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 Penis Cupacake. Penis Cupacke indeed.
 Can you give me a link to your sidepic? :D
 y u ignore me :sadface:
 *touches the paw in the picture*
 They say you rock with engineer. Can we play sometime? :D
 i really like your avatar xeno ;3
 Merry Christmas to you :)
 Added you in steam,i just completed the first missions, I played like a hour.
 Как участвовать
 I will be looking for 5 $ :) , i have no problems going first btw
 zeni blad sniipoer profeshnal!!1 12 :Dd
 :o :O :D
 you're cool
 yeyeyeyeye hi ze noe balde
 plz release the game about crets
 No way that's true <3 u2cool4jew
 blue a die.
 Who m i? im gay
 The question is who are you... woah 25k rep !!!
 u r loved
 dunno i heard i was a phagot
 too bad, so sad. rip in peace little ones >' . '<
 Ha I love your new name and pic
 So I won Schrödinger's kittens, now I don't know if I should open the box :c
 w8 der m8 u h8 w8ing?
 Where is you picture?
 Still owing me a cookie fagit >:c
 I maek u populah <3
 i must feed the almighty xeno
 giving comment
 i lost all my profile comments RIP
 lol ur such a scrib u shud goml ogm
 Who said cookies D:
 I can't see this guy's name -/+ rep
 This guy is awesome. 10/10 would revive anyday on online board games.
 i'm everyone's best friend. i'm just reaper's best friend 98415ever.
 This guy ruined my life -rep.
 Im a jerk.
 i found a cookie, here :з *gives You a cookie*
 User-Friendly Positive Comment.
 This is a Comment in Green m8
 Who dis guy be commentin on my page :^)
 you're just mad that i killed 9 people jeez
 10/10 fagit, doesn't give me a cookie ♥
 huge faget 0/10 would play boardgame online with again
 This is a comment for you :P
 Pretty cool guy
 It was an honour, thanks for your deeds, good sir.
 best cheater at board games <3
 This is a comment.
 Sir Xenoblade is a great guy, and you should love him with everything you've got.
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