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 not sure
 Hopes and dreams
 Yes, but thanks anyway!
 what the fuck was wrong with us back then, just look at this feedback history
 ohhhhhhhhh didn't recognize you there spike.
 for some reason I don't remember that.
 Well now I'm the only purple one, hehe.
 Congrats on getting my comments removed, dumbass. Here's one back. :D What, am I not special enough for you because I decided to be purple?
 nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh
 Too bad, you shall be terminated.
 cuz, y'know, proteins
 v I want to spam a persons profile too
 Happy Birthday you silly, strange little man. :3
 haha you just dont want me to pass you right? :PP but i wont stop ^^
 more like crapton shmull
 The Joker actually suits you quite well.
 The joke's on you.
 Best (and only) Brother ever. Fact.
 the highly respected maggots
 Of course you can.
 I know you just joke, but I couldnt help it and answer; we all know all classes are usefull in TF2, only the circunstances, teams perfomances, enemy team and what your team is using what decides wich class/style is needed for success.
 Engi is for real mans who like to play support for defense or offense and also is teh only job no one likes to play on offense but is neccesary to give the team a push and to stand a ground near the next point.
 Well, thanks for your yellow-ish appearance then.
 aww yiss.
 Your picture···It's from some old cratoon that I don't remember?
 Why? why must you like it?
 That could be taken as a spiteful insult or an unfunny joke about my rank. I'm going to assume the latter.
 Congrats you butt, you made it to 2014.
 And then we ended up having a neat chat when he won my raffle
 Of course I am
 No. You're not my bf.
 I'm always drunk. You did not kiss me. Nobody gets to kiss me unless I say so, got it?
 No you didn't, get away from me you creep.
 That would be implying you've kissed me.
 Not being mainstream *13
 You're the cats whiskers. :>
 have this red notification. hah tricked you it's green
 Skull more like amazing pls stop being so amazing. :3
 no stop
 nope eyes are hot
 no you
 Maybe next time, space cowboy
 Nope. You definitely weren't the first or last person to greet me with a "captialism, ho ho ho!" before I changed it. I could count like over 5 others.
 oh please.
 Why would you do this to me? ;n;
 Not sure if serious, either way yeah I am! :3 heh
 yeah no, you can have this back. *Hands back heart*
 Hello hi nice avatar *runs*
 eat shit faggot fuck
 I'm already using my original username and a Mordecai picture. Does that still not please people?
 d'aw... thanks! You're too nice :3
 Thanks mate, It's a spookified version of an avatar made by Milky coffee. The spookifier is Doggeh (Spooky Doggeh until Halloween passes, I'm sure) The original is my usual marauder and veil, but I felt it needed something for the season and Doggeh was, thankfully, willing to help.
 Well, since you gave me a purple, have a song, that fits my name.
 ~Too bad that I belong to someone else~
 Oh, no, that wasn't a goodbye raffle. More of a reason as to why I don't raffle as much as I used to. Thanks for caring though
 No, sorry, my orangeness is for me only.
 Captain, please explain the recent upsprings of purple around TF2R xD
 When did you turn purple? :o
 Because I'm a huge douchebag.
 Somebody on my friendlist had it as an avatar not too long ago, so I stole it when they changed it to something else.
 it's a risk i'm willing to take (until I get lazy or forget)
 oke here
 inb4 purple raffle 8)
 I believe it's called a cat.
 Shhh. Don't spread rumors ;)
 Dat make sense. Okay kill me :)
 I just wanted to be popular.
 swag swag swagswag
 All avatars got reset during that whole Adsense business. Some people just never relogged yet.
 shhhh it's a secret
 only the ones with a blue team captain are one of me.
 Thanks, you're a qt <3
 Eh. It's starting out pretty easy right now, I've got a lot of free time and I'm meeting new people! It's shaping up to be pretty good!
 You're looking Hawt, also.
 I miss having a red name.
 It has to be done, but thanks for warm words :)
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