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 aaaa? Yarrawr plz
 moomoo (16 char) goddamn it yar
 Thanks, and you're welcome! (It's kind of awkward to say those two things in one sentence)
 Wow, not even a 3 dollar meal? Yarrbby, where'd your piles of money go
 RIP unhealthy, hello ?????
 Yarrbby. Where the McDs at
 Such a nice avatar! <3 Have a green +
 umm i raffled detonator, degreaser and sharpened pice of volcano and the turned into random items :P so can you do something about it?
 Should've done it earlier but you go
 Hello there. So here's a question for you: should I still give the prize to the one who won my raffle but then being banned next day?
 --CGA--[A]Fizzy took my toying with him very well, and I respect him a lot for it. I actually consider him a friend now. What I did may seem immature to you, but it was the best way I know of to find the kind of people I like.
 Mod thanking me? This was a good day.
 yarsteakrawr whyis16charlimitathing
 I Didnt Ask For Rep. I Just Said: "If I Get"
 Please notice me senpai.
 Hello, I have a strange problem where a player named Mike won my raffle, the soldier shoe misc one which you commented on and the problem seems to be him not having been on Steam for over 150 days. I need help on this one
 You should tell Reag or Miz to make the users with 150 backpack slots not being able to raffle, like they did with F2P with 50 slots. That will save a lot of time hunting down raffles.
 sorry about the asking thing i did not know will not happen agian
 Yeah, thanks for closing my raffle. :D
 bu-but... I want pizza :c
 make me a pizza pls
 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
 wut that is madness just go to filters and block this website i lub you @Dojo
 Hey yarr, can you do me a favor and ban me for a week or two cause im not really wanted on this site right now... Thanks..
 You are one bonified badass.
 the background on your steam profile looks awesome, what is it?
 No you stop pretty face McGee
 No your eyes are prettier then my eyes
 Dawwwwwwwww thank you even if you just lied
 Your avatar is beautiful, just stunning.
 Nice pic yarrawr, she lucky =3
 hihi moderator, thanks for making that tiny notification on my raffle
 I'd like you to be the first to check on that:
 You closed my raffle and said i spammed it? That raffles was a couple hours afterwards. Those shoudnt have been closed.
 yarrawr I'll be closing this raffle. Feel free to remake the raffle with the rules in mind. // is it too difficult to write what exactly i was wrong in?
 One of my faves
 Saw you joins my raffel just wanted to say hia
 waz 1+1 :/
 if you delete this comment you owe me and kick two dollars.
 Thanks yarrawr. :)
 hhh thanks nug <3
 +rep helped me with my math homework with no problem
 thanks for closing the raffle
 Look what I found :) Stop rigging raffles >:D
 Needs more green
 you make my body-tempature rise
 hi I'm from Russia so sorry for the translation. I won but did not get the prize. #woah what a leecher. go make a raffle scrub
 You became 0/0 :o
 no :|
 Yay thanks a bunch! Pretty sure you've heard that one as well, but who knows:
 I don't know if you like Korean Pop but I love it, I would recommend either Black Pearl by EXO or What's Happening by B1A4
 I'm glad you like the song ^^ Thx for the feedback!
 Thanks! Glad you liked it
 Sorry For That Advertising Raffle, didnt know... Sorry Again
 Since you liked my song suggestion, i figured i'd leave my playlist here: <-- LOLZ , anyway, its a mix of dubstep & drum and bass, so you might have to pick out the dnB songs.
 All your "happy birthday" messages are gone... So I'm giving you a new one.. Who cares, there are no timestamps. Happy birthday again. :p
 Hi Ray.             
 You are good people, once again.
 omg first!!!!11!!
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