time to go to them means taking away time from the few current friends; all part of the struggle. I also wish the best for you with your classes, and of course in your search. (Btw sorry for the comment spamming.)
 I can only imagine what it's like to see your friends (presumably) everyday, for years, only to have the relationships dip as a direct result. And yet, I constantly fear that something similar might happen if I try to connect with more people beyond "small talk" (that is: relationships spark, go well for a bit, then die off like nothing happened. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something you said, in which case I apologize). Possibly it's just my anxiety talking, but even so it's daily an arduous struggle. Hopefully there is a way out for both of us.
 Ah, that sounds all too familiar. I lost most of my initial friends between high school and college; it was very hard to deal (long-story-short lots of self-loathing and anxiety). Now I'm just trying to hold onto the few that I still have :/ I hope one day you find someone that really connects with you.
 Hey, trade with me for the item that I won at
 Rerhyrdgyrfhgfh fdvhgdfbhg tdbjgdf jycbnfc hgcb
 I'm very glad to hear that; I don't want to force you to do anything, but if you feel like talking about something, I'm here. I hope things continue to get better for you.
 I hope I'm not bothering you by asking: How are you?
 I don't have anything against your raffles nor you personaly. It was just my first reaction when I saw that picture. Sorry if I made anyone feel bad while doing so.
 Please know you're always welcome here, and I doubt many members of the community minded your later raffles, at least I didn't. It helps to talk about your problems instead of bottle them up. Hopefully you're doing alright, and I'll always consider you a friend even if I'm terrible at keeping in touch.
 hello are you alive? come backkkk
 hola soy de venezuela
 I'd say, this is my first time on the site. Wish me luck!
 аааааа ааа
 Hmmm it actually does make sense...
 probably not first... ʅ(°ヮ°)ʃ
 I have never opened a single crate in my whole career it would be the best i|= i win this. i have always wondered what its like to open a crate
 never opened a crate please can i win Thank you. You are the BEST
 awesome :D I SHALL WIN THIS ONE! xd
 i wish you the best, my friend
 yo you are amazing to give this raffle away
 To all who are lost! Click the right hand side name that is gray! Not the username!
 Hi im new and im a f2p so if u want to gift it to me then will be very thankful :)
 If i get one i will never be f2p
 I'll teach you how to eat a chicken nugget :3
 LETS DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but how do I enter
 I wants some keys.
 i can use some keys thanks
 Pls give it.You are nice
 Plz i am just trying to get a key for like 2 months if you give it to me i`ll be the happiest man alive
 can i pls win im new hear and i cant aford steam muns
 eu nao cei como usa isso
 please give it to me , it all
 Can i have a key ?
 such a sexy raffle
 hello im a new player i want it if u give me that thxs
 I need key cause I want every f2p on the world(I see) to be p2p.I know it possible but you wrong,not thing is impossible if we work together.
 Pls pls give me the key.I very very very need key. Add me cause I want to have more friend and I really don't want remove anyone in my friend list cause am f2p and f2p need friend
 Pls give me it, I was lose 5 key cause of that has stole my bp.And he will never give back to me.All my key is I make for a skin rocket with price 1.33 ref I make 5 key from that and now I lose all,pls give me it
 можно ключик плиз
 Pls put raffle with a trash skinned scatter gun pls
 Can i have it? please D:
 can i have it? please? . . . (i need key)
 it's very good raffle
 privet kak dela? :D
 If you want you can :D
 есть русские
 I wasn't frustrated, I was just a bit confused
 I love anime....oh yeah, and keys.
 Is that time deliberate? Thats a really long time for a raffle
 what a nice raffle
 Thank YouTube Thank you ít very nice
 nice anime and very cute hope you have a great day and u are so rich!
 WHY SO MANY KEYS! Good luck to all of you, also, why are you so generous! :P
 i take it i take it also i need key to open one of my box plz i take it also i need a key to open one of my box plz
 Im felling good Lelelelelel good luck all :D to take the prize?
 do not (• ε •)
 1616161616161616 to take the prize?
 нет я тоже русский
 hi evereone im gewp :D
 Thanc you! i happynes!
 я один русский?
 Challenge accepted as Genji, fite me
 What are you waiting for ? ;(
 Nice shades of grey.
 Soon ?
 cool raffle mates!!!!!!
 Are you going back soon ?
 "Good riddance" ? :O
 Dayum. Wish you were living nearby so I could do something funny with you :I I don't know anything against depression, really. How does it even work ?
 I shouldn't be easily hurt since I know you a bit and even if it happens I will forgive you after honking the shit out of you ofc (´・ω・`) Cant wait to talk with you again, but be sure to take your time <3
 I tried to replace depression with hatred, since it worked perfectly with a friend of mine a few months ago. Apparently it didn't work with you, also pardon my french if I don't get everything you said on my profile, but from what I read you knew it would be bad to talk with me, but you still did it and now you regret it and want to pause, so you removed me temporarly. About that empathy and sympathy thing I don't think I'm either the bear or the deer but a steamroller, appearing at the end to crush everything especially those grey little fuckers above the heads
 Now you know how old I am :O, and still Im the coolest "kid" you will ever find on the internet :D
 Hi, thnx for the reffle I sent a trade offer,accept it whenever u can.Have a nice one :)
 nothing to say here
 Nice raffle man!
 About earlier I'm sorry I reported you, the fact that there was no winner made me think it was fake. Sorry
 About what happend earlier, I'm sorry for calling it false. I shouldn't have acted immediately without knowing enough claiming it was false. Someone else called you false too in the comments before me and i asked a friend who was quite active(more then me) on this website and told me that you could see if a raffle was valse if you couldn't see the winner(which is not true hearing this from you) as i said i apologize for claiming that your raffle was false while you were being nice for raffling a key!
 Hi, this is my first time using this website for items, so... lets give it a try.. (hope i win!!)
 Thanks for the raffle. All the best for you!
 Best raffle-side pic ever Kirino/10 PS : She asked him to go out with her omfg this is getting better and better !
 can I have some object ?
 Dammit my friend, I just noticed your raffle, and I can't speak much about it since I don't know that, but if you ever need to talk send me a message on steam or here, whenever I am connected and I will give you some of my time. Good luck and stuff !
 Yeah people call me a degenerate :/ But I dont care I live my passion \(°A°)/
 Thanks for the compassion now I'm back from the dead
 Woaw thank you very much for improving my anime list that much ! I love you. I never heard about Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!, Ro-Kyu-Bu!, Kirino Mosaic, Yuru Yuri and Nichijou before. I had a friend who was totally into Love Live (and yuri lol), but I wasn't intelligent enough to watch anime back then. I heard about Lucky(star)Star before, but only through references and gifs. I am currently watching NGNL (Shiro is top tier). About NNB, I spent a shitload of time on and, and I also listened to Dr. Nyanpasu and other 10 hours remixes for days. So that's it, thank you very much once again, you have all my respect and stuff !
 pls I noob TF2 pls give me lolicon animes
 if you have a cr account I can give you my guest passes. pm me on cr if your interested.
 Just use addons to download from sites that don't let you normally. video downloadhelper is very good for firefox
 when will i get my items?
 Want to see something 3spoopy5me?
 Great and constant raffles
 Hallo Hello Friend
 Wow cool give away
 wow I've never seen people who give metal
 I am Not Deadsky, the Not-est of them all. So NOT deadsky that I may even be livesky. Wait, i think my head is exploding
 you'll get into it soon enough
 Your hidden fake raffle was the vessel for my love and affection, thank you ( ˘ ³˘)♥
 How do I overcome awpers though? It seems as if they can hit me whether they're far away sniping or next to me quickscopes. I usually deal damage but not enough to kill them, but more likely than not die in a shot. Even if I know they're there but most of the chokepoints are guarded (by awpers). And my sniping skills are horrible. This is worse considering I played CS GO for almost a year already (ok I did take a break for quite a few months, but I have seem to gotten worse).
 oh really? hit me up with some slice of life c:
 Hey about the thing you said about my posters... my computer doesnt let me get ambient oclusion nor depth of field (if i use them i get 4 fps :c) and about everything else i would like to thank you for your advices, i will try to add you and see if you can help me with SFM. :D
 Yeah I just couldn't see myself paying that much, hope it works well for you.
 I saw that when trying to buy one myself but didn't want to spend that much, what did you pay?
 The Pip-boy! That is a GREAT Cosmetic! I seriously NEED this for my Engineer loadout!
 very very very very nive
 IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!! So much green internet points XD
 I wrote on super long comment and then I had a 3 mins cool down because I commented on someone else's profile, To sum it up, He's the only unusual pricer I know, but he doesn't usually do it in greed or to spite someone else unlike those well known traders I know (I'm looking at you PEASANT and Bone) Just avoid dealing in 3rd gens, because they're known to fall. It's bound to happen ;-;
 How's it going m8?
 (Dangit, just realized i sounded a bit like an attentionwhore :P) Anyways, you know what I mean, couldnt really help you much cause Im kinda having the same situation now. Anyways good luck (again)
 I am having same problems too... mood swings all the time.. ah well, lets forget it. Best of luck in your life
 Heh, my thoughts exactly.
 Well my start worked I think. I am almost a 100% positive I got into every single one of the raffles and left a comment on each one.
 no one actually did :)
 excellent choice if you consider that i used to have it
 i think i saw what you did there in "I'm Back (Updates/Bday) " but i can't crack it soo many capitals... you think you can hint something?
 that avatar is awesome
 In my opinion, +reps are a bit pointless since of how people can usually remove them (not on this site luckly besides the Tf2r comment wipeout everywhere) and there are people with lots of pages of rep that ignore others and are not exactly a good person. Thank you either way for the thought and taking your time to write that on my profile, it is a nice conversation indeed on the raffle.
  i love you. i'm broke
 I feel like you pay attention to me a lot.
 Lol you no like my beautiful crates? all 500+?
 Of course, of course. The main thing to be with unusual trading is patient. I assume you're trying to trade up to eventually cash out and buy a bunch of things? If so, then good luck.
 True dat, but I will hopefully win your raffles again someday. >:3
 Pootis Pootis Pootis
 Oh wow!, it looks waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than I was expecting but Imsurrpised you decided to took it as a directrequest :o, I suggest that as an idea cause I like Engineer and you were looking for ideas :). This looks SICK!.
 Could you please accept
 Todays i have won, wheres my item? ??
 I'm sorry, I did not have a good Internet in the last five days, so I could not miss what that event
 guess that counts as effort, but some people don't check tf2r regularly.
 Could you accept my trade offer please?
 his trades are good and they give me free medal:)
 *shrugs* Sure, why not.
 I'm not trying to say that what you did is wrong in any way, but this just sounded pretty suspicious to me, and I was trying to state that this guy's behaviour was foolish. If someone has life problems, they don't go on the internet and say to everyone that they want to "suicide" by changing their nicknames repeatedly. Although you may have helped him, but I really doubt he would've done such a thing as... you know. Have a nice day
 Well, the thing is that my desk that I put my laptop on is directly in front of the door so as soon as someone walks in they can instantly see my screen sooo. How I've not gotten caught yet I don't know xD
 Oh you green now. Didn't notice, nice. XD
 But but... Elsa..
 (since when do messages need to be 16 letters instead of 6)>_>
 im not sure what to think about that picture.....
 I like my juice extra spicy ;)
 Nice Raffle !!!!!! + Rep.
 Ok. I'll be waiting for you.
 Hi, J win in your raffles ( When I pick up the prize? (I use the google translate)
 That could mean 5 people solved it the way you did, but that doesn't really help if there are 2+ ways to solve it :/
 You're the best picture editor evah
 That's really cool. Have fun there in Germany c:
 Whoa you are going to Germany? Awesome! Enjoy your plane trip and honestly I'd love to know what you are gonna do there :o
 You got it. Joined :D
 you don't need to know me. welcome back c:
 tanks for the green comment! ^___^ For a brief moment it was very exciting and then I read it. X'3
 (Answering your Tour of duty question) You need at least 3 ticketds to complete a tour to get a Gold/Diamond botkiller (Mecha engine, and the Expert one). In one advanced tour you need 6 tickets, while the new one you need 4. The intermediate one you'll need 6 tickets to complete, but it is a good starting point for begginners. However, one ticket will allow you to complete one mission. The ticket will only be consumed IF you complete the mission. You don't need all the tickets at once, unless you want to complete all of the missions to finish a tour. If you have any other questions about MvM you can ask me, or if you need clarification.
 Nice dudar! Thanks!
 Stalking u forever ♥
 Thanks a lot man,really helped me,good luck with the skewl and with raffles
 Hey do you know how can I join piss-name club? ;D
 The best friend in this site, is very friendly, understandable and wise, just thanks! :3
 I'll give you a key for ur 3ds code :3 Add me if you want
 Great and constant raffles, got pissed on before we even noticed :D
 i can tell u bout life if we become buddies:)
 lawl that's true :D
 you will not find my life MUAHAAHAHa
 Oh but i will and it will be...Shocking :3
 Such propaganda, embrace Domeocracy or you will find yourself forever lost on Victory Road
 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
 I'm not giving any personal advice.
 I already like you
 Happy Birthday!!! <3
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