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 hey chris, you're raffles are shit
 It's mothers' day.
 Thank you again! ^-^ I hope you've been doing well, and hopefully you have a merry Christmas
 Oh shit, you're still not dead. :O Congrats on being alive!
 Cool hat I love it :3
 that hat is so awesome!
 beeep beeep. I am noob
 I would love a hat because I just started the game plan give
 я хочу анъюжилку
 where's my three-rune blade?
 luv u 2 bby    
 I can tell for a while, this guy is too Awesome and Deserves more! Keep being awesome man! :3
 why is the join button not appear........
 I only gave 924 more rep, I've failed
 Man, you still hang around TF2R? You have been giving stuff away for ages. You are like a TF2 Santa Claus.
 This raffle is so cool wish i could win this :P
 Man,you are one of the best rafflers I know! I didn't win anything,but thank you very much for awesome raffles! :D
 Did not have a chance to thank you for the raffle, I am so glad that I have won an unusual! HAPPY CHRISTMAS! One more time THANK YOU SO MUCH!
 How do you enter?
 AGHHHH gaben please give us luck good luck everyone. HAHAHAHA ORGASM xD
 The most generous guy on TF2?
 -rep. Too many Unusual Raffles, need more crates.
 oh lel i need some of these mlg hats with effectos
 c; yay c; yaay c; ayay c; yay c; yay c;
 i know im not going to win but why not XD
 I still have the smoking Gym rat you gifted me the other day :)> What a gentleman! Merry christmas toyou
 I remember winning my first unusual from you a long time ago, and you keep on giving unu's away, thanks and merry xmas C:
 There's no way I'll win, but I'll give a shot. And Happy XMAS
 your kidding right?!?!?! oh my god xD i will cut my dick off if i win xD but 9/10 i wont lord have murcy
 Great raffles! Best raffle 2014
 how do i enter the raffle?
 Bless your heart good sir.
 Your profile picture describes you perfectly
 the enter button dosent come up under comments and neither do parcipitants
 couldnt enter now upset
 how do I enter?
 I try. Does not go well.
 What is ur secret to making profit on this game? You must do it so well
 Hi there hehehehehehehe
 -rep mean guy he bullied me in 2nd grade :(
 or give me something
 gift me something ^.^
 oh hey its box himself!
 Чуваки умоляю дайте маки !!!!
 pls i have nothing im broke pls
 I wish I could hug you irl, please come to my base for hugs. :)))
 please give me the ear buds i wish
 sure, has disappeared.
 wow you don't have the three rune blade i gave you. fag.
 Idk how so many people could be so oblivious :P
 You make so many Awesome raffles, you deserve a positive comment.
 class new refless
 Thanks for the chance. Good 2012 times, <3
 You'z da boss! Tankz fa da raffle.
 Biggest rep on TF2r? :D
 I accidentally checked the delivered box, I'm going to add you on steam for delivery.
 Thank you so much for the Unusual raffle, extremely generous of you!
 The best at koth_trainsawlaser. Would send rusty blades to again.
 I'm not acting like an "interweb know it all" all i'm saying is that winners should be allowed to add the people who made the raffle, after all it is the rules, I wasn't trying to act clever, I wasn't trying to insult you, your raffle, or your raffle items.
 If the winner adds you before you add them you could always check, I always do, then when if you find out the winner has already added you, it's just a case of accepting then sending a trade offer, no need to be so cocky :)
 0/10 would not bruins again
 rare!!! greate job
 Dem 3 negs for best raffles around here
 NORGE #1      
 Your one kind raffler.
 Go bruins Game 7 is ours for sure >:)
 xD thanks
 bruins are going all the way this year >:3
 Wow... unusual stuff :O Hope I win
 stop being good at trading and affording to raffle unusuals. :<
 Nice Bills raffle. Silly Wealthy Nobleman.
 Ayyy, Pizza Rolls!
 Hi :¬) pls be winner
 wher da goodys @?
 *showers in chocolates*
 Nice unusual :P ;3
 c             ....................          hris
 2cool4school, obviously too rich for anyone to handle.
 Hey, do you want this:,1897627178,989,6 back? If you dont I'll probably just raffle it.
 uwot? obviously fake pls bannu
 you so wealthy :o
 i gibe U feedbac iz good
 I shall not gib u itemz!
 noh, I wil not gibs you itmez
 You better hand over teh itums to ma.
 can i haz items plz?
 I was brought here because it says you will give MUH items.
 That was the best ad i've ever seen
 I was brought here to give you items.
 if youve got the cheddar for an ad on google, youve got the cheddar to buy items lol
 Best banner NA, 10/10 would click again
 saw your advert....jeez....throwing your money around on quality advertising, so wasteful, haha :D
 Gibe itumz 2 meh 10/10 ad the texture and colour really does it for me and the writing omg amazin
 Gibe itumz 2 meh
 sun. You no gettin itumz.
 gib me sum items and i gib sum items tu yu
 Give items to him, please. We need him on the show :(
 my god... that advertisement xD (hats off to you)
 I would need some fine items because I'm a cool guy and I'm trusted around here.
 Gibe itumz 2 meh ^^
 Gibe items 2 meh instead. >:3
 why did the add bring me here lol
 Did you really just spend money to make an ad on this site to ask people to give you their items? Good idea :3
 Did you really do that? XD
 Begging? Bannu bannu!! :D
 What the???? Gibe itumz 2 meh :)?
 no gibe itumz 2 meh!!
 Gibe itumz 2 meh :)
 I a'm banana , babeh :3
 I just have read comments, so you know it :) ~
 do you know that on TF2R is add with text "Gibe itumz 2 meh :)" and it is providing to your profile, don't you? Btw, thanks for all raffles and being nice :)
 NO ITEMZ 4 U! >X(
 GIB ITEMZ :(((((((((
 "Gibe itemz to mu :)" Brilliant mate.
 Confirmed Jew repurted 2 Asusgaymer
 I give u itums if u give me too
 no, gibe meh items for much wow
 no, u gibe me aitems
 That ad is fuckin great xD
 love the wierd ad
 wut Wut. This ad.
 I clik one advetumine and I got virus, plz herlp, compoter dunt werk anywerk
 i wunt giv u itms, sry
 me cant giv u items :(
 youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu are supposed to be a raffle for loyal ad watchers!
 using loopholes to beg for items. pro strats 2014
 wow you made me click that ad you monster
 me no gib stoof 2 u
 suk me deek
 That ad is dabes
 git a job, ye bum
 gib ietm 2 u? NOH! >:O
 go gamble som more on dogeking
 really interesting adds here ;) lol
 dat advert 10/10
 Spreading the wealth to masses. Iz gud.
 Dat advert 10/10 would see again
 Bad adds, bad waffles. NAWT GUD >:C
 Best advertisement I have seen so far
 Best raffler on this site. #BanBurd
 Congrats on 57k Max!
 happy birthday:)
 your backpack turns me on like female counterparts turn me on
 Nice raffle :D Unusual's are quite alot of money to be giving away o_o
 Thanks for the help and the concern cgreen, you dabes
 16 unusual raffles... That "I've" seen XD
 Thank you, this is awesome :)
 Nice raffle, you are awesome!
 дай мне плиз give me please
 Really Awsome Guy
 Great guy, raffles tons of great things
 Nice raffle dude !
 rip me
 One can only describe this man as awesome.
 thanks for the raffle!
 jeeze, why do you just give away hundreds of dollars of unusuals to us leeches?
 good luck to everyone. especially me! :D
 holy crap... 0.0 the angles DO sing!
 merry xmas you awesome motha fucka
 Thank you for the amazing raffles! :D You're so kind.
 all hail lord burd
 Reported for killing me in 2fort.
 Yeah thanks for the great raffles
 Awesome raffle dude!
 Thanks for your awesome raffles c:
 oh shet sorry for the spam,my internet lagged so hard
 I hadn't seen your status change. Wealthy nobleman seems pretty accurate. Have a nice day, fellow gentleman.
 Thank you for the amazing raffles!
 Thank you for the amazing raffles!
 Thank you for the amazing raffles!
 Nice new rank
 so max, much awesome, so wealth, much wow
 Awesome pictue, Awesome name, Awesome raffles, Awesome awesome <3
 Your picture is awesome.
 Wow soo cool and nice picture! Awesome!
 your curent rank needs to be - out of space :o
 Nice unusual i like it
 the best colour on the site. Bar fucking none. Keep on trucking, dude.
 Awesome Raffles!
 hello i looked through your bacpack and was wondering if you were selling that dont starve background for a profile. if so i would like to buy it :P
 So bright.. My eyes..
 that colour....perfect....and what a suited title :)
 Finally a custom rank :)
 Are you a moderator? :O
 You're awesome man! Never 5get :^)
 Very nice Pink :D
 Now ya look like a big cotton candy. Nom
 Ew neon pink go back to the master race.
 :o sweet, sweet pink
 so cool an free unusal!! i thought you loved orange
 Pink(ish) looks good on you :D and these saved that
 You deserve a medal.
 I gave you your 50900 rep point. This day is special to both of us :D
 Mah gad. Ur so generous, your raffles always have a high value and u make buds/unusual raffles really often! U, CGREENEMAX, are a good guy. There should be more like you. Although i never have won on of your raffles, i wont ever give up the hope!
 Your are seriously awesome.
 Thanks a lot mate! You are one of the best rafflers ever(maybe even the best)!
 Happy birthday buddy! Nice to see you spreading more unusual cheer >:3
 Here take this: (̅_̅_̅_̅(̲̲(̅_̅_̲̅м̲̅­­­­a̲̅я̲­­­­­­­­­­­­­­̅i̲̅j̲̅u̲̅a̲̅n̲̅a­̲­̅­_­̅­­­_­­­̅­­­_­­­̅­(­)ڪے~,.... you deserve it :)
 Happy birthday ! thanks for that epic raffle , your the best!
 You are the most amazing person ever HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!
 That was fun playing with you earlier today on 2fort, I should've recognized you. Happy Birthday!
 Congrats on 50k along with your birthday as well :)
 Happy Birthday! (your awesome)
 Happy Birthday!!!
 I love you <3 Happy Birthday
 you are very good thx you are good thx
 you are very good thx you are very good thx
 Happy Birthday :p
 Happy Birthday!............
 Way better than birdmod
 Negative compliment on giving back the community. Good person I argue.
 Happy birthday :)
 happy birthday and thanks for the nice raffel
 Happy birthday :-)
 happy birthday man!
 happy b-day cheers!!!!
 happy birthday! thaks for all!
 Happy birthday Green! Shouldn't we be giving you presents though? :D Hope your day is Amazing!
 Happy goddamn birthday, fellow gentleman.
 Happy Birthday and 50K rep! Ty for the amazing raffle! ( )
 Merry birthmas mate.
 Happy birthday! Keep being completely awesome and have a nice year.
 Happy Birthday, Green! May you never stop giving and being immensely awesome!
 Happy Birthday! Have a good birthday/weekend!!!!!
 Brilliant raffles, awesome guy :)
 Thanku so much for the Raffle's! ^^ None above, none beside. Great job spreading the purple cancer so far, and congratulations on this, the annual date of remembering Operation Exit Your Mom's Uterus. Hip hip huzzah!
 Thanks for all the unusuals, and have a really great birthday!
 Happy BirthDay :3
 Happy Birthday Bro! Have an amazing day today!
 Happy birthday green! I didn't know it was your birthday till now (also writing birthday into your name wasn't a big enough hint for me)
 Happy birthday :3
 Happy Birthday! :D
 Pootis Birthday :3
 Happy burthday mate
 Happy birthday, cgreene!
 Happy b-day!
 You. Are. Evil! Happy birthday!
 Happy Birthday Cgreenemax! Aishiteru :D
 Happy b day bro!
 Happy Birthday!!!!!!!1!!111!one
 Happy Birthday!!!! :D
 Oh my fucking god!
 U don't know me but happy bday!! :)
 This guys make so amazing raffle!!!!
 You. Yes, you. You are awesome. And sexy.
 Happy Burday Cgreen
 You deserve a medal!
 Happy Birthday Holy !! Enjoy !!
 HAppy brithday!!!bro
 Happy Birthdayyy dudeee, hope you have a great day! c:
 Happeh Burfdeyyyyy c:
 hi cgreen. whats your irl name btw? i am curious.
 That obstruction call........ So pissed
 nooooo they lost yesterday... Hopefully peavy gets 'em tomorrow :D
 You're right, but (s)he isn't banned if you check the donations page. I've never seen them on this site. Wonder how they got that rank :3 Thanks for informing me, but I really need to get to bed now, goodnight good sir :)
  My eyes.
 Oh, haha :) so who is the actual owner do you know? Idk why I'm so curious about this :P
 Ahh so you're the walking glory hole :P I've wondered about that rank and who owned it, but I don't recall you having this rank until I saw it today.
 Ew. Posting it twice because once is never enough. 2slutty4u
 Dirty, but not cheap.
 10/10 Whore rank
 no u
 go red sox :3 those grand slams were so clutch
 Great raffles ^^ I don't get, why are you so generous?
 This comment isnt green,youre a daltonist.
 best raffler of the world
 INCREDIBLE raffles! Great guy Lots of generous giveaways. If anyone will destroy the TF2 economy it's this guy!
 Hey man, just wanted to drop in and say thanks for all the raffles. I've been on this site for like a year now, and i've seen ALOT of unusuals being raffled from you, and buds, etc. Just wanted to thank you, spread some positivity. Really apriciate it, thanks<3
 Holyshit D: You are THE raffler ! Ty for all your raffles C: !
 I want to add you! You are so awesome!
 Thanks for all your EPIC raffles, you're amazing.
 Nice You Awesome!XD!
 nice! bill's hat!!!
 What awesome bill raffle man
 WOW arent u special
 >2012 | >still not having a custom rank
 am I still dead?
 you.Are.AWESOME.also.Very.EPIC. ~
 You need your own custom rank.
 I like dis guy. Is gud.
 Im your fan now :((
 I dun raffle at all that's y
 holy carp xD this is awesome, good raffle
 Just posting you're daily dose of thanks! so thanks for all the awesome raffles you made cgreene.
 Go Mi... ssouri!
 I made you change your name,you better love me.
 2 admiral 4 me
 TF2R army represent
 "won a raffle?" wow k rude. dis still true. and i'll win one of your raffles one day. (not counting that one ya did for me)
 This is an official certification that you, Sir Admiral Cgreenemax, are the most awesome and loved unusual raffler on Signed by everyone that has ever entered at least one of your raffles.
 it's  a  crap!  
 Woah, Mr Admiral now... I love you man.
 pls luv me
 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
 Glad your back to old avatar, clam was scaring me.
 Fuck you Chris!   
 haba baba baba haba or something like that ;3
 Clammy! 2spooky4me
 Mfw I joined your first raffle Even back then you were extremely sexy <3
 Your new avatar is perturbing me.
 Oh no, he clammed up 0_0
 Where is your old Face?WHERE
 Your avatar is bad, please change or no chouriço for you. Regards: Foxxy~
 RiP old avatar.
 New avatar is better ignore everybody else they're stupid like you.
 ;~; avatar€€‘’‚“ƒ”„•…–†—‡˜ˆ™‰šŠ›‹œŒ­žŽŸ€€‘’‚“ƒ”„•…–†—‡˜ˆ™‰šŠ›‹œŒ­žŽŸ
 wtf happened to your avatar ;~;
 Oh man your pic is all weird
 worst of the worst
 best of the best
 Stay sexy you wonderful raffler.
 Hey man thanks for all the amazing raffles you do!
 Just want to thank you again for all these awesome raffles, you are what makes tf2r awesome and fun, hence your avatar! #Tacos
 This guy is totally dabem + rep dabes rip 2012 best tacos 2013 #Sweg.
 Weekly reminder that you are handsome and sexy.
 you crafted a dope hat and I bought it, keep it up, dude. [2]
 green(e) dabes
 rip orange, was dabes
 Why are you green??? i still have a puush saying "orange dabes" from you >=( screw making your colour the same as your name
 How do you even acquire so much tf2 currency and unusuals? Do you just buy everything with actual currency? If you do, that's quite an incredible feat.
 You deserve the world. xD
 greenmax, I noticed you won the SF flamer in the raffle, just want to tell you and say if anyone deserved it, it was you, (its not my raffle, just want to be nice)
 This dude right here is a scholar and a gentleman for all his Unusual raffles. Thank you for all the chances good gent
 I like the way you bring peace here =D
 you crafted a dope hat and I bought it, keep it up, dude.
 :D .
 best secret crab 2012
 Cgreenemax: helping those afflicted by diarrhea less miserable
  Cheeter cheeter cheeter... cheeter
 This guy. I mean, this guy. Pure awesomeness. Thanks for all your raffles!
 You profile has a severe lack of Norway
 I just want to say you are awesome for raffling all those unusuals. Thanks.
 I wonder how much money you have given away to stranges, the true meaning of kindness/generosity c';
 eh smiles a lot and doesn't afraid of anything
 Chourico, bacalhau, linguisa, anything else? Will send when i has moneys. Orange is an okay colour btw.
 +/- rap, he makes gud rafles but i nevr win them. Site is rigd, i shuld b wining erry rafl ((((
 Thanks for the smile.
 :DD Your an awesome raffler.
 Quite an awesome raffler you are.
 Aweshum d00d.
 true scholar and pimp daddy. makes people hand over their dosh by simply being.
 One of the best (if not the best) rafflers ever. EVER. Thank you for all your deeds.
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