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4.4 ( ) (Perma) - Zsaberslash

 Fez is kill.
 Those should be red apples.
 v that link was supposed to be this btw
 Happy belated birthday
 Happy birthday Fez! :3
 Happy birthday, filthy creature.
 *hugs Fez-chan*
 Virgin you say.
 You're back. Awesome.
 Stand in the corner for a few mins.
 Time for time out
 When I grow up... I wanna be like Fez!
 Hi Fez.
 *sob* Senpai doesn't even know who i am *sob* *sob*
 You have one of the prettiest names.
 i leik u
 RED = BANNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 You seems like a dick, so bye :)
 Phil Fish wuvs you
 So how is that donator rank doing for ya?
 Norwegian shit tier list: 1. Breivik 2. Fez 3. Ylvis
 Get banned, you piece of trash.
 V Exactly.
 V Actually 2 words
 One word: Red cirles.
 Fez is gud.
 Bannu name, BANNU! Red= BANNU, tf2r logic.
 *Fucking your life*
 Hi Fez~ (The rest of this comment has been deleted due to high amounts of profanity and lewd pictures)
 How can you sit there like a filthy beggar when the messiah walks among us?
 n i c e           
 You are (insert family friendly insult about orientation), so please go (insert family friendly insult about telling you to parish)
 Fezu, Emperor of Fez.
 ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_; ;_;
 Please Fez, fez my chest.
 He lost his fez...... what a shame
 The end is here
 <3 Shhhhhh.... No dreams
 Fez is a bad hat.
 I wub u (not really .___.)
 Green notifications are bad sometimes too. Hi Fez.~
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