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 very good player thankssssssssssssssssss
 ples give me i very new player in tf2:)
 No problem at all. Odd question: did you enter the raffle? (I'm just curious since I didn't see your name pop up or whatever.)
 Anime faggat
 c'mon man give me this!
 please give me this
 Thnx but i was more looking for an artist ;)
 May I have the source of your neat sidepic?
 got better looking spy shirt :D : thanks :) its okey to make mistakes . :P have fun :D and relax :)
 Ok надеюсь я выграю
 Voilà une bonne surprise qui embellit ma soirée ! Merci infiniment, en souhaitant également une excellente soirée ainsi qu'une bonne continuation !
 You are a Pirate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 это мой первый раз надеюсь что повезет
 Man im like a year in this site and i didnt win any raffle yet
 TF2 krut карррррр7_7
 pls pls pls pls
 i love raffles lovely raffles
 I need a Mann co key plz
  Thank you for the awesome raffles
 you are awesome at these things
 я учавствую
 Я учавствую
 I want this so cool
 i'l will never be pick so let's how this will be
 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) YAOLAO! plis pick me!
 Cool cosmetic :D
 Thanks a bunch!Keep them coming pretty please ;)
 Hey, I really like the music you put in your raffles, any way of downloading it from am a noob in these stuff
 Privet kak dels 4to novogo moshet poobshaemsia
 I am win! please send my prise))
 mann i want this
 please give me 1 hat
 this is my first try i hope i win
 give me those things and i will explode
 Pls c; want is rly c;;
 tanks for raffle XDDD Tanks
 I want to win :,v
 nice yyyyy
 plz me i want a hat soooooo bad
 thanks for raffle :)
 a dont have poket monei.
 can i get it. pls
 pls me pls pls
 on the raffles i won i ask when do i send a trade req and he/she said np
 didint even give me my hat you just kept trying to egnore it
 I win plz memes!
 can i have it please rifou
 give meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
 pls can i get somthing :)
 gimme something
 LOL l l l l ll l ll ll
 esaf Coś kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
 awesome man best scout hat !
 By the way I'm an ethnic Russian so I'm sorry if you made ​​an error )
 cool things, I am here for the first time I hope I'm lucky , too, of course you guys good luck )
 imma see u in :)
  me me me please ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3
 Palindrome rep
 Это наверно будет первая шапка :)
 very nice rifou very nice thanks
 Represente la France mon gars ^^
 Very very nice ^^ Thank you for the awesome raffles <3
 very nice :>  
 yesssssssssss vey kewl
 basjkdbkasjbdkasbdkbasbdkjasbdkjbak <3
 Приму в дар если не жалко)
 can i have 3 pls for hat
 love this one xD
 love <3
 Love this raffle awesome.
 Thanks you kindly for answering ^^
 всем хай
 Thanks for the reply!
 Ah oui en effet ! CSGO c'est nul
 Genre t'es français :O
 You Could Me From These items So Novato On TF2
 Oh I see! Thanks Rifou have one too! ♡
 I'm curious where you get your music
 i won!! what do i need to do now
 I win something.What i need do.
 thank you so much!
 I luv u xdddddd daym
 I love Team fortres2
 thanks so much your amazing and also a wonderful taste in music have a nice night
 ah, already thought that it was from two steps from hell ^^
 Yes i will deliver if you read the desc my acc got hacked
 I hope you'll have lots of good times with it :3
 Thx for the song title m8.
 Thanks <3
 Very nice person :D
 Thanks, your opinion is appreciated
 Need for Speed!
 Where is your picture from? :d
 When I want items i only need write saomething ?
 Not enough love was sent out this day. <333333
 I always dreamed about user-craft from a kind person in TF2R.Thanks for your raffle and generosity :)
 Hey there ! Sorry for the green notification, but can you please tell me what's the song on your Steam Profile? Thank you.
 So nice when delivering the items won! :D
 Yes, I love it! And I love you too, because you broke my loss streak of around 1000! :D
 Villainous Face Off From DBZ Kai
 Thanks a lot!!! :)
 Thanks for the song name :)
 No nieźle ;D jednak komuś zależy na losowaniach ;D
 please give a very necessary
 Come on (Mann) plz With pleasure.
 хочу это оружие
 даш пожалусто!!!
 Awesome great guy :D
 Good Good Good Good
 дай вешей плиз надо
 Nice reffles, + rep.
 how did you get all of that weapons?!?!?!?! i enterd
 I do not have button enter why??
 yes very good, steam is down but i will contact you for trade as soon as possible! Please hold onto that hat for me thank you!
 Rifuuuu~ get your colours back!~
 привет прикольная вещ
 This items is cool
 wonderful pic and thanks for the raffle, + rep :3
 I think you deserve one green comment from me, you're coolio. :)
 Senpai has noticed me >3< <3
 Ahh! Its you! Never thought to see you here! *hugs* <3
 приветики дай мне плиз вещи)))
 not sure how to respond, so take this ; u ;
 rifou confirmed for bein 2qt
 *hugs and cookies and fluffy tails* <3
 *hug* <3
 Hello thanks for the raffles :D
 Good Night ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)...
 Nice person who gave lots of bonus stuff, deserves many +reps
 Rifou, on t'aime tous, t'es super mon petit belge adoré, et puis ton image est bandante
 where can i find your profile picture?
 10/10 would bang.
 10/10 great raffler, would raffle again
 Yes i will deliver if you read the desc my acc got hacked
 I'm diggin' the cute avatar.
 No problem, thanks for your raffu's as well
 Thank you! You are awesome! <3
 Happy Birthday!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
 from an october 2nd to another... Happy Birthday
 Je t'aime aussi ♥ ... Qui que tu sois
 Thanks you! for this song :D
 Haha I didn't really say anything :3 I didn't get a chance to talk to you so I did it the easy way. Thanks anyways though :)
 generous raffler :) thanks again for the upgraded metal!
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